Coffee Galette Chofu. It sounds like a chain store from the name, but it’s a privately-owned coffee shop.

The manager is Tachibana Uta, age 25. He remodeled his family’s closed soba restaurant and reopened it as this store.

The international student, Sungmin, helps out as a part-timer.

One time, a man calling himself Haraedo-no-kami appears before Uta.

Haraedo-no-kami was a god who cleansed calamity and appeared in Japanese folklore.

He enjoyed Uta’s coffee and grew to show up often in the store, but this opened the floodgates and caused Uta to be caught up with stupid complications of the gods.


Character Introduction

(Right to Left)

● Haraedo-no-kami

Guardian deity of Uta’s family. A god who cleanses calamity and corruption.

Although a god, he’s a fighter.

Likes Uta’s brewed coffee (especially his Blue Mountain coffee).

● Tachibana Uta

The protagonist of this story.

Manager and owner of “Coffee Galette Chofu”.

Works at his own pace and is calm. Has a positive personality. 25 years old.

● Park Sungmin

In his 20s.

An international student who works part-time at “Coffee Galette Chofu”.

Nickname is “Min-kun”.

The straight-man to the carefree manager.

High-spirited and has a loud voice.

● Sukunabikona-no-kami

God of commerce, agriculture, medicine, and much more.

Chief god and strongest(?) in the Fuda shrine where Haraedo and Housou are enshrined.

According to Haraedo, he is a difficult character.

● Housou-no-kami

God of variola, also known as smallpox.

Since smallpox has been eradicated by vaccines, the god of smallpox has particularly nothing to do, so he gets completed wasted.

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