I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Geli

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Chapter 29 (Part 1)

I immediately put up a magic barrier to defend myself.

However, the black flames never reached me. Because right in front of me, a roaring blaze erupted with a whoosh. It wasn’t a ghastly-black flame, but that of a glowing red. Furthermore, it turned into a tornado that swallowed the dragons.

While I was too stunned to move, several rocks were flung up from the ground and landed with thuds. This was followed by a loud shriek. Guaaaah!

Both of those attacks were very powerful high-level magic. From Camilla and Cindy perhaps?

“Ferocious Crimson Wolf!”

“Decollating Gale!”

Right after the flames disappeared, two of the heroines leapt forward and into view from both my sides. As Miranda swung her axe, a pack of wolf-shaped flames were summoned and started attacking the dragons. Nina’s continuous blows with her wind-clad twin swords were so fast that one would be hard-pressed to follow them with your eyes.

“Everyone, get back!”

Luca’s voice came from behind us. As we heeded his warning, he chanted.

“Holy light, cross the heavens and earth—Holy Rain!”

Shining rain poured down from the heavens. It was falling at an incredible speed, assaulting the dark dragons—an ultimate light spell. I see; he remembered after all.

As I was thoughtlessly marvelling at the spectre of its beauty, Noel moved to stand beside me and then touched my back.


A soft warmth enveloped me, and the pain in my body dissipated. Recovery magic, huh. It was the first time I had ever received healing. It felt gentle and comforting.

“…Thank you”

“No. I’m so glad you’re okay, Zagan-dono.”

Noel smiled brightly back at me.

As soon as the light spell ended, the heroines went on the offensive again. Miranda and Nina unleashed their swordplay. Camilla and Cindy fired off spells. Noel also joined the battle, healing the two injured vanguards.

It was just as Luca had said. They were pretty strong, and while they didn’t do as much damage per hit as we did, their coordination was incredibly good. So this was what it was like to fight in a party…

I used to think that if the heroines came here, they would be in danger if I didn’t protect them with my magic barrier. But I realized that my thinking had been disrespectful to them. Individual strength was not the only form of strength.

As I was wondering if I should follow them, Luca, who had just finished casting his spell, rushed towards me for some reason. Bennett was also next to him. Naturally, Luca hugged me.

“Zagan, you’re safe. Oh, thank goodness… Please don’t do things that would make my heart stop.”

“U-um… Zagan-san. If you’ll excuse me. …Attack. Defence. Haste.”

Bennett tentatively placed his wand on my arm and applied buffs. My body was enveloped in soft magical energy. Then I felt a surge of power come from within me. I could feel my entire body being strengthened. Of course, this was also the first time I had ever received any buffs.

“Thank you.”

“Y, yes. …Um. E-Everyone, let’s do our best and win!”

He clasped his hands tightly in front of his chest and ran back to the two rearguards. Then, he started trying to debuff the dragons.

I really appreciated the buffs. But wouldn’t it be rather dangerous if I interfered? Wouldn’t it destroy their superb coordination? …No, if I were to attack one of the dragons and lead it towards me to deal with on my own, then hopefully it wouldn’t be much of a hindrance.

Besides, with the girls around, I would have time to chant my newly learned spell. It might be risky since it would almost drain my mana. However,  considering that the more protracted the battle got, the more fatigued we would become, and the lower our odds of winning would be, then I figured I should give it a try.

By the way, even though we were in the middle of a battle, Luca has remained stuck to my back for a while now and wouldn’t leave.

“What’s wrong, Luca? Are you too tired to move? Do you want to take a break for a while? The girls won’t be able to take them down by themselves, so you can only take a short break.”

“No, that’s not it. I just don’t want to let you go, Zagan. You’re going to do something reckless if I do. But we do have to fight, don’t we?”

“Yeah. They won’t be able to hold out much longer on their own.”

“…Okay. Just don’t do anything rash this time. Don’t ever act like you’re about to die, okay?”

Ah. That reminds me, I might die here. I was so focused on the battle that I forgot.

But I was sure that it would be fine. Luca was by my side, and the heroines rushed to help me despite the danger.

They would surely defeat the dragons. That was how the game was supposed to go.

Unlike in the game, all five dragons were still alive, but they had already taken more than 20% of total damage, and the city was unscathed because Luca had kept on luring them away from it. Also, the heroines alone were still somehow able to hold their own against them. If we were to join in and further reduce the dragons’ strength, and I activate a new spell, we should be able to win.

