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Chapter 49 – Emperor desuwa

When a vassal of a kingdom earned enough territory and power to become a king, if their lord lacked power, said vassal could declare independence. But even when Duke Reynard became King Reynard, he didn’t declare such a thing, so naturally, I became an existence greater than a king—an emperor—before I knew it. Since I had several kingdom-sized vassals, it was a natural thing to happen desuwa.

From now on, it wouldn’t be the Narorosa Kingdom but the Narorosa Empire desuwa. The total territory was still less than a third of the Lowlet Empire’s, but it was expanding quickly. But since I was now an emperor, that meant there would be no greater height I could climb, so I could only fall from now on desuwa. The growth I made would make the fall more spectacular. 

“From now on, I will continue to govern for my own sake. First of all, YEET all incompetent people within the occupied territories desuwa. Rather, we don’t need anyone but craftsmen, so YEET everyone else.” 

We were still at war against other nations, but we were carrying out post-war processing with the Herson Kingdom. I only had the impression of the other party collapsing on its own, but I still commended the people of the knight brigade and the military anyway. According to the contribution made by Crecia, I was in first place for some reason, so I would earn resentment from the military from now on. 

Regarding the post-war processing, since the incompetents were YEETed, I believed they would eventually strike back at me someday. The former Herson Kingdom’s territory was dismantled. The military of King Raynard occupied most of the former Herson Kingdom’s territory, but most of it was barren land, so the fertile lands and populated city were given to me, which showed he was a competent person. 

“Lydia ojou-sama, it’s a report. Since hundreds of believers of the Linlin religion rampaged about, a total of a few hundred of them were YEETed.” 

“…Well, people who sought equality were mostly those whose standard was below average, so I don’t mind desuwa.”

I received a report from Joshua, but the Linlin religion was spreading nicely all over the former territory of the Lowlet Empire. It shouldn’t be long before the revolution desuwa. There was no other lady who better fit having the blade of a guillotine fall down to cut her head off during a revolution. I guess I would need to request a custom-made guillotine blade from Garlon to make sure it would be able to cut off my head. 

However, it felt disturbing that the Linlin religion didn’t spread much in our territory. Rather, some of my vassals went ahead to forbid their existence and YEETed them, so it didn’t spread much at all. However, if I came out and gave permission to promote the spread, it would be difficult to be executed later. Well, I would just continue to fund Maria as usual. 

“We’ll divide our people into 30 categories and distribute a skill map for each age. The people who don’t meet any category for their age standard are to be YEETed.” 

“There would be combat category, peasant category, construction category, blacksmith category… the combat category would be further divided into several types, so I don’t think there would be many people who will fail to accomplish the minimum conditions in any category, though.”

“According to my calculations, this would still YEET about ten thousand people in a year desuwa. It’s a big-scale YEET to commemorate me becoming an emperor.” 

I was the person with the greatest status, so nobody could complain regardless of how I treated my people at the moment. Therefore, even if there were a lot of incompetent people and I YEETed them all, nobody would make any complaints. And creating a clear “YEET standard” was also a lot of fun desuwa. 

Even if people in the peasant category would say they didn’t need to be able to read or write, I added a condition that “you have to be able to read and write at least your own name by 15 years old” and I think that would add quite a lot of people, which might reach about ten thousand people desuwa. Enforcing that people be able to read and write at least their own name would make me a hateful ruler for the people. 

With the exception of some categories, I intended to make a test that 99.9% of the people of each age group could clear from five years old and up, so I would be able to YEET people every year. It was totally a system solely for my sake. Those YEETed people would gather together and exact their vengeance on me. That would be a wonderful turn of events desuwa. 

“Since the Linlin religion is widespread in the Hein Kingdom, the YEETed people can just head there desuwa. They’re aiming for equality for all of humanity, so I’m sure they would be accepted there.”  

“…Does Lydia ojou-sama believe it is possible for all humans to be equal?”

“It would be impossible as long as there is a difference in human ability. Please don’t make me say such an obvious thing.”

I told the YEETed people to head for the Hein Kingdom, but I was quite curious how it would turn out if all of those incompetent people gathered in one place. Maria chose not to use totally useless people, but I was curious how she would deal with it when those people kept increasing in number. 

Rather, people who could be neither beneficial nor harmful were still acceptable, but those people who could only be harmful from their arbitrary action were to be YEETed desuwa. Even without my expectation and enjoyment for upcoming vengeance, they would still be YEETed.

Tsukii Note:

It could be said that people would be able to read and write their own name at least. The fact the test would have 99.9% passing grade, it meant unless they were completely incompetent, they would still be her citizen.

Also, the incompetent people were entrusted to the Linlin religion through Lydia’s funding. It seemed to function as a welfare institution now. Since Maria was funded by Lydia, she couldn’t complain either.

But lady Lydia, even if you YEET those incompetent people, they lacked the ability to exact their vengeance…

She said the emperor is the peak, but wait until she earned her own divinity and transcended into higher existence…

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9 months ago

Reminds me of the old Sellaris tactic of genetic engineering completely useless race of aliens that can spread like cockroaches and sending them to xenophilic factions. Linlin is going to be very dependent on Lydia’s funding from now on.

Last edited 9 months ago by uixtamaki
9 months ago

She said the emperor is the peak, but wait until she earned her own divinity and transcended into higher existence…

Is this a spoiler? Thanks for the chapter. I wonder if this WN will be a LN. I want to see illustrations