I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 29 (Part 2)

Recap: {“Zagan! I managed to reduce these ones!” “Same here!”

Luca informed me of their status. A few minutes later, Noel and the others did too.

I nodded and as I moved to pull back, I was assisted by Cindy’s earth magic barrier.}


Retreating to the back, I first drank an MP potion to restore my magic power to full capacity. Since I’d been drinking quite a lot of potions in such a short amount of time, the recovery rate has slowed down. But with this, I was going to finish the battle.

I resheathed my dagger and readjusted my grip on the wand, holding it with both hands. Then I began to transfer magic power from my hands to the wand, steadily charging it with magic.

It still wasn’t enough. I needed more. A lot more.

It was a spell that required more magic power than I currently had.

As if sensing the impending danger about to befall them, the dragons tried to attack me. Luca immediately extended numerous tentacles and blocked their attack.

“Everybody back down! Conflicting forces clash fiercely – Catastrophe!”

“My children, dance as you please – Carnation Marionette!”

“Madness waterfall going against the flow of water – Lunatic Fall!”

Camilla, Cindy and Bennet released large magic attacks one after the other as if it wasn’t enough already. If I failed here, I wouldn’t be able to show my face in front of them.

Yosh, it was complete. It would definitely take the dragons’ lives.

“O’ wounded and suffering soul reaching out for the salvation of death, may you rest in the tranquility of eternal slumber – Euthanasia.”

The moment I chanted the spell, an explosion of darkness erupted from the wand and headed towards the dragons with the sound of rushing water. It started to swallow their large bodies one after the other.

Roaring, the dragons resisted.

It was the ultimate form of dark magic, and dealt a certain death to targets with less than 50% power. It could only be resisted by an opposing will that was stronger than mine, the one who was trying to swallow them.

Now then, let’s have a test of endurance. Show me what you can do. If you don’t win against my determination, what awaits you is death.

They struggled and struggled but the darkness swallowed them. They were drowning.

I addressed the dragons. I told them that their pain would go away if they give up. That if they closed their eyes and relaxed their bodies, if they let the darkness take them, they would be freed from their suffering. Yes, for eternity.

If the dragons had been intelligent beings that had lived for thousands of years, they would have been able to easily resist. If anything, they wouldn’t have even considered something as weak as a human as an opponent. But, before me were monsters that had only just been brought into existence. Furthermore, they were tethered to the consciousness of the humans that had summoned them.

You want to be released from all of it, don’t you? You’re tired of being made to fight against your will, aren’t you? You can take a rest now. Sleep well.

“… goodnight.”

The darkness poured down. The dragons disappeared, leaving behind magic stones and materials.

The area suddenly became deathly quiet. Everyone just looked at the place where the dragons had been.

“…Did, did we just defeat them?”

“Yes, it’s over.”

I nodded at Noel, who had asked that with a dazed expression. When I did, everyone started moving at last.

“Aaah! I’m tirrred! But we won! I don’t want to fight anything like that again!”

“Phew… I-I thought I was going to die. I’m glad they were defeated…”

“For once, I thought I was in trouble. I almost blacked out from the pain a number of times. But isn’t it amazing that we won despite it being such a strong enemy?”

“Umu, umu. We had an overwhelming victory.”

“Ufufu. Good work everyone. You’ve done well.”

They shouted, they fell to their knees and bit back their joy.

Weaving his way through the boisterous girls, Luca came over to me. Noel was right behind him as well.

“Zagan! Zagan, are you ok? Your magic power?”

“Mn. I’m not doing the best so I want to quickly drink an MP potion.”

Luca supported my staggering body. He took the opportunity to take an MP potion out of his bag. Beside him, Noel opened the lid with a pop and then Luca brought the potion to my lips.

My trembling hands could barely hold my wand, so I was grateful for his help. If I accidently dropped the wand, I might lose the magic power that the weapon amplified. If that happened, I would completely run out of power and there was a chance that I might even die.

It wasn’t certain and I didn’t know what would happen in reality, but I had no intention of crossing such a dangerous bridge and trying it out.

After I finished drinking one potion, I recovered barely enough strength that it was finally ok for me to let go of the wand. But I could only move my arms and legs. I’d drunk too many potions in such a short amount of time so they barely healed me anymore. I wouldn’t be able to fight for a while like this.

But we won without any incidents. I managed to avoid death. …I was glad. I was really glad.

