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Chapter 5 – Tramps are to be YEETed desuwa

Lydia’s morning started late.

Lydia, who sexually bullied Mei, who was a slave and couldn’t resist, until late into the night, was awakened by the housekeeper, Joshua. As Lydia rubbed her sleepy eyelids and got up from bed, she buried her head into Joshua’s cleavage. Even though Lydia possessed her crazy thoughts, she also possessed general men’s hobbies and tastes. 

“Lydia-sama, good morning.” 

“Gud mornin’— desuwa.”

Lydia, who had almost forgotten her desuwa(identity), woke up immediately. She was surrounded by several maids, then after getting dressed, proceeded to eat breakfast specifically prepared only for her consumption. The table she sat at could fit dozens of people, but the servants didn’t eat until Lydia’s breakfast was concluded. 

And it could be said that some of the dishes served there were truly something that could only be consumed by Lydia. 

“Ah~ this paralysis poison is quite something desuwa. It made my whole body feel tingly. It’s been a while since I experienced a poison of this degree, so I give you my praise.” 

“…Thank you very much.”

There was only one plate containing purple soup and Lydia drank it all at once. It was without a doubt a poisonous soup, and it made Lydia’s body heat up to the point of exuding steam while her limbs cramped. Servants often asked why Lydia requested this, but she only answered with “hobby.” 

In this case, the hobby that Lydia mentioned was the sexual arousal that she experienced upon feeling pain and definitely not training to acquire poison resistance. However, from the servants’ perspective, they could only see it as Lydia’s utmost effort to increase her resistance to poison with her life on the line. 

“Lydia-sama, new servants are admitted today. May I bring them to you?” 

“You mean the daughters of Count Baligit you mentioned yesterday, right? Bring them to me.”

After breakfast, the pair brought to Lydia (who was drinking tea) were the daughters of Count Baligit. They would also be enrolling in the magic academy at the same time as Lydia. Their names were Makia and Makina. They were twins, with Makia being the elder sister with red hair and Makina being the younger sister with blue hair. They looked exactly the same with the exception of their hair.

“I’m the elder sister, Makia. Please take care of us from now on.” 

“…I’m the younger sister Makina.”

“Are those hair colors something you were born with?”

“No, we were born with the same hair color, but I changed mine to red.”

In contrast to Makia, who spoke properly, Makina moved and hid behind her sister. Makina might act shy, but nobody in their right mind would like to be involved with the young lady who drank poisonous soup and tea for breakfast. 

When Lydia heard Makia was good at fire magic and Makina was good at water magic, she immediately ordered them to be in charge of preparing the baths. Due to the vast ground that Lydia’s castle covered, it had several large baths, so there was always a shortage of manpower. 

Then Lydia proceeded to go to work. That said, with the exception of some territorial politics that was handled by Lydia’s grandfather, she mostly threw all her work to Crecia and Joshua to handle. Therefore, there was only one thing for Lydia to do. 

“Well then, time to YEET for today.” 

The thing that a YEET lady would do was obviously YEETing people. 

Not only tramps within the territory were YEETed, but also people who caused a lot of trouble and evil people who lived as they liked because they couldn’t be arrested by the law were YEETed. Because of that, even in the vast territory of the Narorosa duchy, the area centered around Lydia’s castle had extremely good public safety and a similar level of discipline to that of modern Japan. 

After looking around the territory to some extent, Lydia took the initiative of plunging into the back alley of the casino area for the sake of getting violated, but people who were doing transactions in secret immediately paled as they spotted Lydia and escaped immediately. Nobody dared to attack Lydia. 

“Even though there were fellows who attacked me in the past, there are no such people now.” 

“It’s all thanks to Lydia ojou-sama’s rule. Citizens can live with peace of mind.”

“…Crecia, you could attack me if you wanted, you know?”

Lydia glanced at Crecia who followed from behind, but he shook his head while saying, “Please don’t be absurd.” Crecia was already used to Lydia’s power harassment and sexual harassment remarks. He could casually let these remarks slide, showing how capable he was as a person.

Lydia explored the city all day long, splurging with her excess wealth, and would YEET the tramps she spotted sometimes. If we change the wording, it would mean the lord of the territory herself personally conducted patrols within the territory, helped the economy turn by using her wealth, and drove suspicious people away from the territory. 

“There weren’t many people who could be YEETed today…” 

Lydia regretted the fact she couldn’t YEET many people, but she recalled she would go to the academy soon and proceeded to imagine a situation where she would be ruined there. 

Crecia, who had high ability regarding information gathering, except when it was about his master, thought Lydia felt relieved that the territory was now stable. 

Very unfortunately for Lydia, her citizens could only see her as a wise lord. 

Tsukii Note:

As much as she wanted a destructive end for herself, that didn’t prevent her from acting based on her conscience, which inevitably made her a good lord instead.

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9 months ago

Making the twins responsible of heating all the bathwaters and filling the tubs, will probably function as training and make them into incredibly strong magic users. Which in turn will make them thankful and think of it as Lydia having allowed them to train and learn magic much more than other people.

1 year ago

Lydia, who sexually bullied Mei, who was a slave and couldn’t resist, until late into the night”

Well, that’s surprising. Our MC isn’t actually holding herself back. She’s a hardcore M, but thinking again, she’s probably also an S based on her previous thoughts, huh? An all-around pervert!

Thank you for the chapter! Yeet Desuwa!

9 months ago
Reply to  SoulsTogether

Considering how Mei is a beastkin, the sexual bullying is probably something along the line of petting her and stoking her tail though. Things that Mei being a Dogkin probably saw as part of her training and a reward.

1 year ago

Yea, about sexually harrasing Mei, it comes out of nowhere lmaoo

Anyway, thanks for the chap.

1 year ago

“Аftеr lооkіng аrоund thе tеrrіtоrу tо ѕоmе ехtеnt, Lуdіа tооk thе іnіtіаtіvе оf рlungіng іntо thе bасk аllеу оf thе саѕіnо аrеа fоr thе ѕаkе оf gеttіng vіоlаtеd”
I feel the spirit of a professional jrpg player. “Those” types of jrpgs…

Thanks for the translation!

1 year ago

Oh so she does sexual things to Mei?

Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!

1 year ago

Task failed succesfully.

I greatly enjoy how little this story takes itself seriously and just revels in the sheer goofy, also the fact that the MC actually fucks when she wants to. Unfortunately(for her), this is probably less non-consensual than she thinks. 🙂