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Chapter 53 – Bottom Layer desuwa

The preparations to YEET the goddess were completed and the magic sword had begun to shine, so we visited Garlon’s mansion. There, we saw Garlon totally had the protruded stomach of a middle-aged man. Could he even fight like that…? No, it wasn’t him being fat other than that protruded belly, and there was no change in his appearance, so he must have been hiding something on his stomach. The fact I was fooled by it for a moment, it seemed that Garlon’s disguise skill was quite good.

Garlon wore small clothes and one could see his swollen belly under his clothes, so I naturally got deceived, but when I tapped it lightly, I could feel it was sturdier than iron, so I was wondering what he stored there. 

“What is inside there?” 

“It’s just a simple piece of armor, so you don’t have to worry about it. I am also working on a method to trap the goddess inside me, but I will only take action if you fail.”

“…It certainly could function as armor, but there’s definitely something stored inside.”

We split roles with the eight-person adventurer group led by Garlon to open the path, and by the time we clashed against the goddess, it would be I, Mei, and Melt standing at the forefront. Garlon said he would act if I failed, but considering his personality, it was possible for him to stab me from behind, so I would have such expectations for him. 

Well, be it our method or Garlon’s, there was a need to temporarily immobilize the goddess, so in the end, suppressing the goddess through battle was necessary. 

“When this battle against the goddess is over, I will become the ruler who will reign over the whole continent and spend the rest of my life happily surrounded by my grandchildren…” 

“Stop raising a cheap dead flag.”

For the sake of raising a dead flag, I told Garlon the future I didn’t want the most, but he immediately saw through me. As a former man, the thought of having children made me feel complicated. But considering the possibility of my children killing each other over the succession, my body trembled and I began to consider that a little more seriously. 

It was a wonderful future where siblings who were especially close with each other fought and killed for the sake of gaining power. Thinking that, I think making children was an option. I also wanted to taste the pain of childbirth. 

Our preparations were done so we proceeded to the dungeon, but for the past three years, Abraham was active as an S-rank adventurer and managed to collect five magic swords in total, so he was particularly strong in the adventurer group. By the way, I asked Garlon why he didn’t give the holder the complete set of 16 swords from the beginning, to which he answered that it might damage the body of its wielder if 16 of them were taken in at once. That was totally an asshole remark that only saw humans as materials for experimentation. 

The emotions the magic swords granted Abraham were emptiness, vengeance, envy, killing intent, and suffering, so he had an expression of agony in battle due to the collection of negative emotions desuwa. Even though the magic sword of emptiness was supposed to neutralize the effects of the others, he still had an expression of anguish, so I wanted to taste how it felt. As he moved at a super high speed, I saw him skewer the enemy using the magic sword with the tip that could stretch. 

Then we arrived at the bottom layer of the dungeon, but even if the frequency of encountering the goddess series demon beasts increased, the adventurer group was strong so I didn’t have to do anything about it. There were many bits of human waste art among the goddess series demon beasts, but having only such a terrifying appearance that would shave off people’s sanity would only serve for them to be lynched by the adventurers. 


“…Hic, hic.”

“After all, this lowly me is just…”

“I ended up killing again.”

Among the eight adventurers, the ones who stood foremost were Abraham who exuded his killing intent, a woman who kept crying, a black-haired boy who had his eyes hidden by his hair and was wrapped in an inferiority complex, and an old man who seemed to regret everything. Many people were lost in their respective emotions, but Garlon, who took pleasure in seeing it all, was really a dangerous person. 

The four people in the back row also supported them with long-range attacks, and I was dealing with enemies that came from behind, so there was no problem in particular. I opened some distance and walked together with Mei, but at this distance, the adventurer group wouldn’t notice even if I was suddenly eaten by a demon beast or got splashed by acid, so I could enjoy the damage as much as I wanted. 

“I think there’s no doubt about it, but are you a masochist?” 

“Don’t you think you’re too slow to notice that?”

“Well, you are too brazen about it… so I thought you were just a person who refused to dodge.”

“No, that’s also the case, though?”

“…What would happen if that digestive juice touched me?”

“I think you will melt within one second. Even metals are melted after all.”

[“Hey! The scabbard is getting melted here!”]

Garlon found out I was a masochist, but he didn’t pursue the topic, so it was boring desuwa. My clothes melted because of the acid, but considering the magic sword Spars and its scabbard didn’t get melted much, it seemed they were made from great material. 

While doing this, we arrived at the innermost part of the dungeon, but there was a really huge cocoon floating in the air. The goddess was inside and continued to give birth to demon beasts. It really made me jealous desuwa. It seemed that the goddess inside the cocoon was already conscious, so the battle would begin as soon as she was released from the cocoon. After everyone prepared to unleash their greatest firepower the moment the seal was released, Melt began to prepare to release the seal.  

Tsukii Note:

Those adventurers would be surprised to see a beautiful girl with ragged clothes.

Then they would be surprised again when they found out that while her clothes and scabbard were damaged, her skin was unscathed.

Even if the curse of the goddess ended up dispelled, the foundation of the empire is already solid so there wouldn’t be any war for succession for her future children, if she had any children at all…

Most likely, it would take place after Lydia passed away, so she wouldn’t be there to witness it.

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1 year ago

“Thinking that, I think making children was an option. I also wanted to taste the pain of childbirth.”

This is the first time this novel made me go “ew” juuust a little bit. After all, MC was thinking about children killing each other and not about killing her to get the throne. Weird.

Thanks for the translation!