battle black blur board game

The Rowlands Kingdom, once known as a patriotic nation, was in political chaos, currently split between two factions: the royalist faction supporting the queen consort’s son, the second prince, and the religious faction supporting the side consort’s son, the first prince. As a result of this chaos, high society had their eyes on who would be engaged to Lady Julianna, the daughter of Marquess Lewis, the descendant of a special lineage, and known as the perfect lady. One day, less than half a year until Julianna’s engagement would be announced, she received a summons from the second prince. This prince, publicly known as the ideal prince, inhumanely proclaimed Julianna’s servitude. To fulfill her own desire, she agreed. Reluctantly carrying out her agreement with the prince, she infiltrated the devil-worshipping church in the royal capital and became involved in the conspiracy between the royalist and religious factions.

—I shall wager my pride to deceive all and perform on this life-threatening stage.


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