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Chapter 8 – KY fellows are to be YEETed desuwa1

For some reason, I became the boss of the class on the first day of enrollment. I didn’t interact much with other people in my previous life so I was confused, but it seemed that those who belonged to some sort of community received information that I and my entourage were dangerous people.

Perhaps because of that, people naturally distanced themselves from me. Rather than me being hated, it was more that they feared me. Well, considering I came to the academy to bully others, this was convenient for me desuwa. 

One of the characteristics of this magic academy was that there were many children of aristocrats and royal families attending, so factions naturally formed within the academy. Thus developing into intrigue and power struggles. It was so scary and irresistible. Also, most of the teachers were formerly strict military personnel, with some hailing from aristocratic families. However, they couldn’t make their move to be the successor of their clan, so they were left unchecked. 

That was why that fool Linden came to extort me. But, what was with the academy’s discipline if such fellows were left unchecked? Ah, most of the members of the student council came from Linden’s faction desuwa. Despite being mired in intrigue, it was still one of the biggest factions in the academy. 

In the upcoming entrance ceremony, I was naturally chosen to be the freshman representative to give greetings since I was the best entrant. As I was reading the lengthy text prepared by the academy, the venue was filled with smoke. Looking around, I realized that nobody seemed to notice it? 

Just as I was starting to get concerned, all the students of the academy, even the standing ones, suddenly collapsed. Ooo, would this lead to a perverted development? It should, right? I wanted to be violated desuwa. 

Only a few people were able to endure the influence of the mysterious smoke. Ah, the rude fellow named Yuusuke seemed to endure it. What a cheeky fellow desuwa. 

Well then, I was very conspicuous because I still stood on the stage, but what should I do? Should I pretend to be sleeping at a time like this? 

As I spectacularly fell headfirst to the floor, my eyes roved around the auditorium, noticing that there were still a few people who stood while enduring their pain. But most of them ended up collapsing again. It seemed like the cowardly hicks Yuusuke and Abraham who lacked mana despite being aristocrats were still standing. Well, I’d guessed both of them seemed to be special, so I was convinced. 

As I was waiting for something to happen in excitement, a rift opened midair and a muscular, devil-like man came out of it. Why did this nearly-naked devil come wearing just boxer pants? Even though he had purple skin, not only did he have excellent muscle tone, I could see his erection through the boxer pants, so my gaze was fixed there. 

I unintentionally widened my eyes because of that, but the devil didn’t look at me and was confronting the people who were still standing. I couldn’t hear them well from where I was, but they seemed to be talking about something interesting. 

…U~hn, according to what little I could pick up, it seemed the devil wanted to kidnap the people who still stood back to the demon territory? In that case, I would like to be kidnapped and violated by that big ***. I wanted to be gangbanged by the devils which had ****s beyond human size. 

While I was daydreaming, Abraham drew his sword and attacked the devil, while Yuusuke cast a tiny spell that possessed absurdly destructive power toward the devil. 

Moreover, there was a lively girl with blue hair wearing an orange muffler who appeared from another rift. The crest on her forehead was the mark of a hero that was often depicted in literature. Then the magic battle commenced at its finest. I’d really like to be caught in the crossfire. 

Now that I got the chance, I’d like to receive the attack of the hero who was rumored to have great firepower… that said, if I simply participated as an ally of the devil, I would be ruined right at that moment. Even though I went to all the trouble to build the foundation for my destruction by coming to the magic academy, having it all ended by the first day felt like a waste desuwa. 

I could always choose self-destruction, but as expected, being ruined by the force I couldn’t hope to resist was very fascinating. I would like to be overwhelmed by another power and destroyed miserably. And I didn’t want to hold back my power during that glorious scene. 

Even so, I wanted to participate in their magic shootout. How can I make that happen? That’s right, let’s pretend to be brainwashed! 

I sent a strong mental wave toward the devil who was busy launching rapid high-level magic. 

[“I will be brainwashed by you from now on. I’ll help you as an ally.”] 


After that, I did my best to show vacant eyes, stood beside the devils, and confronted Yuusuke, Abraham, and the female hero. These three could fight decently when they go all out, so I wanted to experience their attacks. 

[“Hurry up and act accordingly. Otherwise, I will increase the power of my mental wave to crush your brain and kill you, okay?”] 

Wha… hihh?!

“Kukuku… for the sake of achieving my goal, I’ll have you fight your own people!”2

“You’re actually controlling her?! What a coward!”

When I increased the power of the mental wave to put the burden on the devil’s brain, the devil actually acted accordingly, he sure was a gentleman. Because he had a goal for coming to this academy, it was better for him to focus on that to prevent his act from being revealed. 

Now that I closely looked at the female hero, she sure was a cute fellow. When I made a fireball and attacked, she avoided it with minimal movements then smacked me with the flat side of her sword, but she seemed to be holding back, so I didn’t feel much pain… It looked like I needed to get her to fight more seriously desuwa. 

Tsukii Note:

We all know our protag is a crazy lady, but she is friggin’ threatening a devil lol. In a sense, we could give our condolence to the devil for having his brain held hostage by our protag.

But then again, while devils are often depicted as evil, they are also depicted to absolutely uphold their contract once made, unlike humans who could easily ignore them. So what is a devil again?

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Desuwawawawawawawa! What are you doing, Desuwa!?

This woman really doesn’t care about anything except punishment, huh? That poor devil had no idea what he walked into… If he survives, then our FL will be put on a blacklist most likely.

Thank you for the chapter. Yeet Desuwa!

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Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!

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Thanks for the chapter