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Chapter 55 – Victory desuwa

I set the magic circle to teleport the goddess away, and I lost consciousness as she was YEETed successfully, but it seemed I was still alive. After my abdomen was pierced by the goddess’ tentacle, the poison that caused my whole body to be in pain flowed in, so it was truly a moment of bliss.

When I opened my eyes and got up, almost everyone had collapsed in the small room that was located in the deepest part of the dungeon, but it seemed everyone survived desuwa. The fact nobody died from collateral damage showed how capable all of them were. 

“You woke up. You are practically a monster to survive that kind of heavy bleeding.” 

“…Did we beat the goddess?”

“It’s a big victory. I doubt she’s dead, but I think she can no longer return.”

Garlon said the goddess might never be able to return, but it was possible for the goddess to return, you know? All I did was erase the world’s coordinates from her memory after all… 

Rather, what was this black mist that clung to me? I asked Garlon and Mei, but they said they didn’t see anything. It seemed like the goddess’s grudge-like thing would always envelop me. 

“…Lydia, try to seriously wish that these dice would show results other than one.” 

“I don’t mind, but what’s in it for me?”

“If even just one of them showed a result other than one, I will make a magic sword that causes severe pain throughout the wielder’s body when held.”

“I’ll throw the dice.”

Garlon handed me five dice, and he said he would make me a magic sword if any of them showed a result other than one, but logically, that would mean I would receive the magic sword if it wasn’t the result 1/7776 possibilities, you know? I had no idea why he asked me so, but when I threw the dice, all of them showed one as a result. That was impossible desuwa. 

…Then Garlon began to explain. The fact that reincarnators were afflicted with the goddess’ curse, and the curse I had been afflicted with was worse than all other reincarnators until now. The curse that meant things wouldn’t go our way, it really was a troublesome thing. I understood now why the reincarnators gathered together to kill the goddess. The goddess didn’t die, though. 

That means, as long as I wished for the goddess’ return and vengeance, she couldn’t return to this world…? 

“Then, even if I wished for the opposite, which is ‘the goddess is dead and wouldn’t return for vengeance,’ the intention of the innermost part of my heart would be reversed, right?” 

“As long as you wished for the result of the goddess returning for vengeance, that would be a waste of effort… so you really are that kind of person.”

“…Kuh, so I shouldn’t wish for Garlon, who saw through my inclination, to make use of that as a shield and threaten me, right?”

“It seems the curse on me is dispelled, so I’ll speak honestly. I’m really grateful and thankful for you, but I don’t want to get involved with you anymore…”

But it seemed not everything was reversed, so there was a possibility that countermeasures could be found in the future. In the first place, I was also aware that all my wishes were reversed. The curse that made things not go our way, that made reincarnators suffer, also most likely made long-term wishes easier to reverse. 

Anyway, as I was disappointed that my body wasn’t invaded by poison or remnants of the goddess, everyone began to wake up and heal the other people then proceeded to leave the dungeon. Since the goddess series demon beasts would no longer increase in number, we decided to wipe them out before returning, but it would be a war of attrition. 

We met an angel who could erase our existence, but a beam from Dephassion swallowed the angel’s beam so we didn’t have a hard time against it. After all, it had the highest firepower among all magic swords. According to Garlon, dozens of people needed to be driven to suicide by the magic sword before the beam could be unleashed a single time, though. 

After we left the dungeon, we disbanded and I returned to my territory with Mei for the time being, but it seemed a rare visitor was coming, so I proceeded to greet said person, who turned out to be the founder of the Linlin religion who came to my mansion. It had been a long time since I last met Maria. When I told her the goddess was killed, she seemed very happy, so it seemed Maria was aware of the curse. 

“By the way, do you know the goddess’s name?” 

“If I recall correctly, Melt said the goddess’s name is Knut. She was a beauty worthy of the title of goddess. She only roared, ’AAAAAAHHHHH,’ all the time, though.”

“Even if I went with you, I would only be in the way, but I would have liked to see her once… In that case, I will change my name to Maria Knut. The Linlin religion will be renamed into the Knut religion.”

“…So you’re trying to take her name away. Well, I won’t stop you.”

With the Narorosa Empire YEETing incompetent people, the population of the neighboring Hein Kingdom increased. There, the believers of the Linlin religion… I mean, Knut religion increased in number, but since Maria begged to increase the amount for a donation, it seemed things weren’t going well recently. 

I was hoping for them to revolt someday, but I think that was unlikely. Maria probably chose to be the punching bag of the Narorosa Empire and it seemed she had her resolve desuwa… This was the world where things wouldn’t go according to the desire of a reincarnator. Even so, I would do my best so I could achieve future ruin for myself. 

Author Note

Next chapter will be the epilogue.

Tsukii Note:

Even though Garlon said the despair of dozens of people being driven to suicide was necessary to shoot the beam once, our lady charged the sword alone. It seemed Lydia’s despair was worth dozens of people’s suicidal despair.

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