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There were people in the world who had catastrophic desires.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be weird if there were people who wished for their own destruction. 

The type of people who wished to taste the despair of losing… status, property, strength, or political power… even if it impacted their family, friends, and lover. The type of person who wanted to become a mummy-like corpse with their physical strength, motivation, magical power, muscle strength, visual acuity, hearing, and other things taken away from them. Moreover, they wanted to be swallowed whole just like that. 

That kind of person, who possessed such an unpleasant taste, ended up experiencing transgender reincarnation as a young lady in this world. The sole daughter of a certain duke family who was raised with care, but unfortunately, was twisted from the beginning. 

“YEET desuwa! YEET desuwa!”1

A girl with blond hair kept barking YEET. There wasn’t any particular meaning of YEETing others. If she had to say, it was to earn resentment from people and awaited the moment when they might return later to exact their vengeance on her. 

She was a person who loved stories about YEETing in her previous life. Be it a story about YEETed adventurers who later awakened their latent talent in crisis or those who got YEETed before they revealed the talent they kept hidden, and sometimes, those YEETed people might experience a living hell. 

After reading many such stories, her previous life personality ended up aroused by having beautiful people experience a living hell in stories. Moreover, she became a person who wanted to personally experience such stories. Such was the kind of troublesome existence she had become in this world. 

“Today, a person from the knight order is to be YEETed desuwa! The one with the lowest rank is to be YEETed desuwa!” 

The only daughter of the duke wielded her cane as usual… Lydia Narorosa made such a YEET declaration as usual. Lydia, who had formed her own knight brigade, made all 400 members participate in a tournament she created. The sole difference compared to the usual style of tournaments was that it was the loser who proceeded to the next battle. 

Such a tournament, which was started out of the blue, had been carried out about once a week ever since Lydia came into possession of her personal knight brigade, so nobody expressed any dissatisfaction. The order of matches was quietly decided and the tournament began.

The matches made use of swords with dulled blades and those who took a single clean hit lost. Hundreds of these matches were carried out until the final two weakest had their match in front of Lydia. Both of them fought fiercely with agile movements and their swords scattered sparks, which made it hard to believe they had actually lost their matches until now. 

Despite losing their matches over and over and piling up exhaustion, their movements hadn’t slowed down. On the contrary, their movements became even sharper and, considering it had the form of a tournament, those who didn’t know the circumstances would think this was a match of the strongest two who won all their matches instead. But as a matter of fact, it was the match between the two who got defeated the most. 

The match would always end with one side losing. The sword of one young man was sent flying far away. His grip strength became loose due to the successive battles, which created an opening that was used by his opponent, and even as he tried to avoid it, he had no way to fight back. 

The young man who lost his sword surrendered after seeing the tip of his opponent’s sword being pointed at his throat. At that moment, Lydia happily stood up and approached the loser. 

“You are aware of my policy, right? Akbar-san, is it? You are to be YEETed from the knight brigade. Please return your sword.” 

With that command, the young man called Akbar kneeled. And with that, yet another person left Lydia’s knight brigade. 

Lydia couldn’t conceal her inner delight as she saw Akbar walk away powerlessly, celebrating the fact that the number of candidates to exact future vengeance against her had increased yet again. Her knight brigade was reduced to 399 people, and as those people watched the single person who was YEETed, the remaining 399 elected to train harder so they wouldn’t suffer the same fate. 

“Isn’t Akbar the person our young lady picked up from that fighting tournament three months ago? So he couldn’t last long after all. Recently, the original members from the knight brigade were YEETed less, so it’s something to be celebrated.” 

“There are already only half of them left now, though. But really… I guess the next person to fill in the vacancy would have to be a monster at swordsmanship…”

After the people with black clothes packed Akbar’s luggage and made sure he was YEETed out of the territory, two people who were members of Lydia’s knight brigade since its establishment chatted together. It was already a familiar sight for them, and while there were people who thought the young lady’s decision to do this was merciless, these two didn’t think so. 

“About 50 people or more would be changed each year… but well, I guess it’s an obvious thing. Having a strong person come means a weak one has to leave.” 

“Before our young lady did this, bluntly said, our army was weak after all. But wouldn’t this make the lord feel relieved?”

When Lydia first founded her knight brigade, the members were formerly part of the army of the territory, but unfortunately, it was hard to say the members could be considered elite at all. But then the tournament was held. By YEETing the weak and welcoming the strong to fill in the vacancy, it prevented the whole army from growing weak. 

The weakest person would be removed. Such fear led the weak people to keep polishing their skills and they gradually grew stronger. The former compatriots who boasted results above average thought they were safe until they gradually became the weakest candidates and ended up YEETed as the weakest. The extreme speed of military turnover inevitably raised the level of the military as a whole. 

These YEET tournaments, which Lydia started when she was five, took place for five years, meaning over 250 people had already been YEETed as a result. Recently, even the people who raised their fame through fighting tournaments would either enter the knight brigade or end up YEETed since they weren’t up to the standard. 

Among those who were YEETed, there were some who greatly improved their skills and rejoined the knight brigade. Lydia was excited whenever she saw such people and wondered when they would exact their vengeance on her. 

Tsukii Note:

Hello and welcome! We met again! Hope you are not tired of me yet.

Well then, it’s another misunderstanding story this time. That said, this one is a little… peculiar due to the protagonist being a hardcore masochist inside. Some might wonder why this side didn’t get, well, censored, but this is a major plot point for later, so it’s not to be erased. As for the details, you’ll just have to wait until you can read it. This entire series is already complete on my Patreon, if you would rather not wait!

Also, I might put some notes as an explanation at the end of each chapter. So without further ado:

Since YEETed people are allowed to re-challenge the spot, Lydia’s knight brigade could be considered the best place for people to test their skills and polish them.

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5 months ago

That doesn’t make for a good army and unsustanable in long run.
How can you be sure the army will fight for you when it matter? How do you exspected they to be loyal to you if you don’t do the same?
Basically she setted herself as free warrior certificater. Knight will came in, shows their worth by staying in her brigade for more than a year, then purposely lose to get out and find better oppotunities else where.
US military either paid hansomely(money, citizenship, etc) or dept trap(student loan) their grunts for reasons.

4 months ago
Reply to  mavg

the whole point is that she DOESN’T want them to be loyal to/fight for her? XD she actively WANTS them to be unreliable and eventually overthrow her lmao

9 months ago

“YEET desuwa!”

That combination of words is more funny than it has any right to be! I’m going to laugh every time I see it from now on, huh? Desuwa!

9 months ago


9 months ago

Enoshima Junko-chan!

9 months ago


Started reading cause the title and synopsis were interesting

Thanks for picking this up Tsukii!!

10 months ago

That description on NU…. Just how much of the decision to pickup this novel is a result of “haha funny description go YEET”?..

Thanks for the translation!

10 months ago

Seems like a normal novel