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Chapter 9 – Devil is to be YEETed desuwa

An incident occurred at the entrance ceremony at the imperial city magic academy. A devil, which is considered high ranking even among demons, attacked during the greetings of the freshmen representative. Almost all the students fell asleep due to powerful sleep magic that the devil used as his first move, but two freshmen, Abraham and Yuusuke, stood among them. There was also Lydia, who was pretending to be asleep.

The devil who appeared out of the dimensional rift was a big man with purple skin and about 2 meters tall. The devil had two horns and two pairs of wings as he floated and moved toward Abraham and Yuusuke as he looked down on them. 

Despite feeling overwhelmed by the crushing intimidation, Abraham and Yuusuke managed to take their battle stances. The devil asked the two, “Would you like to become the demon lord’s subordinates?” to recruit them, only to be quickly refused. After showing a disappointed expression, he shot fire magic toward them. Abraham and Yuusuke instinctively sensed their death approaching, but a woman appeared and extinguished the flames.

The crest on her forehead was proof the woman was the hero of legend. The hero who had chased after the devil introduced herself to Abraham and Yuusuke. “I’m Elsie, a hero,” while launching an attack at the devil but it failed to hit him. This hero seemed to have high firepower, but her accuracy needed some work. 

The devil, being annoyed by the volley of attacks that would kill it if it were hit and the troublesome students he faced, heard a mental wave from Lydia, who was still pretending to be asleep.

[“I will be brainwashed by you from now on. I’ll help you as an ally. So act accordingly”]  

Hah? What the hell is she…?

[“Hurry up and act accordingly. Otherwise, I will increase the power of my mental wave to crush your brain and kill you, okay?”]

Wha…Hihh?! Ouch ouch ouch! Stop it, I’ll act accordingly!

At the same time, Lydia stood in front of Elsie and wielded the cane she always carried around like a sword. The devil succumbed to the rumbling mental wave that Lydia sent and chose to act with her. 

“Kukuku…for the sake of achieving my goal, I’ll have you fight your own people! Let’s meet again someday.” 

“You won’t get away! Kuh, are you manipulating her?! What a coward!”

The devil retreated as if to escape from them, so Elsie tried to chase after him, but since Lydia attacked Elsie with a cane, she had no choice but to block it with her sword, allowing the devil to flee during the gap. The three people confronted Lydia as Lydia shot fireballs one after another. 

Since they weren’t as fast as the devil’s attack earlier, Elsie could easily avoid them and use the flat side of her sword to hit Lydia’s head to force her to faint, but Lydia didn’t fall down. Right after that, Lydia swung the jewel part of her cane, which hit the back of Elsie’s head, making her faint. 

[“…Big purple devil, hurry up and show yourself or I’ll be angry. Why does this hero only have a paper-thin defense?!”]

…Oi, crazy lady. That hero over there is known to have the best firepower and avoidance ability, which has made us devils suffer the most compared to other heroes in history, you know?

[“Is that so? By the way, what are you coming to this school for?”]

Did you think I’ll talk, you foolish gir- ouch ouch ouch! It’s to collect a certain jewel located underneath this academy! It’s also to recruit people with potential! There, I’ve told you everything! 

[“You are quite obedient for a devil. I love those who know their place well, be it humans or animals. Well then, just hurry up and collect that so-called jewel and return to your home. Otherwise, I would YEET you to the afterlife, okay?”]

Eeh… what’s this… what’s with this absurd existence…!

“O-oi, she stopped moving there.” 

“Perhaps her brainwashing got dispelled?! Oi, can you hear me? Please respond if you—“

“How rude desuwa!”



Because the hero was so weak, Lydia couldn’t help but extract information about the hero from the devil. Since she couldn’t seem to take the attack of the hero, which was her main objective by pretending to be brainwashed, she was trying to vent her frustration to the devil. As the devil felt frightened by Lydia’s audacity, he still chose to fulfill the objective of his mission and left the place to collect the jewel. 

After Lydia kicked Yuusuke away, the devil’s presence disappeared, so Lydia acted as if the brainwashing got dispelled and pretended to faint again. 

Obviously, Lydia’s act of pretending to faint even though the heavy impact of the back of her head as she fell wasn’t enough to knock her unconscious was convincing enough because Abraham didn’t give her a second look. Abraham couldn’t imagine that there was a person who could fall headfirst without any reflexive response to protect themselves, so he thought Lydia fainted and realized that he was the only person left conscious, so he had to keep calm and regroup with his allies. 

In the end, Abraham chose to wake up the hero first and explained the situation. The hero felt something was off since the devil left without killing anyone but chose to shrug it off, thinking that the devil’s side also had its own circumstances. 

Tsukii Note:

Some might think it weird why a hero who had an attribute of “Nothing matters as long as it’s not hit!” from both sides (low personal defense and accuracy, yet high firepower and evasion) hasn’t been defeated by the demon race until now since both her power and weakness is clear, because well, she normally didn’t fight alone, that’s why.

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1 year ago

Why the f*ck the hero eerily similar to darkness lmaoo

Anyways, may the YEET be wîth you

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Something tells me that that Devil will be back one day to help our FL… He did say one of his objectives was to recruit people. Although he’ll never be able to recruit our fine lady, they may have some common interests with each other in certain contexts. …desuwa.

Also “crazy lady”. That devil knew it from a glance.

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Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!

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Tftc, but also where did chapter 8 go? This story is goofy enough that the continuity doesn’t feel too bad, but also oops probably

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you could say that ch.8 got yeeted…

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There is no tech without difficulties as always.