After I Finished YEETing the Protagonist, I Moved on To My Second Life and Found Out that My Students Were the Protagonists of the Sequel

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Editor: Lilia

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Chapter 19 – Keep the Provocations Short

After class, I sat in the staff room groaning as I wrote a class report. 

It was meant to be submitted to the vice principal, but I couldn’t cut corners.

After all, if she gave it an OK, then it would be sent to the central government’s education department.

Since I was practically nothing more than a temporary lecturer, I could easily imagine that someone would take advantage of it if the document wasn’t good enough. 

Being a descendant of a hero meant having many enemies.

The best evidence was that when the game version’s Haruto collapsed, nobody bothered to help him. Oh, but, I guess he was a scum hero…



The students already returned to the dorm and the sun had long since set.

It was sad that teaching consumed so much time before it felt rewarding.

“Vice principal, how’s it looking on your side?” 

“It’s almost over.”

Then let’s go out for a drink together after it’s over! The fact that such a thing wasn’t possible here showed the difficulty of living in the countryside. 

If we went into town for that, we wouldn’t get back to school until dawn, and barely get any sleep.

I think I could manage if I just ran there, bought some drinks, and ran back, but I had no motivation to go that far.

Labor was crap. 

I want to live just doing what I love.

……I guess I would consider that once the scenarios of the first game and the sequel were concluded.



The vice principal and I both raised our voices at the same time. 

Someone approached the school building. They even politely touched the barrier that detected intruders.

It was like a doorbell that only worked for us, who had high level detection abilities.

“This is……”

“I think it would be better for me to go.”

After coming into contact with the barrier, the intruder didn’t approach further. 

Well, I guess someone so polite wouldn’t come into someone else’s house without permission.

After the vice principal nodded, I left the staff room. 

This adventurer school was a small campus consisting of two school buildings, a practice field, and several warehouses where various equipment and supplies were stored.

Immediately after exiting the main gate, the path divided into two directions, one toward the town and one toward the dorm. 

Whoever it was was probably coming from town──I could hear the sound of a horse carriage.

As I hurried out of the school building and headed toward the main gate, I saw a man bowing toward me. 

“I apologize for the sudden visit.” 

“No, no, not at all…”

It was Zanba SwordX, and a carriage with the SwordX family crest engraved on it. 

He really came. I thought it was just a verbal promise to hang out made for the sake of politeness, but he followed through with it so quickly.

“What kind of business do you have today?” 

While asking this question, I ran through some potential scenarios in my head. 

The most likely thing was that he would ask to return with Erin, right?

“When I checked the report I received the other day, someone said she would like to see more details. We didn’t want to trouble you further with writing a report and traveling to the capital again, so I came in person.” 

Zanba said with a smile. 

He was probably three years older than me, but more experienced in negotiation.

His business smile was so extraordinary that it was hard to believe the difference was only three years.


From my perspective, as a young man who has just become an adult, it would be no exaggeration to describe him as a cool older brother who played an active role in his family and in society. 

That was, if I closed my eyes to all other circumstances surrounding him.

“……Is that person inside that carriage?”


Zanba opened the carriage door and respectfully offered his hand to help the person down. 

The person who stepped down was a mature woman wearing an elegant dress.

Eh? I don’t recognize her. Who is that? 

“Nice to meet you, Haruto, Descendant of the Hero.” 

“Ah, yes, hello.”

“Is Erin doing well?”

“Yes, of course.”

After smiling vaguely, I turned my gaze to Zanba. 

Who was that person? My eyes were asking him.

“This is my mother.” 

“……I see.”

If I remember correctly, about the SwordX family… The first wife of the head of the family passed away some time ago. 

It was briefly mentioned in the scenario cutscene.

So I guess she was the second wife, then?

If I recall correctly, Zanba was also picked up for his talent with a sword, just like Erin. 

That meant she was not related by blood to him, either.

Uwah, all the bad habits of the SwordX family were being revealed, one after the other.

“I read that report. I’d like to confirm, but is it correct that she learned the vertical slash?” 

The madam asked me with a polite tone. 

However, the tone of her voice was very commanding.

Her eyes said that regardless of who I was, she wouldn’t allow me to lie.

What a person with a bad personality… I mean, well, a strong willed person. 

The current wife of the head of the SwordX family only appeared for a moment in the game, only as a silhouette too, after all.

Certainly, the outline of her figure, with her elegantly tied up hair and long, modest dress, felt familiar.

Wow, I was probably the only one in the world who saw the completed character design. 

It made me excited.

“Yes. Erin certainly learned the vertical slash.” 

“Zanba, what does this mean?”

“Well, [Vertical Flash Slash!] is more difficult than [Horizontal Flash Slash!]… I can’t say I mastered it perfectly yet, so I practiced it every morning while swinging a wooden sword.”

“I guess Erin saw me doing it, and decided to try it out herself!” laughed Zanba. 

I couldn’t help but feel a sense of incongruity. Since the madam of the family came all the way to ask such a simple question, there must be something deeper at play.

Yet despite admitting that he noticed Erin spying on him, Zanba wasn’t upset at all. 

