The Spicy Omega

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Chapter 21.5 (Kijima POV)

After we graduated from high school, we busied ourselves in the little time we had until we entered higher education.

I went on a trip with some other classmates to attend a mixer. But despite spending a full 3 days and 2 nights there, I was unable to get a girlfriend and went home having only deepened my relationships with other unpopular men.

Though boys were told to not cry when they were young, I thought it was fine to cry when this happened.

As if trying to pour salt into my wounded heart, I was now helping that lovey-dovey idiot couple, the Amami and Karasawa combo that finally got together, with moving.

No, Karasawa wasn’t that bad if I excluded Amami. And I was the one who offered to help after all.

I had borrowed my father’s car when I practiced driving before, but I thought that the nerves from driving on a public road to pick up my friend’s belongings would be good practice, which was why I offered.

Fortunately, a passenger car was enough to hold all the luggage, and it was interesting to watch the interaction between Amami and Karasawa’s father like it was a daytime drama. 

Even for a cunning alpha like Amami, who could devise various plans regarding his mate, dealing with his mate’s parents made him lose his usual cool.

And now, after Amami brought his mate to his new place, his face was…

Full of worries.


“Sorry, Shinya. The move was so sudden, so this was the only apartment I could get.”


“I’m really sorry, I’ll do all the cleaning, so you don’t have to trouble yourself, Shinya. I’ll even hire a housekeeper if you’d like.”

“Y-you don’t have to hire anyone!”

I was about to step foot in their love nest… er, the apartment they would begin their college life in before Karasawa did.

And Amami asked me countless times whether the apartment was good enough.

Amami thoughtlessly and leisurely said, “It’s actually a little small for me,” though.

When Karasawa entered, he started exclaiming, “What the hell is this!!!” so the situation seemed a little serious.

You normally wouldn’t think that the room you’d be sharing with a college student like you would be… a 110 square meter designer room penthouse.

“Damn! I let my guard down since you said it was just a 2 bedroom apartment with a living room, dining room, and kitchen… I didn’t realize how insanely large it would be…”

“Um, Shinya—”

“What’s with this expensive-looking furniture? Are you serious…? The TV is way too big, and it even has speakers attached. And the scenery from the window… It looks like I’d die if I fell.”


“Woah! A Roomba! One of the expensive ones too! I’ve always wanted one~”

Karasawa’s initial anger disappeared and he began getting excited over the display of the newest electric appliances, while Amami was hovering about him in confusion.

It seemed that Karasawa, who was no doubt too angry and speechless just earlier, was unable to deal with the rise and fall in tension.

Amami stood motionlessly, so I nudged him with my elbow and advised him with a small voice.

“Um, Shinya. ‘This room is one of my family’s properties, so you don’t need to pay rent.'”

“…Huh?! What the heck, I was nervous about how expensive the rent of this huge place was going to be for nothing… But I still feel kinda bad, so I’ll pay maintenance fees, taxes, and stuff.”

Amami, who had said what I told him to say, was relieved to see Karasawa’s attitude suddenly soften. 

For someone with a normal sense of money values like Karasawa, the price of the rent was the most important factor.

As long as he got rid of that worry, they could resolve everything else amongst themselves.

It was the correct choice to not tell him that this apartment was actually one of Amami’s properties.

Of the two rooms adjacent to the overly spacious living room, the one further from the entrance was apparently Karasawa’s private room.

Karasawa didn’t bring any furniture with him, so the room was still empty. It seemed that the room would slowly be filled with new things (by Amami).

I left the cardboard boxes I brought in from my car in that room. As Karasawa was checking the insides for any damage, I approached him.

“Karasawa, we’ll be going to see the next room now, but…”


“Shinya, you should take a deep breath.”

“Huh? Why? Are you keeping a wild animal as a pet or something?”

Because I said something with an odd meaning, Karasawa was a little intimidated, so I tugged him by the arm to the next room.

When Amami first let me see the room, I knew it was something that would definitely cause trouble if Amami didn’t tell Karasawa in advance. No matter how many times I told him it was a bad idea, he still put it in the room. I took a glance at it earlier.

“He didn’t really want to let me see it, so Karasawa should be the one to check it out.”

“Huh? What the heck, I’m kinda getting scared now…”

“Take a look.”

I pushed Karasawa’s back and he reluctantly opened the door to the next room.

Normally, you’d think that if one room in a 2-bedroom apartment that two college guys have decided to live in was a single, then the remaining room would be a single room for the other person to live in.

Normally, that is.

“Wh-wh-what’s with this huge bed…!!?”

The room that was closest to the entrance, which wasn’t small at all, was crammed full with a single giant bed.

And there was no bed in Karasawa’s room. There was no plan to put one in there either.

Amami had bought some hors d’oeuvres​ to celebrate the commemoration of the first day of their cohabitation and was heating them in the kitchen when Karasawa furiously charged in with a red face.

It seemed that he understood the implications of the bed in this room.

Could the two of them really handle themselves in the future without me…?

I shuddered as the dreadful thought that I might be summoned whenever the two of them had a lover’s quarrel in the future came to mind.

A/N: Thank you for reading Kijima’s POV.

Reading this together with the main part gives a tasteful insight on the main part’s Amami to make him seem more like an incompetent seme.

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