Picking Up the Exiled Prince

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Chapter 11: I was turned into a ____.


Alan woke up with a headache and a feeling of lassitude all over his body that made him too weary to move.

He wasn’t awake, but Alan’s heartbeat surely jumped the moment he slowly opened his eyes. Because Danis’ face was up close in front of him. With how his whole body felt weakened, and the fact that he lay there naked, Alan felt his face grow even hotter as he realized the reality of what he had done during the night and at dawn.

Even though his reason was that he was trying to get rid of the drug, he had exposed himself to Danis in an embarrassing and disgusting way. In the second half, he’d already given himself up to pleasure and his memory was ambiguous, but he thought he could just say that he was lost in … No, it’s better not to remember. No, definitely better not to remember! Shaking his head lightly, Alan forced the memory out of his head.

The person in question was still asleep, breathing softly. Alan must have been used as a pillow again, because he was sleeping with Alan’s body firmly in his arms.

“But ….”

When he look at Danis’ face up close like this, he couldn’t help but think that he looked like Renius, who played with him when he was a child.

Black hair and black eyelashes, now closed and not visible. His eyes are also black… he was young, so he wondered if Renius, who had grown up, would look like this? he turned my eyes down as he thought.

(But Renius is no longer with…)

He remembered being very shocked. He was probably 8 years old… One day, the butler told me about his sudden death.

A fire broke out in the mansion where Renius lived, and the whole family tried to escape. Renius was among them, and the whole family died.

So the man lying in front of him couldn’t possibly be Renius. But Alan was curious about the lavender scent coming from the pendant around Danis’ neck.

Was it a coincidence? He was about to touch the pendant when Danis woke up.

“Hmm … What time is it now?”

Alan withdrew his hand in surprise.

He was not aware of it, and the restraints on his arms loosened. After looking through the window once, Danis got up and ruffled his black hair. He lit a cigarette near him and smoked it. His eyelids seemed to be heavy, as if he was not fully awake yet.

“Are you … feeling okay?

“My whole body is shaky…”

Danis replied with a slightly sleepy voice, before extinguishing the cigarette in an ashtray and getting up from the bed.

“You can sleep as much as you want today. You may have a lot of questions, but you can ask them tomorrow.”

Alan was about to get up, but as he attempted to prop himself up with his knees, he found himself still lying in bed.


His body… or rather, he couldn’t put any strength into his lower body. He couldn’t get up at all because his waist would buckle the moment he tried to put strength into it. Alan was bewildered by the situation.

Danis, perhaps seeing Alan’s confusion, smiled a little, looking amused.

“Because I did that, it’s natural that you can’t move.”

Alan’s face turned red.

He remembered his obscene behavior from last night and felt very uncomfortable. But it was Tim’s fault for drugging him, not Alan’s own. It couldn’t be helped … Yes, it just got to that state.

“I didn’t get into that situation because I wanted to!”

He was so embarrassed that he grabbed a pillow from the bed and threw it at Danis. Danis easily avoided the pillow with a mocking laugh.

Danis tried to enter the room’s bath while glancing to the side at Alan, who was angry with his puffed-up red face. Before he could, he was stopped by Alan who had been ready to burst a while ago.

“Wait a minute … take me too …”

When he woke up, his body wasn’t as miserable as he thought it would be, so maybe Danis took care of me. Nevertheless, his sweaty, crusty body didn’t feel good. Even if he wanted to borrow a shower, he didn’t think he could make it to the bathroom.

When Danis saw that Alan’s face was a little flushed as he spoke and turned away from him. Danis laughed quietly and then lent his shoulder to Alan.

“Are you satisfied with this, Prince?”

Alan grumbled at Danis’ deliberate use of the word.

After that, Alan was lying in bed again, just as Danis had told him.

Rather, he could only sleep because he couldn’t move. Alan decided to accept Danis’ words because he couldn’t get rid of the weariness that incapacitated his body. How many hours has it been since Danis left the room for work?

Alan heard a knocking sound from the door. He was about to say, “Come in,” when he realized that he wasn’t wearing a wig at the moment.

“I’m coming in …”

“Wait a minute.”

He stopped the moment Tim walked in, holding a plate of food in one hand and a basket of bread in the other. 

Alan panicked, but he couldn’t do anything about being seen and looked straight at Tim.

“Wow, I thought you were a beautiful brown-haired boy with flowing locks, but you’re really a blonde.”

Alan turned pale and immediately pulled the bed sheet over his head. He knew it was too late, but still he been seen … He had completely put his guard down because of the fact that it was Danis’ room.

Tim didn’t seem to be so surprised, whistling and returning with a little surprise, but Alan glanced at Tim through the gaps in the sheets.

“You don’t have to panic like that. I’m still trying to find out what kind of person Danis brought in…I’m not sure what kind of person you are. Young master Adele?”

Tim laid out the food he had brought on the table with a nonchalant look.

Adele was the name he had given himself when he arrived here.

When he put it that way, it should mean that he drugged the drink yesterday as part of his preparations.