……I felt that rather than Erin happening to see him practice, he might have been letting her see him on purpose. I thought about interjecting with my theory, but their conversation had already moved on.

“You mean that one could learn it? Then it seems its value is quite different from what was stated in the report.” 1 

“It’s true that she’s still immature. If she fought me, she wouldn’t even last ten minutes.”

“Then you’re saying it isn’t suitable for the SwordX family’s curriculum?”

“That’s probably the case. That’s why I agreed with her leaving home and going to adventurer school.”

The madam glared at Zanba for a few seconds. 

I could feel my eyes twitching as I listened to them.

This made it feel like the background circumstances and the characters’ positions were completely different from what I imagined……!


During the meeting at the royal castle, I was defensive of Erin against Zanba.

That was because Zanba was more aggressive than I expected, and he seemed to be a man who would cut through anyone, even his adopted sister── but that actually wasn’t the case!

Was he trying to see if it would be a problem to entrust Erin to me, depending on whether I protected her or not?!

“But if that one has earned its value, let’s reorganize the curriculum specifically for it. Bring it back.” 

However, the madam made a merciless decision. 

Eh, did she completely ignore my existence?

“Um, since you asked to bring her back, that means she would drop out from the school, though……”


I asked just in case she was just planning for the future.

The madam took out a fan from her cleavage and looked at me coolly while covering her mouth with it.


“We can just process the documents at a later date, can’t we?” 

Uwah~ she said it like it was an easy said-and-done decision. 

“I’m sorry, but it can’t be done immediately. Above all, we haven’t confirmed the intention to withdraw from the person in question yet.” 

“There is no need. Our will is its will.”

It was a powerful affirmation. 

“We, the SwordX family, are nothing more than blades wielded for a great cause. Our life’s meaning is to increase our sharpness to the limit.” 

“……Are you saying for the purpose of sharpening her potential as a weapon to its true limit, you are not satisfied with this school?”

“Of course. A blade improperly shaped by the blacksmith will become distorted. A sword that dominates the battlefield must strike straight and true, with no distractions.”

My gaze met with the madam’s. 

She stared straight at me.

“……Despite how I look, I’m still the strongest adventurer.”

“Of course I’m aware of that. However, I don’t remember ever hearing that you are the strongest swordsman.”

“She is growing well.”

As a mere teacher, I didn’t know how far I could involve myself. 

However, it was impossible to agree with what the other party said no matter how hard I tried.

“Let me just confirm my understanding. It’s not like you people actually want to raise Erin. Rather, you’re worried that when Erin truly becomes strong, you’ll be in trouble if you can’t claim credit for raising her. You’re more worried about the possibility of your household falling from grace, than what’s actually best for Erin, right? Is that really how you should be raising your future swords?”



The madam looked at me as if she was seeing something unbelievable.

Aah, I think she never got questioned like that before.

“We can’t override the wishes of the parents, but this is the place that the student herself wished to be. We must confirm her own wishes before allowing anything to happen.” 

“……I will send a letter to Erin tomorrow. She will request to withdraw on her own.”

After saying that, the madam quickly turned to the carriage. 

“Are you serious about doing this?” 

“Yes. The result won’t change, but you made the mistake of angering me. You should reflect on how you eliminated any possibility of persuading me otherwise.”

G-gueh~……How shameless of her to make it sound like she took away something because I messed up my chance! I never had a chance in the first place. 

When I glanced at Zanba, he was staring at me with no expression.

Eh… What do you want? You’re being scary.


“Well then, see you later. Not that we will meet ever again.” 



I tried to call out to the madam, but she put her foot on the step of the carriage and stopped like that as if on a whim. She was clearly waiting for me to say something.

What should I do?

As a teacher, if both parent and student requested a voluntary withdrawal… If neither raised any resistance, I would have no choice but to approve. 

But wasn’t this too absurd? It felt like I was in a drama.

I was the descendant of a hero and a teacher at this adventurer school. 

What can I do now?

If Erin decided to leave the school on her own, then I… 

Noticing my silence, the madam glanced at me with pitying eyes. 

She sighed in exasperation and muttered.

“How foolish. I heard you were the strongest adventurer, but I guess that was just in name only. The party you led must be just as disappointing……”




You bitch, what did you say just now?! Did you insult Mariemaia?! 

Did you make fun of her?! Get down from that carriage right now! I’ll show your dead body who’s the strongest!!


Calm down. 

I’m a harmonious member of society. Since I’m a well-meaning, peaceful member of society, I need to take a breath and apply something called anger management.

Now that I have oxygen and a clear mind, I can respond maturely. Just kidding! Like hell I’m going to do that! 

I called out in my most arrogant voice to the madam as she moved to enter the carriage.


“You see, about the SwordX family-” 


“That’s a lame name, isn’t it about time you change it?”

A wrinkle appeared on the madam’s forehead and she made a choked noise. 

The scum hero Haruto wouldn’t be polite to anyone, and would look down on them while full of pride. 

It was the costume I put on a long time ago. It fit perfectly as always.


Zanba burst out laughing. 

You shouldn’t laugh, you know. This is the wife of your family head.

“What… are you talking about…?” 

