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Chapter 43 – Chat desuwa

When we were taken by the demons to the demon lord’s castle, the demon lord was surrounded by his aides, clearly showing we weren’t welcome. The demon lord just sat on his throne as if he was trying to see through me, but wasn’t this a terrible situation? This demon lord’s castle was sturdily made and protected with a layer of mana, so I couldn’t pierce through the roof to escape.

First of all, the demon lord asked me why I was in the library so it seemed like we would be chatting normally. When I answered that I was studying the history of this world, the demon lord said he would answer my questions instead. This demon lord seemed to be a studious type. Whatever I asked, he gave me concise answers, so he was really a convenient presence. 

Although I already expected it, demons were originally humans, and after the human body underwent modification through surgery and medication, they became what we refer to as demons desuwa. Demons could be born between demon parents, but I guess it was something similar to how a black person was born from black parents. Since it would allow them to become stronger easily and also extend their lifespan, the people who didn’t modify their bodies were rare desuwa. 

When I asked why they grew horns and wings, he said it was because it was cool, so I guess the whole race was under the chuuni period. I felt their sense of value was considerably distorted, but they had the thought that they would become stronger the more modifications they had done to them, so I guess that was natural. 

The goddess’ series of monsters kept coming out of the dungeon, so the devil I fought the other day was away fighting them on the frontline desuwa. I didn’t expect that practically naked devil to turn out to be the prince and a candidate for the next demon lord. 

Apparently, the fellows around the princes were among the strongest and they had powerful unique abilities so the next generation was supposed to be stable, but he said I inflicted trauma on him, so I guess I was quite hated. Well, there was no way he wouldn’t hold resentment, seeing as they even put a bounty on my head, so it was weirder if I were to be set free after being caught. 

I kept asking questions but then the demon lord’s mood blatantly soured when I asked a question about the goddess, so he must have known something. The demon lord then said the entertainment was over and approached me. He grew bigger as he got closer, so I guess that would be the unique ability of gigantification. 

…Gigantification was a simple yet powerful ability, and just as I thought of that, Mei was blown away. But she wasn’t that fragile to die from just that, so I left her alone. The moment I thought that, the gigantic fist came down from above and I was buried in the ground, so I got to experience a wonderful pain desuwa. I was glad to be able to feel intense pain for the first time in a while. 

I felt like my whole body was crushed every time the demon lord pushed his fist to the ground, and the feeling was just irresistible. It was practically the situation I wanted to experience the most. I was left helpless due to the overwhelming difference in ability and left to die. It was a wonderful thing desuwa. 

I wouldn’t mind dying this way… I also wouldn’t mind if I was treated as a cocksleeve like an onahole fairy after being defeated due to the size difference. Aah, this overwhelming difference in power that wouldn’t budge despite me pushing with all my might, it was irresistible. I was excited by the pain I experienced. 

But just before I could experience my orgasm, the force that the fist exerted suddenly weakened. Perhaps it was due to the consideration of the demon lord thinking that I might die if he continued so he was holding back. Screw you desuwa. At least let me cum once from the pain. 

In the end, he was holding back so much that I could push his fist back with one hand, and I was so annoyed that I struck at the demon lord’s gigantic fist, but that forced the demon lord to one knee, so I guess he was surprisingly fragile. 

“Guh… Are you receiving a favor from that goddess?! What are you trying to do by coming all this way to the demon territory?!” 

“There’s no way a person favored by the goddess would be trying to kill her. My purpose in coming here is to gather information to kill the goddess desuwa. That’s my goal at the moment desuwa.”

When I mentioned I was trying to kill the goddess, the demon lord closed his eyes, and after a long silence, he just muttered, “…I see,” but since his aides were still pointing their weapons toward me, it meant I would be suppressed here, didn’t it? All of them were men as far as I could see, and perhaps there were those who modified their juniors, so perhaps this was the chance to experience a gangbang? 

“Everyone, lower your weapons. From now on, Klaus Kingdom will support King Lydia in her quest to kill the goddess.” 

…I thought I might get violated if I hurled insults here, but thinking of the divine punishment that would come down when I YEET the goddess most likely being better, I decided to control the impulse. For the time being, it seemed I would receive accommodation in a temporary dwelling, so I gladly accepted. 

“Uuh… Lydia-samaaa.” 

“Come on Mei, get up quickly. That much is considered a minor injury compared to when you jumped down the cliff.”

I knocked Mei awake, but it seemed her wound was shallower than expected. Well, she had experienced blunt force over and over when jumping down the cliff, so it would be healed in no time. I was glad this world was a systematic one. Otherwise, both Mei and I would have died easily. 

Tsukii Note:

The fact Mei only suffered a minor concussion from taking the demon lord’s attack head-on without the boost of goddess blessing is proof of her competence.

Well she said the world was a systematic one, but our lady herself was the bug of that system…

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1 year ago

You know, I’ve been thinking… The reincarnators want to kill the Goddess, and Lydia wants to YEET her, but they are all cursed to not have things go their way… What possibility is left then?

1 year ago
Reply to  Laica

I think it’ll be interesting to see what happens. When the goddess shows the ability to torment/defeat Lydia it’ll be about which desire overwhelms and whether or not Lydia’s underlying perversion is strong enough to defeat the goddess by accident in spite of her intent to yeet.

6 months ago
Reply to  Laica

The intent of the Yeet is always for a return. She’s likely gonna banish that Goddess for good.

Amo Page
1 year ago

Should I walk in the path of masochism? It looks overpowered…

1 year ago

bruh when the cliff jumping continues to be a boon even now.