The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 9: The Sage Begins the Invasion of the Small Country (Part 1)

The next morning, a huge magic circle had been created in the square in front of the castle.
Inside it, the Demon Lord’s troops stood in rows.
I had 1,700 of my subordinates participating in the war of aggression this time.

The breakdown was 200 monsters and 1,500 undead.
My main force was mostly the former, while the latter were disposable.

Even if it seemed an insufficient number to topple a country, I could supply as many undead as I wished.
Because I was accompanying them too, we could handle unforeseen circumstances.
Unless something major happens, we should not be at a disadvantage.

“Demon Lord, the preparations for departure are complete. We can move any time you order.”

“I have troubled you. I’ll leave it to you while I’m away.”

My other subordinates, including Grom, would be in charge of defending the capital.
This was because there was a risk that some power might try to attack in my absence.
They were spare war potential for such situations.

A large number of undead were in safekeeping in the capital, so no matter what kind of hostile force attacked, we would not be defeated.
Even in the worst-case scenario, if we released the miasma sealed in the castle, it would become a weapon that would indiscriminately kill all things living.
But using that method would also damage my forces, so I intended to use that only as a last resort.

“Leave it to me. This Grom shall dispose of any foreign enemy!”

Grom placed his hand on his chest and spoke.
It was just like him to do that.
At that moment, Luciana appeared next to me and sent a suspicious look towards Grom.

“Will this bonehead really be okay? Isn’t it likely that the castle might be captured by the time we return?”

“What is this succubus saying…!? The Demon Lord chose me. That means that having me hold the fort is the best. As proof, should I destroy you first?”

“No! Don’t frighten me like that! You’ll make me cry!”

Luciana covered her eyes with her hands.
However, her lips curling up gave away her ruse of crying.
Seeing her smile, the flames in Grom’s eyes grew.

“You bitch, how far are you going to make a mockery…!?”

“Quiet down a little. You’re destroying all sense of urgency.”

Receiving my warning the two immediately stopped their bickering and fixed their appearances.
They were strangely receptive today.
With a slightly bitter face, Luciana spoke to Grom somewhat hesitantly.

“…Well, leave it to me. I will protect the Demon Lord. I’ll leave the capital to you.”

“Y-Yeah. You don’t need to say that.”

Grom also responded awkwardly.
This was their own way of getting along well.
It wasn’t a bad thing.
As I was feeling impressed by the modest growth of my executives, Luciana tapped my shoulder.

“Hey, Demon Lord.”

“What is it?”

“Can I ask you to give the first command?”

Luciana pointed at the Demon Lord’s army on standby.
Gazes filled with anticipation covered me.

“Got it.”

I created a force field and climbed towards the skies, step-by-step.
I looked down at the troops and quietly proclaimed.

“The time is nigh. I won’t say much. Survive and seize glory.”

At my words, the army was in an uproar.
This was a good response.
After getting on the ground, I asked the satisfied looking Luciana.

“Is this enough?”

“It is. It seems that morale has reached its maximum.”

Luciana replied with a thumbs up.
I continued my questions.

“Do you know the situation in the enemy camp?”

“It’s good for us. It’s the perfect situation. Now is the time to attack.”

“I see.”

She had received detailed reports of the small country’s movements from her subordinate succubi.
Thanks to that, she knew their present locations like the back of her hand.
They were preparing for a surprise attack. Unfortunately, their plans were doomed from the start.

“Soon, we shall invoke transfer magic! Your field of vision will change completely. Remain calm.”

The troops became tense in response to Grom’s loud voice.
However, it wasn’t excessive.
It was better that everyone braced themselves for it.
Grom turned to me and bowed.

“Then, Demon Lord. Take care.”

“Ahh, I’ll be leaving.”

I used transfer magic.
The magic circle drawn on the ground lit up, and my field of view changed completely.

A vast canal appeared in front of me, while my subordinates lay in wait right behind me.
On the opposite bank of the canal, I could see the small country’s army travelling in two groups.
One used a stone bridge to cross the canal, while the other used ships to traverse it.

The small country’s army was extremely surprised.
They were at a loss with the sudden appearance of the Demon Lord’s army.

Seeing them petrified, Luciana laughed in schadenfreude.

“The transfer was frighteningly accurate. It’s already a miraculous feat to be able to transfer so many people at once. The Demon Lord really is unusual.”

“If I cannot do this much, I wouldn’t be fit to be the scourge on the world.”

I stepped forward.
Seeing me, Luciana gave an exasperated sigh.

“You’re really going to advise them to surrender?”

“Of course. I’ll give them a chance as a mercy. If it ends without bloodshed, that would be great.”

I sent my voice, amplified by magic, to the other side.

“Listen, you humans. We are the Demon Lord’s army. The ones who will cross swords with you. But I have a proposition—”


Cutting through my words, the commanding officer issued orders.
Accompanying it were roars. The people of the small nation attacked, sealing their fate to die.
Magic attacks came flying in, crossing the canal.

“So, what happened to a fight without bloodshed?”

“…That’s impossible.”

“I told you. Humans are all fools. They’ll only trample upon your kindness.”

“I know.”

Having the truth pointed out hurt.
The present situation was the best proof.
I could not refute.

It can’t be helped, can it?

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2 years ago

welp, can’t be helped even they surrendered they just will be encircle by human (other countries) army. either way they are death

1 year ago
Reply to  laharl8080

Yeah, from their perspective, die fighting seems preferable option.

3 years ago

Hmm… I’m iffy on the numbers, he captured the capital and only haves over 1000 undead in his main army… I guess the rest could be attributed to the creation of Gorm… just how many people went into Gorm???

1 year ago
Reply to  HentMas

not exactly stated, but there’s tons of it.

The General Manager
The General Manager
3 years ago


1 year ago

yeah, genocide executed.

3 years ago

Thanks for the chapter desu~

[It can’t be helped, can it?]

Shikata ga nai, desu yo ne?

Let’s nuke the enemy army twice, just to show how deep the shit they’re in is.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mio

he need to do it overwhelmingly to spread fear