Author: Trout Salmon 

Parody: Youkoso jitsuryoku shijou shugi no kyoushitsu he (Classroom of the elites)

Tag: R-15, Original Protagonist, Anti/Hate, Reincarnation, A Class, Sakayanagi Arisu, Original Setting

Even though he was reincarnated in the Youjitsu world, he was nothing but a small fry.

He didn’t get any reincarnation perk or any special skill

Neither his intelligence nor physical ability was superior to his previous life

Takashiro Haruto was just an ordinary man

However, the genius Sakayanagi Arisu-chan was attached to him for some reason, 

And while he had no interest in enrolling in the Advanced Nurturing High School, he was forcefully enrolled there.

※It’s something I wrote on momentum

The setting might be rough, but please read it if you are interested.



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