After I Finished YEETing the Protagonist, I Moved on To My Second Life and Found Out that My Students Were the Protagonists of the Sequel

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Chapter 26 – For the Sake of Cooking for Them

The weekdays passed by quickly and the weekend arrived. 

I only had two days left.

I was going to cook the most luxurious dishes for the sake of my three students. 

In that case, it was only natural to be particular about the ingredient quality.

“So you’re going, huh.” 


Early in the morning, when even the sun hadn’t yet risen, I had already gotten out of bed. 

After preparing my equipment, I was about to leave the dormitory.

The vice principal who came to see me off had a fed-up expression.

Even on holidays, Erin’s group would wake me up and have me accompany them to play like it was the most obvious thing to do. 

I felt happy to see them enjoy their leisure time, but please forgive me for not being able to play today.

Rather, I wanted them to stop entering a teacher’s room without permission. I’m referring to you, Sharon.

“I heard you’re going to collect ingredients for cooking, but how far will you go?” 

“I don’t plan to go outside the kingdom since it will take too much time.”

When I traveled with students, we used horse carriages, which were good for carrying groups of people and also provided a fun experience. 

But this time, I had to go all over the kingdom in a short amount of time. The carriage would be too inconvenient for what I wanted to accomplish.

It made me feel bad, but I would have to make full use of the body specs of my status as the Descendant of the Hero.

“Geez… I guess having strange fixations about things is troublesome.” 

“I’ve always been like that, haven’t I?’

“Yes, of course. I often thought, ‘what a troublesome person you are’.”

I knew she would say that, but being told that bluntly hurt. 

I felt sad.

“W-well then, I’m going…” 

“Yes. Be careful out there.”

After talking with the vice principal, I suddenly felt someone’s gaze. 

When I looked up, I saw Kuyumi looking down at me from the hallway on the second floor of the dormitory.

Geh, she caught me… or so I thought, but she just waved her hand while smiling. 

It seemed she would let me go peacefully this time.

After waving back, I put my bag on my back and exhaled. 

I lightly circulated magic power throughout my body.

Then I kicked the ground and started running, increasing my speed. 

I could cover a field with a single step, and cross a mountain with a single jump. 

The body of the Descendant of the Hero was almost unmatched among humans when it came to physical ability. 

Naturally, my aptitude for magic was also extremely high, and no battle related stats were low or close to average.

It was safe to say that as soon as I was born with this blood, I was almost guaranteed to be the strongest in the world.

……Well, such was the body I was born with.

If I ran at full speed and made full use of my magic, a town could be blown away by the shockwaves of my footsteps.

Since I felt like running a marathon today, I was going to use my legs to move around.

The approximate speed was around 300 km/h.


When we moved as a party in the past, before Mariemaia joined, we would often travel at this speed. 

The Monk was able to travel beyond the sound barrier simply by diverting her overflowing mystical power into movement.

The female Knight calmly caught up to my top speed using pure physical ability.

The Magician could have moved even faster than me by something she described as warping space and drawing herself closer to the designated coordinate. 1

There were only monsters in our party. 

Actually, even though I had the special attribute of being the Descendant of the Hero, wouldn’t I still be the most ordinary among them?

All of them felt they could somehow achieve the same speed I had, so they tried and did it.

Well, it was certainly convenient, since we could all move together quickly. 

When I gave a scum-like hero order that the first to arrive at the destination would get to spend a night with me and rub my shoulders… ah, this was the memory I didn’t want to recall.

After Mariemaia joined, we stopped doing those kinds of races and instead took turns carrying her around.

I thought I was going to faint when I had to carry Mariemaia in my arms like a princess.

“Oops, I’ve arrived…” 

As I was thinking about my former party members, I almost passed my destination. 

It was a place with an unusually high concentration of mystical power. I had to pass over about ten towns and push deep into the mountains to reach this place.

The wild animals that lived here were unused to human presence. 

“Okay okay, excuse me~” 

I moved the small animals out of the way and placed my backpack at the base of a large tree. 

Then I looked up and saw a huge tree a little further away.

Since the sun hadn’t yet risen, it was difficult to see the outline in the darkness.

I was glad to have the body of a Hero, which let me see in dim lighting just as well as I did in normal lighting. 

I found what I was looking for at the top of a huge tree that was probably over 20 meters tall.

It was a bird’s nest made of trees.

The first thing I wanted to collect was the eggs of a bird called a wire condor. 

The wire condor had a wingspan of nearly 10 meters, and some individuals could even defeat wyverns head on to protect their territory.

From that nest, I intended to borrow some eggs that were the size of human babies.

Obviously, it wasn’t something that an amateur could handle. 

It was famous for being gourmet food, so every year there were reckless adventurers who took on the challenge and ended up returning empty-handed and shame-faced. 

But I was no amateur; I was a professional.

This mission would definitely be completed.

There was no sign of the mother wire condor. I should collect some eggs now. 

