Short Stories

Slime Series

The devoted love story of a slightly foolish slime.
S-Rank Adventurer x Slime.
A two-part story

Mail Series

A two-part series

Part 1: The Mail a certain woman sent to her lover and the report that an alien with the plan of invading Earth had written got mixed up and became strange.

Part 2: The letter an alien with a plan of invading Earth and the mail a foreign student who had been to Japan to send to his friend were mixed up and things became strange.

Searching For You

While looking up at the sky on a night when the snow fell, I got lost in another world. It was similar to the world I’d lived in up until now, but a somewhat different closed-off world. The person who found me took care of me as if I were a precious treasure.

What if the Ugly Duckling Wasn’t a Swan But a Dragon?

The story of a dragon raised as a duck. As the title says, it’s the story of the fairytale「The Ugly Duckling」with the protagonist as a dragon instead of a swan.

Sophia, How Foolish You Are.

The second princess of the Riengia Kingdom, Sophia Salut Riengia was one day, stabbed through the chest by her fiancé, Phyllis Meyer, and died. Sophia left the world, regretting the foolishness of her choices. However, when she realised, she had returned to when she was a ten-year-old.

Sophia redid her life once again. She decided not to have any ties with Phyllis the next time. However, she had just one problem. Sophia was a sucker for good looks.

Will she be able to resist the temptation of the one who boasted of the most beautiful looks in the kingdom, Phyllis Meyer?

Her days of perseverance began.

But You Said You’d Give Me Delicious Candy!!

The former “Demon Lord” Mii-chan was now living in the castle as the daughter of the former 『Hero of the Sword』. Eating the delicious meals prepared by the Monarch, studying, eating delicious sweets, doing 「Inspection」 of the town, and helping out at the shop, every day was quite busy. In such a Fennel Empire one fine day came a 『Circus』. Since the time she met one of its member dancers, Mii-chan’s surroundings began becoming somewhat livelyーー

ーーThis is the story of the former Demon Lord, Mii-chan’s (7) struggles and in the giving in to her surroundings innocently for the sake of her 「Friend」.

Sequel to 『It’s Because You Said There Would Be Candy!!』.

It’s Not a Dog, That’s a Dragon

While I was suffering from Pet Loss Syndrome due to my beloved dog Pochi dying, my colleague Enomoto-san suggested I raise another new dog. That dog wasn’t a dog, but a dragon. In spite of that, the people around me said it was a dog. Even though it had a reptilian body. Even though it grew wings.

Kokkuri San 〜The Ultimate Confession Hurdle〜

Kokkuri-san? I’m not talking about that fake spiritual technique!

Confession (Kokkuri) -sanーーThat is the greatest honor given to those who crack the ultimate secret mystery of a love confession. Finally, just as a girl who had mastered the secret of 【Extreme Truth Helmet 】, decided to confess to a senior whom she did not like much, but was the number 1 cool guy in the school, a formidable enemy who had mastered the same secret appeared.

I don’t care if I like him or I want to go out with him or not, I can’t forgive myself till I bring her down!

Foolish girls fascinating enough to be refreshing, with the feeling that the ingredients of love have gone somewhere else, the curtains raise on a Battle・Clique・Confession.

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