“Honestly, it’s dangerous and reckless, but I really need a favour.”

“Huh? Do you really think you can ask me for a favour right after saying that it’s dangerous?”

“I want to use the magic I learned the other day. Once I cast it, my mana will be near empty. But as long as I can recover quickly, I should be fine. So please.”

“…Are you sure we can win by using it?”

“It depends on my willpower, but we can win. The best time to use it is when all the dragons are down to 50% or less of their strength. Therefore, we need to attack all of them equally, not one at a time. It might be a lot of work, though.”

“I see… that sort of spell, huh. You said it’s pointless to cast it on most enemies, right?”

I nodded. Most foes could be defeated without the use of such a risky spell.

Luca briefly covered his eyes with his hand, let out a big sigh, and then looked up.

“Understood. Everyone, listen up!”

Amidst the thunderous roars of the dragons’ cries and attacks, Luca raised his voice and gave everyone a rundown of the plan. Responses of approval came back from all around.

Immediately after that, Luca joined the battle.

I, too, circulated my mana all over my body and closed the distance between myself and my target dragon. Because Haste had been cast on me, I reached it in an instant. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by my own momentum that I almost ran right past it. The buffing effect was amazing. Perhaps it was because it was being boosted by a percentage? It looked like I could easily avoid attacks with this.

I swung my dagger. Thanks to the attack boost, I was able to break down its magic wall to some extent, even without using sword techniques.

The first necessary step when dealing with winged monsters was to remove their wings. With dragons, their natural armour was too hard to cut off. However, it would be good enough just to damage them and make them unable to fly. As such, I launched my sword technique at the wings.

“Void Melody.”

With each swing of my dagger, three streaks flew out. Four times. Then the dragon lifted its head with a roar and tried to spew out flames.

At the same time, a large number of jagged ice shards fell. Most of them were shattered by the dragon’s armour, but a few pierced and damaged it. The trajectory of its attack also changed, and the black flames were redirected toward the ground.

That was Camilla’s magic; it was a great-level water attribute spell. She possessed two attributes, fire and water, which was very rare. She could even use ice magic, a derivative of water magic. On top of that, she was able to perfectly support me, a first-timer to parties. As expected of a genius.

As I continued to attack, I turned my attention to my surroundings.

The vanguard’s attacks were closely being followed by spells. Most of it was Camilla’s work. Cindy was stopping the dragons from flapping their wings and flying away by dropping huge boulders on them, and Bennett was mitigating the black flames with water magic.

“Beauty of the four seasons!”1

Noel unleashed her sword technique. Pouring holy magical energy into her sword, she delivered a series of three strikes, each strike a narrow crescent-shape. As she swung her sword, magical energy fluttered like white petals and then disappeared as it fell to the ground like pale snow.

It was a technique that suited the lovely Noel very well. But was there ever a sword technique like that in the game? Maybe Noel learned it because she now knew of the moon.

While I was taking on one of them, Noel, Miranda, and Nina were taking on two of the other four. In cooperation with the rearguard backup, they’ve been able to reduce the dragons’ strength considerably.

Finally, Luca was taking on two of them by himself. With his increased ability to manipulate magic, his physical strength has increased dramatically, and his attack power has become quite strong. Plus, light magic was the dark attribute’s weakness, so he could definitely do more damage than me, who had the same attribute as the dragons. He would never get hit because of the magic barrier, and if he was about to get blown away, he could receive backup from the rear guards. He could also use his tentacles well.

In other words, he could do whatever he wanted single-handedly. Even though the opponents were powerful, SSS ranked enemies.

I kept on attacking. For the moment, I was able to reduce the strength of the dragon facing me to less than 50%. I also tore its wings to shreds, so it shouldn’t be able to fly anymore. As I checked on the others, I tried to determine the best time to withdraw.

“Zagan! I managed to reduce these ones!”

“Same here!”

Luca informed me of their status. A few minutes later, Noel and the others did too.

I nodded and as I moved to pull back, I was assisted by Cindy’s earth magic barrier.

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wandering fujoshi
wandering fujoshi
2 years ago

Such smooth progress!! I’m scared. everything seems too good to be true
Thanks for the update~⭐

2 years ago

hohoho i LOVE the battse synergy they have here :3 zagan should join their party more often, they’d all be unstoppable.

i’m so looking forward to zagan being cool in the next chapter. go ahead and kill five SSS rank monsters in one shot!! be badass!! (get plowed by your lover to replenish mana as soon as you are done! 😀 )