A great sense of relief spread in my heart. The unease and fear of death that had been gnawing at me for three months has been released. I was unbelievably happy.

I was relieved and suddenly lost all the strength in my body. I ended up leaning even further on Luca who was supporting me and he looked at me with a worried expression. When our eyes met, a smile naturally appeared on my lips.

“Luca. Thank you for saving me. Thanks to you, I’m alive.”

“Zagan… Un, I’m glad. That you’re ok. I’m really really glad.”

Just when I thought he was making a face like he was going to cry, he tightly hugged me to his chest. Luca’s warmth warmed my body, which had become slightly cold after having been drained from magic power.

With a sigh of relief, I smiled again.

Luca always worried for me. He hugged me again and again, comforting my heart that was on the verge of breaking. He supported me, who was alone. If Luca hadn’t been here, I would have been more scared of dying.

I was extremely happy when he said he wanted to fight together. He had declared he would become stronger and like that he really did become stronger.

I got the idea for the magic barrier thanks to him as well.

We stayed at a villa for my birthday and he even gave me a magic communication device.

During these three months, Luca has supported me in many ways. I couldn’t thank him enough.

I pressed my face into Luca’s chest and enjoyed the feeling of his hand stroking my head and back when I suddenly felt a presence far away. It gradually came closer. It was a group of about twenty people, but they weren’t the dark attribute users.

Perhaps it was because I tried to lift my head, but Luca’s grip loosened and he turned his face towards the presence that was coming closer. He tried to protect my body.

It was small, but I could hear a voice. If we waited, the voice would gradually get louder and we’d be able to understand what it’s saying.

“Your Highness! Your Highness Luca! Where are you, Your Highness Luca?!! … A, ah, I have found him! I’m glad Your Highness is safe.”

“It’s Duke Manifique, the one who protects the 9th city. Please wait just a moment. Noel, would you please support Zagan?”

“Yes, of course.”

Noel took my arm and put it around her shoulders. Then she held onto my waist. 

After confirming that I was ok, Luca turned to the duke with a dignified expression. Diplomatic language was needed to deal with a nobleman like that so he properly donned a neat, prince-like appearance.

My gaze wandered from Luca to Noel. She looked up at me. It has been 14 years since my sister and I had physical contact. I was incredibly moved thinking that the small Noel, who had sat on my lap begging me to read her a picture book, had grown up to be this strong.

“… Noel too, you saved me by coming today. I’m grateful.”

“I’m the one who should be grateful. It was an honor to be useful to Zagan-dono. The spell at the end was truly amazing. But please don’t push yourself too hard. I always get worried when I hear about you from Luca.”

I see. So you were asking about me? Rather than Luca talking, it seemed Noel had pestered him. Ever since she was a small child, Noel has always been like that.

Well, the only thing that would trouble me is if he told her I was her brother. Other than that, I didn’t mind if he talked about me. …No, I’d be troubled if he talked about the sex. I wouldn’t be able to stand it. Luca has a strong desire to monopolize me though, so I wasn’t worried about that.

“That’s right. I’ll be careful.”

“Yes! It’s a promise between the two of us!” She answered cheerfully.

She smiled cutely, and it was like small flowers were floating around her. I didn’t know if it’s because I was relieved but I ended up smiling along as well. When I smiled, Noelle was surprised for a second but then looked up at me with an even bigger smile on her face. She seemed happy for some reason.

“Zagan. Sorry to do this when you’re tired but do you have a moment?”

Camilla detached herself from the circle of heroines and headed this way. She lightly tapped on her magic bag.

“It’s about your share of the materials from the dragon – what would you like?”

“If you need to, you can take everything that’s over there.”

“Is that so? Then I’ll leave the dragon hides and talons with Luca later. It can probably be used to make equipment for two people. Please let us use whatever is left. It seems Bennet is going to cook the meat tonight. Since the blood can be used for alchemy, I would be grateful if you let us have it all. Also, replace the magic stone in the wand I gave you with a stone from the dragons.”

“Nii-sama, look out!”

All of a sudden, my body was pushed towards Camilla. Immediately afterwards, a powerful gust of wind blew past my back.


… W-what? What just happened….?

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Whatever is about to happen, please don’t take a long time to resolve ヽ(´□`。)ノ

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Thanks for the chapter!
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what happened? did the lord decide to wipe out every darkness user, starting with zagan? did they decide that a person who can wipe out five dark dragons in one shot can’t be left alive to pose a threat so it’s better to take him down while he’s tired?

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