Another Dimension Online, popularly known as ADO, has long reigned at the top of the popular VRMMO game rankings. 

I’ve been enjoying the game since the moment I turned 15, when I could first make an account and log in. This game was made with the concept of being a true exploration sandbox VRMMO, and the Demon King had already been defeated. Each day I would collect materials, chat with the NPCs, and complete quests. But, I’d fallen in love with someone in-game. They passionately loved me too. Nevertheless, our love would never come true. 

Our love could never be fully realised.

It’s not a story where the characters are trapped inside the game. You can log out, and there’s no risk to you in real life. Also, the protagonist isn’t overpowered.

The author began this serialisation as a power fantasy of Virtual≒Reality (←not BL). This is a story from the player’s point of view, but both can be read independently.


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1 year ago

Fluffy romance and really interesting concept!