The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Terra

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Chapter 116: The Sage Confronts the Previous Demon Lord’s Tank

“Kuhahahahah! O’ Demon Lord, I shall teach you the true meaning of fear!”

Diella’s voice echoed from a distance.

She seemed to be in a good mood, as if she might start dancing at any moment.

I could tell she was enjoying the current situation.

When I heard her loud laughter, I shook my head a little.

The fact that I couldn’t sigh made it all the more frustrating.

Really, with her attitude. It’s hard to tell which of us is actually the current Demon Lord.

As I was mourning inwardly, I continued to remain vigilant against my surroundings.

I kept my concealment magic activated.

We were currently at the training ground.

However, there were many objects around us that served to simulate as buildings.

They were originally just colored barriers.

By placing them in the appropriate arrangement, we managed to reproduce a pseudo urban area.

I wandered around this place.

I had a gun in my hand and kept an eye on the tank, ready for an attack.

The reason why I was doing this was because this was a duel against Diella.

To be exact, I had to defeat the tank which she and Henry were currently driving.

At first, I was also riding a tank.

Through magical interference, I managed to maneuver it, even though tanks required several operators to control.

However, to keep things fair, I didn’t tamper with its performance.

This duel also served as a performance check for the tank.

Therefore, I was trying to operate it normally.

However, at the beginning of the duel, Diella made use of her power as the Previous Demon Lord without any hesitation.

As soon as the duel started, she shot chains of light and constricted my tank, and then shot it with the ray of light.

As a result, my tank was obliterated.

I, who barely managed to escape, was forced to engage in battle on foot.

Unlike me, Diella’s goal was to have fun.

Since there was no rule that stated she could not use her personal ability, she did so without hesitation.

I wished she was aware of how far she was allowed to go, but I doubted she would listen to me even if I told her.

Henry, who was supposedly riding the same tank as her, showed no signs of stopping her.

In his own way, he was also enjoying the current situation.

What a troublesome duo.

It sure is irritating…

Even though I only intended to observe, it turned into this.

However, I had no intention of abandoning the fight.

If I did so, those two people would complain later.

Personally, I also didn’t wish to abandon the fight.

Since I already decided to engage in this battle, I wanted to win.

Outside the pseudo city, our subordinates were watching us.

I couldn’t show them a weak performance.

I guess I should attack them soon.

I concentrated on the gun in one of my hands.

It could fire three bullets continuously, and every one of its shots possessed a great power.

They were made to be easily reloaded.

In exchange, the range of fire was shorter compared to normal guns.

To use it effectively, I needed to get close to the target.

My other hand held a magic powered sword.

It was very brittle, comparable to glass in terms of durability.

However, its sharpness was perfect.

Even if it broke, I could just make another one.

Its overall efficiency was outstanding.

For this battle, I had no intention of using a powerful spell.

I would only use those within the scope of common power.

If I didn’t, this battle would only become a magic competition.

It would no longer be a test of the tank’s performance.

After I checked my weapons, I moved away from behind the building.

Without missing a beat, a tank came out far ahead of me.

I could hear Diella’s voice from here.

“Hohou, I’m impressed that you actually came out from hiding. Did you give up?”

“It wouldn’t be fun to just keep doing surprise attacks. I just wanted to win through short-term combat.”

I used magic to make my voice louder to reply.

Then Diella happily raised her voice.

“Ooh! So you do understand! As expected of the Demon Lord of this generation!”

The barrel of the tank turned and aimed at me.

There were buildings on either side of me, and there were no obstacles in between us.

It was suitable terrain for cannon fire.

“I won’t hold back. You should also do your best!”

Magic power concentrated on the barrel of the tank.

There was no reduced output in the barrel.

She intended to use the same amount of firepower as was used in actual combat.

“Here I come!”

The tank fired immediately after.

The ray of light approached as it scraped the ground.

It was gone in the blink of an eye.

However, it was easy to deal with the attack if one knew it would be coming.

I stared at the ray of light and determined its exact trajectory.

Then, I swung my magic powered sword.

The ray of light split in two, piercing the buildings beside me.

The spell on the barrier broke, and it exploded like fireworks and gradually dispersed.

The magic sword released a high pitched sound and shattered after it managed to cut the ray of light.

As expected, it was fragile.

However, it managed to do its part.

As I created a new magic powered sword, I started sprinting.

I ran straight toward the tank.

“That was an amazing sword technique as usual! You’re totally ridiculous!”

Diella was delighted as she fired a series of bombardments.

I cut the incoming rays of light one after another.

Alternatively, I aligned my sword to deflect it away.

With each attack, the surrounding buildings were destroyed.

If this place wasn’t a pseudo city made out of barriers, it would have been troublesome to deal with the aftermath.

I’ll get her within range of my sword for now.

The gun was also only effective at close range.

If I stayed far away, I would only be bombarded nonstop.

Considering both of our mobilities, it would be best for me to keep the distance close.


As I ran through the rays of light, I detected another presence other than Diella’s.

It had a killing intent that was pushed to its very limits.

Originally, it would’ve blend with the surroundings to the point where one could hardly notice it.

It had excellent concealment technique.

…It’s above.

As I realized the location of my opponent, I swung my sword in that direction.

What the sword cut was an incoming arrow, aimed toward my head.

Looking up, I saw Henry standing above a building.

