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Chapter 47 – Fighting Together desuwa

As a result of the second discussion with Garlon, it was decided that when the magic swords shone again three years later, the members that gathered then would proceed to the dungeon to kill the goddess.

“By the way, I heard that Narorosa is fighting against a joint battlefront of surrounding nations, but is that okay?” 

“It’s alright desuwa. Garlon knows about the story of the Mouri family’s three arrows, right?”

“Mouri family’s three arrows? Well, I know about that… but I don’t see it relating to the current situation.”

“It is related. It takes time to break the arrow one by one, but if there are three of them at once, the task would be completed three times faster. No matter how many small fries are gathered together, it will be useless.”

Since I also declared war with the Arcelus Kingdom, they were also invited to the joint war front, but since Garlon refused that, it ended up being rejected desuwa. This was proof of Garlon’s great influence within the Arcelus Kingdom. 

By the way, when I presented myself as a tyrant and broke three arrows at once in Garlon’s mansion, Garlon was trembling, but I would pay for it later, so it should be okay. The weapons and armor in the mansion had price tags attached, but they were all reasonably priced, so I would buy them all later desuwa. 

The Arcelus Kingdom had a line of fortresses waiting for them at my border. Since I was waiting for them to invade, I didn’t have to invade them from my side. Even though everything was in a state of war, it seemed the traffic of people crossing the border was beginning to resume, so I found that disappointing desuwa. 

“…There seems to be a lot of people who look strong gathered.” 

“Well, most of the fellows there are reincarnators who are already strong to begin with and become even stronger as they wield the magic swords, so they will become fighting power for the dungeon.”

“Three years later, huh? By then, we will gather our forces and head to the lower layer.”

“…I’ll adjust the detailed schedule, so it would be nice if we could fight together nicely.”

After we left Garlon’s mansion, Melt said, “I’ll become stronger in three years,” and flew away. Garlon seemed to be an enemy of demons from Melt’s tone, but he seemed to understand that even if he rampaged here, it would only make things become more troublesome, so Melt chose to be quiet about it. Besides, they had a common enemy of the goddess, so it was likely Melt would tolerate Garlon until then desuwa. 

“…So are we getting along with the demons after all?” 

“No? I’ll just abandon them once they outlive their usefulness, you know?”

[“I heard that. Are you treating us as disposable tools?”]

[“You should be thankful that I even use you at all.”]

[“Guh I’m sorry thank you for using this lowly me…?”]1

When I said I had no intention of getting along with the devil in my conversation with Mei, Melt sent his mental wave even though he was supposed to have left already. I didn’t mind him eavesdropping, but since he was here, I might as well test him. Just like last time, I increased the force of the mental wave and attacked Melt’s brain, but he seemed to have employed countermeasures since it didn’t seem as effective as before desuwa. 

Well, it was easy to repel it once you got used to it after all. It was deadly when used for the first time, but it didn’t seem effective against demon beasts, so it was only effective against people who weren’t used to it. 

After confirming Melt’s presence had completely disappeared, I held Mei and flew away with the magic sword, but the wyvern unit of the Arcelus Kingdom started chasing after me while flying, so I had fun playing tag. It was a meaningful time since I was able to test my maximum speed. 

“Ah, I ran out of mana. We have no choice but to fall as is.” 


But since I kept escaping, I ran out of mana on the way, and I just happened to fall near the border with the Narorosa Kingdom. It was like bungee jumping without rope from a height of about 600 meters above the sky, or skydiving without a parachute desuwa. Well, both of us were used to falling, so this kind of trouble wasn’t enough to make us seriously injured.

“This place is…?” 

“It’s the Roswald Duchy located east of the Arcelus Kingdom and south of the Narorosa Kingdom, near the border with the Narorosa Kingdom… Isn’t that the castle I instructed them to build?”

“The castle is about one size larger compared to Buckgit castle.”

Since the castle was built properly even though it was on the outskirts of the countryside, it seemed corruption and disintermediation hadn’t occurred, so that was too bad desuwa. No, there was still a possibility it only looked amazing on the exterior while being shabby inside. Well, since it was an emergency, we would have to spend the night there. While we were staying, we would look around the castle. If there was something wrong, the lord and the person in charge of the castle would be YEETed. 

As we approached the castle, there were people who served as gatekeepers, but I never thought there were 3 such strong fellows even though it was a remote place… If I came forward without an appointment, wouldn’t it become a chance to be treated as an insolent person who claimed to be the lord of their lord, which would lead to me being caught and violated? 

Tsukii Note:

There was no way the frontier border you made yourself would be protected by incompetent people, lady!

Also, considering what she did (rooting out corruption and fair in reward and punishment, fought at front most against unprecedented locust swarm and repel them, protecting the food of her people, then to prevents foods from spreading outside the nation, it was paid as cost of labor instead of given away for free), it could affect their success if people didn’t recognize their ruler, and any of such incompetent people were already YEETed…

Those three arrows that Lydia broke are definitely not normal arrows since Garlon was astonished… maybe it is more of a bolt of miniature ballista? Or perhaps they were material to make a magic sword?

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