“…wait a minute….. you knew that and you drugged me yesterday!”

Alan threw off the sheet he was wearing and spoke to Tim in a biting voice, but still was unable to move.

Tim put the food on the table and looked at Alan, smiling happily. It’s filled with consideration… but he didn’t know how far the courtesy would extend. However, because of yesterday’s events, Tim should at least know that he was an important person.

“Don’t be silly! Whose fault is that?”

Tim moved closer and put his forefinger on Alan’s mouth, urging him to quiet down, “I’m sorry, but if you speak too loudly, other people will hear you.”

Alan looked at him suspiciously, but quietly said that he didn’t want anyone to know who he was… so he quieted down then.

When Tim took his finger off, Tim’s expression, which gave the impression he was easy to talk to, changed to a calm and composed look, like another person.

“If you are an important person, at the same time as establishing your safety here first, it is necessary to make Danis-san a little aware. I thought it would only be bad not just for you, but for both sides. I carried things out a little forcibly.”

He wasn’t sure if Tim, who had changed how he talked, was telling the truth, but he swallowed his anger when Tim spoke to him calmly and plainly about the matter.

“Establishing my safety and Danis’ awareness?”

But Alan tilted his head at his questionable words.

“Where do you think we are? It’s a place where people who wouldn’t normally be in public are gathered. If you wander out without thinking, you will be caught by the dealers immediately. You could even be drugged.”

Alan felt a chill run through him at Tim’s words. It was also true that as he had followed Danis through the alleyways on the way to this location, he saw sights that he didn’t usually see. Normally, he would have been in a position to correct them, but now he was just a powerless boy.

Tim was right, nothing would be done because Danis was there. But, though …

“… If so, why … that … did you need to do that?”

Tim chuckled and grabbed both of Alan’s shoulders.

“The only way to make sure you don’t get somebody else making a move on you first here is to become Danis’ mistress.”

“… What?”

The words were so unexpected that Alan was stunned. After a while, his face became so hot all at once that he thought it would boil over and produce steam.

If Tim’s talking about it, it means that there’s a possibility that Danis might think that Alan was his mistress right now.

“No, I don’t understand.”

“Huh? Don’t you get it? Danis usually moves around a lot to hide himself, but he never lets anyone stay in his room that he uses for work. If you make it a fact and stay in his room overnight, it will spread around here all at once, so nobody can touch you easily. So don’t be too bothered about it.”

As the conversation progressed, Tim returned to his usual light tone, and spoke somewhat happily.

When Alan heard this, his face, which had been bright red, suddenly turned pale. In other words, if he was not careful, the story would already be circulating in this base. Alan’s mind was in chaos.

“Wait a minute. Why don’t you just stay here?”

“I usually couldn’t hear some of the voices in here, but yesterday, some… cries leaked out a bit.” 

As Tim whispered the last few words, Alan was struck. He picked up the sheet he had thrown and shrank back in embarrassment.

This meant that he had let out a loud shameful gasp because of the abomination that was in him yesterday. He didn’t know how many people were in this base. But if there was at least one person nearby, from what Tim had just told him, then news would spread fast, and people would look at him like that when he passed them.

Alan felt like he didn’t want to step out of this room anymore. 

Tim scratched his face lightly as he let out a dry laugh. He wondered if he had gone too far when Alan, huddled under the sheet, started to hide his face.

“It’s okay, the other guys here do it all the time, I don’t mind.”

“That’s not what I meant!”

Now he could understand why Danis had come into the room yesterday and let out a long sigh after seeing his condition.

It’s because he realized what this Tim guy was up to, and ….

“Well, you’re hungry? Let’s eat for the time being.” 

As soon as he said that, the smell of freshly baked bread made his stomach growl. He glanced at Tim through the sheets.

When he thought about it, he couldn’t remember the last time he had a decent meal since his escape. It would be a little embarassing, but he also couldn’t just let his stomach growl.

Alan couldn’t get up, so he urged Tim to bring the bread over to him, and he grabbed the bread from the basket. He was about to put it in his mouth, but first looked at Tim quizzically because of the precedent he had set.

Tim noticed this and laughed lightly.

“No, I’m not doing anything anymore. I mean, if I do something again, Danis will really kill me.”

He held up his hands and laughed again.

Even though he said that, Alan couldn’t just trust Tim. He had thought Tim was easy to talk to when he first met him, but now his impression was that it was just his appearance. Alan didn’t know what he was thinking inside.

His stomach rumbled again, and he bit into the bread, unable to ignore his hunger.

“What was the other thing you wanted Danis to be aware of?”

When he asked, Tim smiled again, somewhat gleefully.

“He’s a smart guy, and he’s got an aloof way of looking at situations. He’s not very good at looking after himself.”

Alan nodded his head in bewilderment as he ate his bread, unsure of what he meant. Tim whistled this time without explaining anything further, so he somehow felt that this wasn’t a good thing.

“Well, nice to meet you for a while, mistress?”

Alan coughed at Tim’s words.

He thought that his stay here would probably be very unconfirtable.

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