I unzipped the zipper of my bag to take out the cushioned pouch that I would use to protect the eggs

Inside the bag, there was Kuyumi, who was dexterously curled up and grinning at me.

“A~ah, what a bad person♡ to think you actually kidnapped a child, even though you’re an adult♡”


I closed my bag without a word.

Please let it be just me seeing things by mistake.

When I opened the zipper again, Kuyumi suddenly jumped out.

“Geez, it’s unbelievable that you actually closed it again♡”

“Of course I would.”

Perhaps because she was curled up the whole time, I didn’t notice that she was inside the bag? 

Kuyumi stretched and began to loosen up her tense body.

She was wearing a sporty outfit for exercise rather than her casual wear.

“You were on the second floor, right? That…” 

“Was an afterimage♡”


Like hell it was. It must be a clone woven with magic power.

She was working too hard to surprise me. I stared at her blankly. If I reacted the way she wanted, she would never learn.

“To think sensei is going so far as to hunt down luxury ingredients to cook for Kuyumi-chan and others, you’re so cool~♡”


Kuyumi ignored my expression, closed the distance, and poked my cheek with her finger.

Damn it. Not only did she seem completely unapologetic, the distance was too close…! 

“Hey wait, what about the tools I put in my bag?” 

“Eh? I left them in sensei’s room, though? With Kuyumi-chan here, you won’t need them♡”


Aah, she certainly seemed like she could handle things like peeling off scales or butchering.

Come to think of it, the range of things she was capable of was too varied.

“Well, since you’re already here, it can’t be helped.” 

“Yes yes♡ I was planning on learning a lot of things here too♡”

“What do you mean learning…”

“A friend of mine wants to release a book about sensei at a doujinshi sale event♡”

“Don’t say that in front of the person involved!”

Don’t tell the person involved! 

No seriously… never tell the person involved!

I knew that there was a doujinshi sale event, so that in itself was fine. 

There were game sub-quests to buy certain books or in some cases, participate as a circle.

“You need to be very careful when it comes to explicit genres. Even before you care about the safety of the fan community, there are many people who have crossed the line trying their hand at such genres. They were already working for something that most people have a hard time understanding, so what would happen if the seeds of conflicts remain? This type of thing is already more vulnerable to misinterpretation than other genres, so wouldn’t it obviously end up in a worse situation?” 

“Eh… You suddenly talked so fast, it’s creepy…”

N-no good. I started to rant, otaku style.. 

Moreover, I wasn’t talking about otaku love, but about security concerns. That was even nerdier than just expressing my shameless interest in something shameful.

It’s over… it’s all over…

“Sorry, forget about just now… well, I’ll forget it as well…” 

“Fu~hn. But from what I heard, it seems they compiled things they heard directly from sensei and it’s a super major circle, you know?”

“What’s that? You’re not deceiving me, are you?”

Perhaps it was coincidence, but the cushion to protect the egg was surprisingly still packed into the bag. 

For the time being, I guess the egg could still be collected.

“The leader seems to be a minstrel by trade? At least from what I heard♡”


My hand, which was checking the cushion, stopped.

I took a deep breath and looked at Kuyumi.

“……That sounds like a real acquaintance of mine, or rather, a classmate. Is the name Aias?”

“Uh~n, I don’t remember the name, but I think it sounds familiar, so I guess that’s the correct person♡”

“Is it Aias, who is an aspiring minstrel, a womanizing scumbag, a pimp, and someone who often screams ‘work is for losers’?”

“As expected, I don’t know such a person, or rather, I don’t even want to know them♡”


Kuyumi’s attitude showed clear disgust.

I thought so too. Did that guy cut out episodes of my student days and sell them as books? It made me want to stop being friends with that bastard…

Hearing the name of an annoying former classmate without warning made me feel weary. 

The sounds of flapping wings suddenly echoed overhead.

When I looked up, I saw a massive silhouette slipping across the sky, unblemished by the darkness.

It was the lord of this mountain── a wire condor.

“Are you going to eat that bird?” 

“No, not only does the wire condor have few edible parts, the taste isn’t that great either.”

“Heeh~ so you have eaten it before♡”


During my adventurer days, the female Knight grabbed me by the neck and dragged me into all kinds of cuisine, after all.

“Tsk, change of plan.” 

“Ah, I see. You can no longer steal it secretly now that the parents have returned… what are we going to do?”

“First, I’ll cut down the tree.”

I changed the training sword I had brought from the school into the Hero’s Sword and swung it. 

The flying slash of light hit the tree where the wire condor’s nest was located, tearing it out at the base.


“Okay! We’re racing on time from now on, follow me! We’ll pick the eggs up before they hit the ground!”

“……I-isn’t it just sensei who set the time limit on his own? Wai, why are you starting so suddenly…… you lack planning ability♡ suck at sharing information♡ your dates will never go well!”


Kuyumi, who was running alongside me, hissed sentences at me so terrible that my vision began to blur.

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