Author : Oka/Okano Yuu


The second princess of the Riengia Kingdom, Sophia Salut Riengia was one day, stabbed through the heart by her fiancé, Phyllis Meyer, and died. Sophia left the world, regretting the foolishness of her choices. However, when she realised, she had returned to when she was a ten-year-old.

Sophia redid he life once again. She decided not to have any ties with Phyllis the next time. However, she had just one problem. Sophia was a sucker for good looks.

Will she be able to resist the temptation of the one who boasted of the most beautiful looks in the kingdom, Phyllis Meyer?

Her days of perseverance began.

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Lilac So
Lilac So
3 years ago

It doesn’t have a 2nd part?