After I Finished YEETing the Protagonist, I Moved on To My Second Life and Found Out that My Students Were the Protagonists of the Sequel

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Chapter 22 – Flash Slash of Proof②

It was a splendid slash. 

The [Vertical Flash Slash!] that was unleashed perfectly on target cut off the consciousness of the instructor in an instant.

The blade was coated with magic, so there was no threat to his life, but it must have been a shock to be knocked down without being able to react. 

As I thought, that was a vicious combo.

“Wha, wha…” 


A groan was heard from above. 

When I looked up, I saw the madam of the family had stood up from her seat in shock. Her face was twitching in disbelief and the fan gripped tightly in her hands was shaking violently.

She suddenly turned toward me.

“What the?! How exactly?! Did you teach her?!” 

She seemed confused… her question didn’t make sense. 

In the arena, the members of the teaching team were clearly confused, but advanced anyway, and as soon as they stepped forwards, they were hit by a firm [Vertical Flash Slash!] and dropped.

Ooh, it seemed like Erin successfully regained her senses. I guess the match was settled then. Now we just had to wait and see how long it took her to go through everyone.

“What I taught her was the order in which to unleash [Horizontal Flash Slash!] and [Vertical Flash Slash!]. I advised her to apply them in succession.” 


“The two skills attack from two different directions, but you can apply more strength vertically. If it were the other way around, it would be very fast, but not much power can be exerted.”

“No no no! That’s not what I’m asking about!”

Now it came to this, pride no longer mattered. She was desperate for answers. 

There was a clear sense of fear in the way madam looked at me.

“W-what do you think SwordX family secret techniques are?! Simple skills to be stacked and thrown around?!” 

“You must be kidding. I know these aren’t the most secret techniques.”




A moment of silence.

For a while, the only sound that could be heard was the tremendous crashing sound that echoed from the arena as Erin kept cleaning up the field.

“Ah~… please wait… for a bit.” 



It seemed I assumed a different premise.

I felt like I was making a fatal oversight.

The real secret technique of the SwordX family was the super skill that Erin learned in the sequel game. 

It happened when [Horizontal Flash Slash!] and [Vertical Flash Slash!] was unleashed simultaneously using her two long swords, and it was called “[Omni-Directional Slash!].”

Of course, although that was not the ultimate technique, most users generally recognized this as Erin’s killing move due to the efficiency of damage, SP gauge consumption, and speed of skill rotation.

Two [Horizontal Flash Slash!] followed by two [Vertical Flash Slash!] would fill the gauge enough to unleash [Omni-Directional Slash!], and then it was a simple matter of repeating the process──

Erin could eliminate most bosses just by spamming this over and over. There wasn’t really a need to dodge or heal at this point.

…Wait, did the production company really do any beta testing? How could this have been enjoyable? They must have released an untested game to capitalize on the hype of the prequel, those bastards.


“Could it be that maybe you don’t know anything about that?”



It was clearly a land mine, and the madam glared at me.

“I don’t know… yes, I don’t know. I may not be able to comprehend what you, a born warrior, can easily understand! But even if I don’t know, I do know that it’s valuable!” 



Come to think of it, as the second wife, she wore clothes that resembled Japanese clothing and applied make-up to make a strong impression.

Although it was clear from the design that the SwordX family had a Japanese motif, it was difficult for someone who married into the family later to wear clothing that was so closely aligned with the family heritage.

She was probably desperately trying to blend into SwordX and show a united front. 

In other words, it was her weapon to protect the family and demonstrate to the outside world that the family’s ideals were unwavering.

Even though she didn’t know, she fought desperately because she felt she had to protect it.

“Then… What about the family head?” 

“……I never meet him anymore. His late wife is my best friend, but I don’t know if he’s been out ever since she died.” 1


I could see the tension inside me decreasing rapidly.

“……Even if that’s the case, I think you went too far in tying Erin up.”

The madam fell silent, as if she didn’t have anything to say in response. 

I turned away from her and looked at the arena.

Erin was just about to beat up the tenth person.

She was a lot stronger than I thought, though? 




Zanba turned his gaze away from the teaching team that were loudly making a fuss and looked at Haruto, who was having some kind of conversation with his adoptive mother in the audience seat. 

…It seems his skill as an educator is the real deal. 

Indeed, as Haruto guessed, Zanba showed [Vertical Flash Slash!] to Erin on purpose. 

He felt her talent and showed it to her in hopes of giving her a hint.

However, Zanba never thought that she would be able to learn it through practice alone, much less would she be able to refine it to this level.

He must have improved her accuracy to that extent. Although her movements during the initial stage were stiff, I wonder if she would have been able to reach that level on her own. 

Erin’s movement improved rapidly once she found the initiative. 

