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Chapter 52 – Three Years Later desuwa

It had been a long time since the peasant rebellion in the Hein Kingdom. While looking at neighboring nations that had completely transformed into the warring states period, I was devising a plan to YEET the goddess, and the magic circle was finally completed the other day.

“It’s all my effort though…” 

“This magic depends on whether Melt can match the timing. If you fail, you’re likely to be reduced to ashes by the goddess.”

“…According to the folklore passed down by demons, she seemed to attack using a whip-like tentacle to pierce her victim’s body.”

“What was that? That’s wonderful desuwa.”

The prince of the demons, Melt, had been in and out of my mansion frequently for the past year or so because his help was necessary to YEET the goddess. As for the concrete method to YEET her, Melt would use his unique teleport magic, set the destination to another world, and forcefully teleport the goddess. 

If the goddess was unable to use teleportation or something similar, that would be enough to YEET her, but it was possible for the goddess to return to this world, so we would seal the teleportation to this world axis. To achieve this, I exploited the magic technology of demons. 

We managed to make it in time for the magic sword to shine, so I kept wishing for the YEET to fail, and even if it was successful, I would keep wishing for the goddess to return for vengeance. I couldn’t help but be excited as I imagined what the goddess’s wrath would be like. 

Since she was a transcended existence known as a goddess, I was sure she would someday break the seal for teleporting to this world and return on her own. The reincarnator group that was led by Garlon was likely to resent me because the goal to kill the goddess wasn’t achieved, and I hoped everything went according to my expectation. 

On Garlon’s side, the number of adventurers who gathered with their magic swords was eight—nine if including me—and with the addition of Garlon, Melt, and Mei, the twelve of us would conquer the dungeon… Melt was supposed to bring his elite army to help, but apparently, they were killed in action due to the goddess series demon beast, so the demon’s situation was like a torch in windy weather desuwa. 

Even the demon lord himself had to fight on the frontline and wave his spear, so it was clear their situation was pretty bad. On the other hand, Narorosa Empire was still at war with the Arcelus Kingdom, the Hein Kingdom, and the former Lowlet Empire army, but due to continuous, one-sided plunder and YEETing incompetent people to adjust the population levels, the Narorosa Empire had become a mysterious nation. 

All would be fine as long as our own nation prospered. I wanted to be sanctioned in isolation from the international community due to this thought, but the wealth of the nation continued to increase as the plunder continued, while the surrounding nations suffered great damage from starvation and all the incompetent people that flowed to their nations, so it could be considered that the Narorosa Empire was isolated. 

For the time being, the famine that the surrounding nations suffered from was no longer at the scale where people died of starvation en masse, but due to continuous looting, they still couldn’t become rich. In other words, I was the reason that neighboring nations were poor. I wanted such a trend to spread, but I was already the greatest sponsor of the Linlin religion’s newspaper which controlled the world’s public opinion, so no hostility came my way. It was boring. 

“Earthquake, thunder, fire disaster, heavy rain, or locust plague… any of them is fine, so I’d like to see them happen this year desuwa.” 

“All of them have countermeasures prepared, so do you mean you want to see how effective they are?”

“It’s because I want to see people who said it was the ruler’s fault when the damage occurred.”

“I doubt people like that would appear, and for the last three years, the fact that no such thing happened, I think it was thanks to Lydia-sama.”

For the last three years, I was waiting for disaster to occur with Mei, who had now grown as tall as me, but I had already prepared measures against any disasters I could think of. 

Personally, I’d like to be told like the prime minister or president on Earth that “it’s Lydia’s fault that disaster happened” by the people when a disaster happened, but there were no such people so far, rather, they were all acting like Mei did, saying it was thanks to me that disaster didn’t occur, so I didn’t find the situation favorable for me. 

Also for the last three years, there was no rebellion at all, so I was really devoted to researching how to secure the means to YEET the goddess and researching the way to seal the goddess’s means of teleportation. Dephassion still didn’t talk as usual, but I had confirmed the soul inside was a reincarnator who was tortured all their life, so it could be considered a good result desuwa. And Mei achieved great growth to be able to wield Dephassion desuwa. 

“Mei, shoot it with all your might.” 


It was now possible for Mei to unleash the pink-colored beam from Dephassion using the energy I stored, so we could have a variety of tactics. I could try to hold the goddess in place and yell, “Shoot her along with me!” Even now, the thick, pink-colored beam was shot at me, but all I felt was my skin tingling, so it felt good desuwa. The first time I tried to take it, I ended up with serious burn wounds, so I was expecting a heavy wound, though. 

…After Mei unleashed the pink beam, she fell to her knees, her posture shook, and she threw Dephassion away in a hurry, so it seemed she was still unable to endure the depression attack from Dephassion when it lacked energy. But it was a big accomplishment for Mei for managing to throw the sword away without inflicting self-harm desuwa. Her combat ability had also improved, so I think she could fight in the front line now. 

Tsukii Note:

Seriously, did she not notice that the reincarnator’s desire would bring the opposite result after all the time she has lived in?

Well, I was surprised to see the author took a time skip all of a sudden, but maybe the author thought whatever development in between is not important to note. As Lydia mentioned above, it is just the repetition of looting other nations, YEETing incompetent people, and Narorosa becoming more prosperous. Also, Maria seemed to not be included in dungeon conquest, I guess she just wanted others to do the dirty work.

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