“This descendant of the hero, Haruto-sama, will become Erin’s guardian. Then it won’t matter what everyone at SwordBA says.”

I was so angry my head was spinning. 

I thought that as a teacher, I had to listen to what parents told me, but that wasn’t the case.

I was the strongest adventurer. 

Erin would be the disciple of the strongest adventurer.

The prestige value was stronger than SwordX.

Perfect. They could just rub their heads on the ground and apologize.

“Seriously? Are you seriously saying that?” 

“It’s simpler than grumbling over something trivial. I’m more competent than you SwordKA family members, so I’ll be the one who can make Erin stronger.” 2

We might as well try to compete with each other. 

All I had to do was to make them realize I was better at raising Erin.

“……I don’t understand. Do you have any reason to go that far?”

“I have. Even if you were related by blood, I would never entrust my student to someone who treats them like an object.”

I glared sharply at the madam and told her solemnly. 

“I won’t hand over Erin to you people. You can just watch from a distance with dumbfounded faces as I raise her to be stronger than you could ever dream of doing.” 




“Wah~ we came to check on the situation, but it already got out of hand♡”

“Isn’t it too much for them to try to take Erin back on their own…… hey Erin, Erin?”

“I-I won’t hand over Erin… I won’t hand over Erin…”

“It seems she’s no use at the moment♡”

“You’re right… well, I can understand that feeling, at least……”


Author Note:

Since the number of people has increased, I will post a brief summary of each of them.



He is a descendant of the first generation hero that forced the demon lord into a temporary state of dormancy.

In fact, he is a reincarnated person with the lowest level of self-esteem.

He cried because the battle system of his beloved game he reincarnated into is so different from the game version.

Because he actively crushed greater demons that didn’t appear in both the first game and sequel, he is hated as the god of death of demons.

His Job is Braver. He is equivalent to level 101. 3



The first of three sequel protagonists.

She has blond hair and a bright personality. She also cares about fashion.

Ever since she was picked up by the SwordX family as a child, she spent her days immersed in training.

In reaction to this, she left home, enrolled in an adventurer as a gal, and successfully debuted as a gal.

She has a natural talent for sword combat. 

She is equivalent to level 48.



The second of three sequel protagonists.

A cool girl with black hair. Because she is sensitive to heat, she often wears her uniform sloppily.

She came from an aristocratic family, but her immense magic power was noticed from an early age, so she was intended to be used as a womb to produce excellent warriors (due to Haruto’s actions, the plan ended up scrapped).

She specialized in annihilation attacks using artillery magic. She can also use her spear for close combat to some extent.

She is equivalent to level 39.



The third of three sequel protagonists.

She had pink hair styled in mini twintails. She’s a mesugaki whose speech manner sounds like Hisoka. Also known as fierce brat. 4

She freely manipulates her eight daggers and uses assassination techniques that can catch anyone by surprise.

She usually has more than eight daggers and also has wire anchors.

Before entering adventurer school, she had actual combat experience against humans and demons.

She is equivalent to level 66.


・Vice principal

The vice principal of the adventurer school. Since the principal is basically absent, she is the facto person in charge.

She is the person who is desperately running the school with only two teachers and three students that is on the verge of closure behind the scene.

She was also Haruto’s homeroom teacher when he was a student.

She is equivalent to level 88. 5



Haruto’s classmate during his student days.

She is a bad friend who often got scolded together with Haruto by their homeroom teacher (she is the vice principal now) for stupid things they did.

After graduating, she joined the royal army and rose to the rank of the captain of a secret unit.

The reason she entered the adventurer school was to make connections with Haruto, the descendant of the hero, so the mission itself was a success, but she felt defeated in many ways.

She is equivalent to level 90



Erin’s older brother.

In the game version, he is an enemy character toward the end of the scenario.

He is a humanoid enemy with high speed, and once his HP is completely depleted, he would awaken to the second stage.

He is often said to be the most difficult boss in the sequel game.

He is equivalent to level 75.



Haruto’s party member no. 1

The second to join his party.

Currently, she rented an entire mansion and spends her time on her hobby of writing.

She is feared by the undead as the symbol of death.

Her Job is Highest Priestess. She is equivalent to level 90.


・Female Knight

Haruto’s party member no. 2

The third to join his party.

Currently, she is traveling alone and annihilating the increasingly active demons.

She is a berserker who can tear apart greater demons with just hand to hand and sword combat.

She is concerned about her large body due to the demon blood flowing through her veins.

Her Job is Highest Knight. She is equivalent to level 95.



Haruto’s party member no. 3

The first to join his party.

Her current behavior is unknown.

She fully grasped all the events from the temporary hiatus of the party due to Mariemaia’s expulsion to present time.

She has two crows as familiars. 6

Her Job is Magician. She is equivalent to level 100. 7



Haruto’s party member no. 4

The last to become his party member.

Currently, she is traveling together with the territory lord’s son and maid-san that collapsed on the way.

She is an attacker who frequently used her active skill “Saint Dead Chorus” to kill and injure her enemies by excessively healing them.

Her Job is Highest Healer. She is equivalent to level 85.

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