The moment she directly hit one of the instructors with her [Vertical Flash Slash!] during battle, it was like she had entered a zone. She was smoothly chaining and unleashing attacks without hesitation

I see, so that’s how it is. So he trained her body to remember by using precise attacks as a trigger, huh. 

Using the information he had searched around for in the brief time before this match, Zanba could guess how Haruto trained Erin. 

It was an accumulation of the experiences of success. It was basically muscle memory.

Erin’s technique had certainly improved dramatically after training under Haruto. 

However, considering her inherent raw power, it was an inevitable outcome her basics had been solidified.

The problem was whether she would be able to wield that power and shake off her trauma. In fact, Zanba considered that as the biggest problem.

He trained her well… once she could make the correct movement, her body would automatically make the correct movement again from then on. It’s a combination of muscle memory and instinct used to overcome her mental block. If she can perform the act successfully, even if it’s just luck, she’ll feel more confident, and then eventually be able to replicate it on demand. I guess that teaching method is useful for someone like her. 

Seeing Erin mowing down the members of the teaching team one after another, Zanba nodded in approval. 

He was skeptical when he heard the rumor, but when he saw his sister’s swordsmanship, he was convinced that the rumor was true.

I guess the rumor that he raised a mere small town girl to become the continent’s strongest healer was true. 

The match is already settled, concluded Zanba inwardly. 

This meant that he had achieved about half of his goal.

The rest was──……


“Well then.”

As if to say the match wasn’t worth watching anymore, he stood up and walked away from his seat. 




How many people had she defeated? 

At least, more than 20 members of the teaching corps were already lying motionless on the ground. Then right after that,



When I called out to them, both Erin and the members of the teaching team stopped moving.

“The match is already settled. Please admit it.” 

When I looked over, the madam of the family was no longer seated. 

She was slowly coming down to me from the upper row of seats. I laid out my final appeal. 

“I can tell from the skill of everyone in the teaching unit. In a sense of mass-producing efficient soldiers, the SwordX family is certainly competent, and they are best suited for maintaining this country’s safety… but it’s not a suitable place to raise Erin.”  

Erin’s talent was already beginning to shine with just a little tweaking from me. 

There was even fear in the way the remaining members of the teaching team looked at her.

“……It seems so. But I’ll insist one more time.”

“It’s not about technique, but philosophy isn’t it?”

I thought that was the real reason why the madam was so determined to hold onto Erin. 

It seemed I hit the mark, as the madam’s eyes widened.

What made the soldiers from the SwordX family unit wasn’t just their skill. 

They had a strong sense of being “a servant of the nation.”

This wasn’t something that could grow on its own, it was a mindset that had to be reinforced through education.

“If you want to become a top-notch warrior both physically and mentally, then the adventurer school certainly seems lacking.” 

“……Yes. If it’s just to develop skills, I’ve confirmed that there’s no problem leaving it to you. But, neither the family head, the eldest son, nor the second son are present at the moment.”

“That’s why,” she continued. 

“I am the embodiment of SwordX right now, and I must protect it. If I am going to release that from this family, it has to be to a place worthy of my recognition.” 

“……It’s as you say.”

And she didn’t accept that I was truly worthy. 

No, I guess that wasn’t exactly it.

She didn’t have the ability to identify the right person for that. 

Yet right now, there was no one other than her who could make that decision.

……Just a bit, just a little bit, I could empathize with her.

Even though people said I was the descendant of the Hero, I didn’t have the qualification to save the world.

I was naturally praised by those around me and was forced to shoulder my lofty position, but the truth was that I didn’t have the ability to accomplish what everyone truly wanted.

“……That’s why.”


She didn’t have the words to continue.

She was struggling with whether she should really make that decision.

It was difficult for me to know all the circumstances, but this seemed an unreasonable role forced on the second wife.

Should I say something to help? 

Thinking so, I tried to open my mouth──


There was the sound of an explosion. 

No, it wasn’t an explosion. It sounded more like something had been destroyed by a strong blow.




All eyes turned to one point.

The passageway to enter and exit the arena had been destroyed.

It was because a very large being was trying to force their way through. What lumbered into the area was a huge beast.

There was a cut chain on its hind leg. 

It looked like a gigantic rhinoceros from the modern world, with a wickedly sharp horn.

Its tough skin and hooves were steaming with heat, and every time it moved, the earth cracked underneath its weight.

It was one of the largest monsters seen on land. 

The recommended level to subjugate it was listed in the strategy book as level 55 to 65.

“It’s a training purpose behemoth…?! Shouldn’t it have been restrained properly in the training field next door?!” 

“The restraints were destroyed?! Who did it?!”

The members of the teaching team who were still conscious screamed at each other. 

The behemoth noticed the noise, shook itself, and started rushing toward us instead of the team.

“……! Erin, take the others with you and evacuate!”

I hastily shouted my instructions and ran up to the dumbfounded madam. 

