The Marquess’ Daughter Acts as A Pawn

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Editor: Aia

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Chapter 38.2 – Flaming Red Wolf P.2

Content warning: Violence and manhandling

I gazed out the window for a while, but I couldn’t enjoy the scenery. A tree grew right by the window and overall ruined the view.

The room was good for espionage, but it really wasn’t suited for living.

I turned my gaze to the candle that sat on my desk. It had already burned for a while and it wouldn’t be long before the flame would flicker out.

“Time for bed.”

I wonder, when is the next supply of candles coming in? I thought mockingly. I laughed, bitter for becoming accustomed to this life in the Royal Capital Church. I was prepared to blow out the flame when a sound at the door echoed through the room.

Knock knock.

Who could it be at this time of night? I recalled my accomplice, expected that Monica was the one who had come, and opened the door.

“Ye—s? Who is it at this time ― Mr. Sam and Ms. Martha!?”

“Yo, Erin! Sorry for the late night visit. Got some time?”

At the other side of the doorway was the veteran mercenary who wore the mask of a gatekeeper and had a blazing presence. Behind him stood the dormitory head, Martha.

I wanted to click my tongue. The Church’s dog, Martha, and the Sabbath staff, Mr. Sam. It was the worst possible pairing I could’ve thought of at the moment.

“That’s fine but… is something wrong?”

I put on my ‘Erin’ mask and asked why they were here.

“Just some business.”

“You have to be clearer, Sam.” Martha chided. She addressed me again. “Erin, we need to look for something. We’re not targeting you — we’re searching the other apprentice nurses’ rooms as well. Unfortunately, this is mandatory.”

Martha laughed heartily, while Mr. Sam looked at me with a slightly apologetic face.

“That’s how it is. Sorry about this.”


In a flash, Mr Sam was right in front of me. It was too late by the time I had a proper foothold on the situation. Both my hands were restrained and my whole body was pushed against the wall.

What was that outlandish speed!!

I struggled, but my joints were completely pinned down.

“Guh… Ah… Please stop, Mr. Sam.”

Still as ‘Erin’,  I tried to persuade Mr. Sam who kept me restricted.

“No can do. This is work.”

He smiled the bright smile he had when he worked as the gatekeeper, but he didn’t listen.

“A woman who came to the Royal Capital Church about three to four months ago… Hmm… She matches the description, but I think Erin is clean.”

“It’s fine. Just check.”

“Yes, yes~”

Martha approached and pulled my face near.


“Before we check the room, we need to do a body check.”

Releasing my face, Martha directed her attention to the rest of  my body to check if I had any weapons. I felt her hands as they crept up my legs and when they groped my chest. It felt uncomfortable, but I quietly endured it. Fortunately, I didn’t have any weapons on me so Martha found nothing wrong.

“Seems fine.”

Mr. Sam loosened his hold on me after Martha confirmed it, and I felt myself relax in relief.

“Oi, oi, disguises mean wigs. Well, I doubt that such beautiful hair could be a wig―”

Too late, Mr. Sam snatched the wig from my head.

Erin’s brown hair slipped right off, and underneath, my wavy blond hair appeared, which shone even in the dim room.

A beat.

Mr. Sam sprung into action. He pulled out the knife strapped to his waist and thrust it toward me. I managed to avoid his precise aim, but before I could make another move, Mr. Sam closed the distance between us.

Was his opening move that obvious so he could make me go where he wanted?!

Without mercy, Mr. Sam landed a kick on my back, with me unable to evade it. I coughed harshly, oxygen violently ripped out my lungs.  Pain lanced through my back, and I was dizzy without breath. Still, I forced myself to stand, my eyes darted around for a quick escape.

However, Mr. Sam still stood before my disheveled self. He twisted my arms and held them tight above my head. He leaned in to whisper in my ear.

“I’ve finally found you, Miss Black Cat.”

“W–what are you talking about?”

I gritted my teeth and glared at him.

I endured the pain. I had to.

“You don’t move like an amateur. Based on your height, you’re that black cat from before, right? Ha! I can’t believe the cat had been the rat all along.”

“A rat? How rude. And what do you plan to do with me, Mister Wolf?”

There, a hint that I knew Mr. Sam’s true identity as the Flaming Red Wolf. Now that I was caught, all I could do was to make them think I held beneficial information and it would be a waste for them to kill me right away.

My intentions were clear. Mr. Sam grinned broadly when he caught on.

“Heh, it seems that you aren’t stupid. Are you really Erin?”

“ ‘I’ am not Erin. You just killed her.”

That pure and innocent girl was nowhere to be found. Now, I was Julianna. The second prince’s pawn.

“Is that so? Nevertheless, you’re a fine woman now that I have a good look at you. How about it? Want to be mine?”

“Didn’t you say that I wasn’t your type when we first met?”

“I was talking about Ms. Erin, not you.”

“No. Stop messing around.”

“I thought that it’d be nice to have you clinging onto me. Guess that won’t happen.”

Mr. Sam left the room, his hold on me still strong. As if he noticed a missing footfall, he called back to Martha, who, during the entire altercation, had been shocked to stillness in the middle of the room.

“Martha, I’ve caught the rat. Let’s go.”

“A–ah, okay.”

In the hallway, people had started to come out of their rooms, curious about the commotion. Seeing that I was held captive by the gatekeeper, their faces paled in fright, but softened a little in relief when they spotted Martha. Among them were Miria — a close friend of Erin’s — and Monica, my accomplice.

Martha approached them both and questioned them.

“As it turns out, Erin is a foreign spy. Miria. Ann. Did you know anything about this?”

“E–Erin!? I–I don’t know! I didn’t know she was like that!! Please, believe me!!”

As she pleaded Martha with growing desperation, Miria glared at me. I turned away and locked eyes with Monica for a brief moment. 

She averted her gaze.

“Hm. Well, fine, I believe you. Ann?”

“I–I also… didn’t know that Ms. Erin was a spy!!”

Monica raised her voice. Like Miria, she glared at me.

“You traitor!!”

At those words, I felt like I had been stabbed through the heart —

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