Author: Hino Yuuichi

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Asaka Natsumi, who just entered high school, heard an unbelievable story from her classmates in the first Homeroom on the day of the Entrance Ceremony. “In other words, all the students and teachers in this class except me have repeated the same year 12 times?” From then on began her High School life surrounded with her classmates who seemed as if they had attained enlightenment, her fun and happy day. ——Till a year later, March 31, when it would end.


Part 1: He and She had Comprehended Something

1. “…the 13th Year?”

2. “I wonder…if it is fine even if I do nothing.”

  1.  “…Everyone sure has great style.”
  2. “You really won’t let me?”
  3. “You intend to drag me into the loop too?”
  4. “Today, tomorrow and the day after; happy things are waiting for you.”
  5. Character list


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