Fortunately, there was no one blocking the behemoth’s path.

It was running in a straight line toward the madam, as if it had been ordered to do so.2


Wait, no. That wasn’t it. 

Rather than rushing forward… it was trying to run away from something. Well, that makes it easier.

If fear was the motivation, then I would fight fire with fire. It would be best to provide a source of fear that suppressed whatever it was running away from. 


I circulated magic power to wordlessly activate a spell to shorten chanting requirements as much as possible, and apply it to another verse. 

On the path of the behemoth that was charging toward us, the ground exploded as if multiple mines had went off.



The behemoth flinched at the sudden explosion and slammed its feet on the ground in panic, bringing it to a sudden stop.

Nice. Even if I was able to prevent it from running towards us, if it was allowed to carelessly run around in a panic, the members of the teaching corps who collapsed in the arena would be trampled.

Worst case scenario, I was planning to blow off its feet, but it seemed I was able to successfully stop it.


“……Gh?! Why are you protecting me?!”


The madam said something unexpected to me, so I couldn’t help but raise my voice back at her. 

If I didn’t act, wouldn’t it be dangerous for her? And she’s questioning me?


“Wouldn’t it be more convenient for you if I die…?!” 

“No… it would be less convenient…”


If it was for the sake of killing the resurrected Demon Lord. 

If it was for the sake of Mariemaia, Erin’s group, and everyone else to not be swayed by their foolish fate.

Then I would do anything. 

If SwordX was in the way of subduing the Demon Lord, then I would destroy them.

But that was clearly not the case.

“At the very least, the SwordX family has trained many talented soldiers. This method just doesn’t suit Erin, but in reality, isn’t it a good method to maintain the average quantity and quality of soldiers?” 

While keeping a close eye on the behemoth, I answered the madam’s question. 

The behemoth stopped once, but its excited state still remained.

“……Descendant of the Hero, what are you planning to do with Erin? What exactly will Erin become?”

“The Hero who will slay the Demon Lord.”

I heard the madam’s gasp. 

The goals of the SwordX family and I were completely different.

“Can she do it?” 

“I will guarantee it, that girl will accomplish it.”

Rather than just me, the whole production staff and players guaranteed it. 

“……Was I stupid for not trusting it, I mean, Erin?”

“You’ve just had a difficult set of circumstances to handle. You’re doing your duty well.”

She looked down, as if to say that wasn’t the case. 

I could see drops falling from her eyes onto her fan.

“I’m serious. You really did your duty well. That’s why… please watch until the end.” 


The moment she looked up. 


“Be exposed────!!”


With a squeak, the behemoth’s giant body stopped. 

It was as if it had been grabbed by a giant invisible hand, and was clearly unable to move due to outside interference.

Normally, it was a gigantic monster that should be handled by several people fighting it together. 

I felt chills when I saw my student rushing in alone. However:

If it was the current Erin SwordX, she should be able to handle it. 

If she failed, I could just vaporize it with my beam in an instant.

“It’s my first time using it against an opponent of this size. However…!” 

Erin looked to be in agony under the heavy burden of her power. 

But her current self should be able to see it.

Her Mystic Eyes should be able to accurately visualize every organ of that behemoth. 

“I won’t let people who can’t fight die in front of me!” 

She firmly declared her own will. 

The madam’s eyes widened when she heard that.

“I don’t want to overlook people who can’t fight having their life taken away from them unreasonably! At least let them die after having a satisfying life!”  

She pulled her long sword out of its sheath. 

Erin’s eyes began glowing and a bright ray of power converged onto her blade. 

“I won’t accept or forgive any existence that tries to bring any unjust death! I’ll cut them to pieces with my hand, whether they’re real or not! The sword known as Erin ── exists for that purpose!!” 3


Hey, wasn’t that line supposed to be mentioned in the middle part of the game?

Wait a minute! The tutorial didn’t even begin yet! 

Wait, you were too quick! Can you take back what you said if I apologize?


“SwordX style, improvised technique── [Vertical Flash Slash!]”


The flash slash that was unleashed sliced through the behemoth’s body with unparalleled precision. 

The magic Erin concentrated on her blade made sure that the vital organs of the behemoth wouldn’t be damaged. It was the same magic applied when she was fighting the training corps. 

Yet, it was still a terrifyingly powerful swing that inflicted pain so severe, it  rendered the behemoth incapacitated.

The behemoth collapsed with just a single slash. 

It was an ideal outcome. I don’t remember ever teaching her such a thing, though.

Well, I won’t question it too much. It wasn’t a situation I expected, and I thought it would be inevitable to have to kill the behemoth, but it worked out in the end.

“Teach’! Did you see it, I won!” 

Erin turned toward me and smiled while holding up a peace sign. 

When she showed me the post-battle pose that I had seen over and over again while playing the game, all I could do was smile.


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