“Let’s have a vicious woman like you thrown out of the country.”

At the moment the crown prince broke off his engagement, The Duke’s daughter Leticia remembered her past life as a cooking-loving office lady.

After getting exiled from the kingdom, Leticia made her way towards the Silver Wolf King Glenreid, who was famous for hating women.

“Kept away from both the king and the politics, a queen only for show. Then, I’ll enjoy my hobbies and cook to my heart’s content.”

Leticia spends her days at her own pace, studying the magical power cheat that awakened with her memories of her previous life while also cooking delicious food in the detached palace surrounded by her fluffy friends.

However, one day, upon feeding a beautiful silver wolf, Glenreed’s attitude changed.

※ The story of a villainess who loves cooking, triumphing over her ex-fiancée using cheats while also being loved by the king who has the appearance of a wolf.


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