The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 157: The Sage Receives a Strange Consultation

My transfer destination was a small, dark room. 

This was an underground facility in the capital.

Certain activities that shouldn’t be done on the surface were done here, and it also served as the base of operations for the spies.

The only light sources in the room were the candles.

However, the dimness didn’t affect an immortal whatsoever.

I could see the insides of the room clearly if I looked a little more closely.

There were about twenty people tied up in chairs, blindfolded with a cloth.

Metal rings that sealed magic power were attached to their limbs and neck.

By disturbing the flow of magic power in their body, it would induce a state of chronic illness and hinder their use of magic.

It was a measure to prevent the use of strange counterspells.

The people lined up here were spies from other nations who infiltrated the capital.

They sneaked into the Demon Lord’s Territory while posing as refugees to steal confidential information and technology from here.

It was quite common to have spies infiltrate, and it had been occurring for some time.

However, their numbers had increased significantly recently and became more noticeable.

Their goal wasn’t to subdue the Demon Lord.

They wanted to steal the information and technology we possessed to turn a profit in their homelands.

They might try to look for weaknesses while they were at it as well, but that was more likely a secondary objective.

They were trying to get the scraps of the benefits that the Demon Lord’s Territory had since it possessed the greatest military force on the continent.

To achieve that, these spies skillfully hid their identities and sneaked into the capital.

It was difficult to differentiate them from the harmless people, but it was possible for Luciana and the spies under her who were affiliated with the Demon Lord’s Army.

From a professional spy’s perspective, the task likely seemed to be simple.

And yet these people detained here were those whose covers were blown.

It seemed other spies were also detained in an adjacent space.

With this many people, wouldn’t that hinder the productivity of our own spies at this rate?

Perhaps it was about time to consider increasing the number of staff and establishing training institutions.

“You’ve come. As expected of Demon Lord-sama.”

I heard a cheery voice come from the sidelines as Luciana leaned against the wall at the edge of the room.

There were wooden shelves beside her.

The tools used for torture and interrogation were stored there.

They were diverse and allowed people to experience all kinds of pain.

Luciana, who was in charge of the spies, wasn’t in a position that needed her to do such hands-on work.

She could have just commanded her subordinates to do so, but she took the initiative to participate anyway.

Once she had inflicted pain till her victim’s limit, it seemed she would use her succubus charm to control their heart.

Regarding her skill level, I could only say it was expected of her since she was one of the former Four Heavenly Kings.

I asked Luciana as she played with the torture device.

“What’s wrong?”

“There’s a bit of a problem, you see…”

Luciana furrowed her eyebrows and said.

She didn’t seem to be joking and truly felt she needed my help.

She began the consultation.

According to her, the information extracted from the people here was odd compared to those from other spies.

They kept repeating the same words over and over, and not even Luciana’s charm was effective on them.

She said that she called on me since they might have undergone some sort of mental manipulation or other special techniques.

“I had a slightly bad feeling about this, so I asked Demon Lord-sama to check. It will turn out bad if I force it and weird things happen, right?”

“That’s true.”

I nodded.

Luciana’s judgment was correct.

If it was to defeat the Demon Lord to earn the territory’s wealth, the executives of each nation would do it through any means necessary.

They wouldn’t even hesitate to use inhumane taboos.

Given such a situation, it wasn’t clear who might be plotting and what kind of measures they applied.

To justify themselves to be people of justice, humans would do everything that would otherwise be considered evil.

It was something I learned of many times as the Demon Lord.

I should be cautious when dealing with everything, even at the slightest feeling of something being out of place.

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