He held his bow and gave a big laugh.

“Haha! As expected of the commander! You noticed it well!”

Henry shot his arrows in rapid succession.

Despite the distance between us, his aim was terrifyingly accurate.

I used my sword to defend against them.

Despite managing to offset most of the impact, my arm was still numb.

Still, I didn’t slow my pace and continued to advance toward the tank.

Even if I attempted to shoot back at him, there wouldn’t be any noticeable effects.

I was out of range.

Henry jumped from the building and kicked the wall, then spun and jumped toward me.

His expression was crazed as he approached me.


Henry swung his bow down.

I parried it with my magic powered sword and deflected back.

I made use of the opening with a counterattack, but Henry managed to avoid it.

As usual, he had abnormal physical ability.

“It’s been a long time since we last sparred. Let’s have some fun, okay?”

“…Do what you want.”

We confronted each other as we conversed.

Obviously, there were rays of light flying during that time.

Diella risked possible friendly fire toward Henry without hesitation.

She shot on the premise that it might hit me.

Henry and I exchanged blows at a high speed.

We fought each other without giving each other the slightest opening.

Scratches started to mar our bodies.

This was already beyond what one expected from mock combat.

“Oops, that’s dangerous.”

There was a slight opening as Henry avoided the ray of light.

It was actually so small it could hardly be considered one, but I wouldn’t let go of such a chance.

I dispelled my magic powered sword and grabbed him, then threw him away before he could resist.

At the same time, I detached my own arm on purpose.

“Oi, Commander—“

Henry flew, and his protesting voice carried away with him.

He collided with a building, causing it to collapse as his body continued through the building beyond it .

A normal human would instantly be killed by that, but Henry was extraordinarily sturdy.

This level of damage wasn’t even enough to break his bones.

I was sure he would be back in no time.

I made a prosthetic arm using miasma and resumed my sprint while avoiding a ray of light.

“Eh~ To think you managed to break through our combination! What powerful strength!”

There was surprise within Diella’s voice.

It seemed she intended to defeat me with that situation just now.

Both of their attacks were indeed fierce, but it was a predictable tactic.

It wasn’t enough to force me into a crisis.

Just as I thought that, chains of light emerged from the surface of the tank.

About thirty of them thrusted out all at once.

Each one was aimed toward me.

As expected, that’s overkill…

As astonished as I was with Diella’s persistence, I responded by increasing the speed of my sword’s movement.

The deflected chains of light pierced a nearby building and made a big hole.

It steadily collapsed.

At that time, I detected a strange magical reaction within the tank.

Its surface began to exude a mixture of scales and carapace, covering the tank like armor.

That was definitely Diella’s ability.

She was using her magic power to interfere with the tank.

Diella possessed no magic knowledge.

Even the phenomenon before me was something she could do instinctively.

As expected, she was a genius.

Her title of Previous Demon Lord wasn’t an empty one.

“Oh, the Demon Lord of this generation! This shall be your end! Behold the power of my ultimate weapon…!”

The cannon fired along with Diella’s victorious voice.

I was about to deflect it with the magic powered sword, but I changed my mind.

This ray of light held a dozen times more destructive power compared to before.

It was doubtful whether my magic powered sword could even do something about it.

I activated body reinforcement magic and dropped to the ground, accelerating in a crawling position.

Even as the ray of light shaved the top of my head, I managed to avoid a direct hit.

I only needed to avoid an instant death.

Immortals were unlikely to be fatally injured.

With that momentum, I sneaked under the barrel.

Like this, I would no longer be attacked by the tank.

I then snuck over to the side of it and used my magic powered sword to slash at it.

These attacks scraped off the scales and shells.

Then I aimed my gun at the opening, poured my magic power into it and fired twice.

The tank released smoke as it ceased its operations.

The damage brought its power engine to a halt.

I understood its internal structure.

Therefore, I understood how to destroy it easily.

This tank would no longer move.

At that time, the lid on top of the tank opened.

Diella jumped out from there.

She then leaped toward me.


I threw my magic powered sword at her.

Its handle directly hit Diella’s forehead.

She lost her stance mid-air, fell head first and planted her face on the ground.

Perhaps it was quite painful, since Diella held her forehead as she rolled around.

I walked toward her and aimed the gun at her.

Then I asked her.

“Is this enough?”

“I surrender…”

Diella, who stopped her movement, sadly admitted that.

Looking back, Henry also raised both of his hands.

He had a very rueful expression.

He must be dissatisfied because of the previous battle’s conclusion.

On the other hand, Diella stood up and stretched herself.

She turned around with a refreshed expression.

“Uumu. It was regrettable, but I have to go back soon. I will be victorious next time. See you later.”


I stopped Diella who was about to go home.

She looked back with a hopeful expression.

“What is it? You want a rematch?”

“That’s not it.”

I pointed at the tank that Diella rode before.

It was messily covered with scales and shells.

Its internal damage was significant.

It malfunctioned due to being oversupplied with magic power.

The parts I broke down were insignificant in comparison.

It wasn’t in a state where it could be repaired.

“Fix the training ground and maintain the weapon. I’ll have you work for the tank you broke. Any objection?”

“…I have none.”

Diella shrugged as she considered my offer.

I couldn’t sense any of the dignity of the Previous Demon Lord in her current appearance.

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