The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 085 – True King of the Abyss [B]

“! Leonhart suddenly stopped moving…?” 

Kesselring inquired as she saw Leonhart’s body freeze up.

His next action, which should have been to launch an offensive, suddenly stopped.

However, Leonhart hadn’t completely lost his mobility. His movement was alive and well.

That phenomenon was as if,

“It feels like he is being prevented from doing something…?” 

“Ufufu, exactly.” 

Haniko’s voice sounded in response to Kesselring’s words. 

Kesselring continued watching the battle and questioned the haniko in front of her.

“Exactly, you mean?” 

“Yes, that was Masuzoe-sama’s technique, known as ‘Foreclosure’. Its effect will temporarily seal his opponent’s next technique, magic, skill, or any action they could make.” 

“…Then that is—” 

“Yes,” nodded the haniko. 

“Perhaps he was trying to do something but that action was prevented by ‘Foreclosure’. Fufu, as expected of Masuzoe-sama.” 



…He did such a ridiculous thing…! 

Leonhart inwardly cursed as he promptly blocked Masuzoe’s spear attack.

Leonhart couldn’t unleash his simultaneous slashes. Masuzoe must have done something to him. The light Masuzoe had unleashed before was quite suspicious.

But even though Leonhart knew that, he could do nothing about it. Fortunately, he could still perform other actions and was able to block Masuzoe’s attack but,

“…gh, what a troublesome position…!” 


Leonhart saw the result of his prompt block. 

His demonic sword had been penetrated by his opponent’s spiral spear and was stuck in place.

It was also held down with Masuzoe’s power, rendering his sword unmovable.

However, when Leonhart saw that, he immediately decided on a course of action. As the sword stayed entwined,

“Hahah, that’s not enough to hold me back!”


Leonhart released his sword without hesitation. He then leapt into the air and aimed for Masuzoe’s face,

“Eat this!” 

A powerful horizontal kick struck Masuzoe’s face. 


The impact shook Masuzoe’s body. Then, as Leonhart fell to the ground, 


Orpheil, which was supposed to be entwined by the spiral spear, returned to Leonhart’s hand. He had made use of the demon sword’s characteristic of always returning to his hand. 

…I’ll carve an attack into your defenseless body…!

Therefore, Leonhart was preparing to swing his sword at Masuzoe. Just as he finished preparing,

Leonhart suddenly saw that,


Masuzoe’s body received an impact and swayed. The small hannies growing on his body peeled off and fell to the ground. 

They were all puchi hanny, which were known for being explosive,



A loud explosion erupted from their location. The roaring sound echoed throughout the abyss. 

Leonhart, who couldn’t move in the air, was caught up in the explosion caused by the large number of puchi hannies that fell to the ground, along with Masuzoe.



A large number of puchi hannies popped off Masuzoe’s body and made the surroundings turn bright for a moment along with a roaring sound. 

Ssulal shouted when she saw Leonhart and Masuzoe being swallowed by the black smoke.


“A-a lot of puchi hannies?” 

Hunty asked with a questioning tone and cramped expression. 

Then, the two apostles who were done with their quarrels, Brad and Pitt, turned around.

“Yes, the things that grew from Masuzoe-sama’s body are all puchi hannies.” 

“Yes, those puchi hannies grew from Masuzoe-sama’s body.” 

“Eeh… does that mean the puchi hannies that were available on the market are…” 

“Yes,” nodded the two and said at the same time. 

“—We wholesale them to the world.” 

“So they all come from you?!” 

“Well well… we can get quite a lot of income from selling things that grow from Masuzoe-sama’s body, you know? It’s like we have a tree that grows money, hahahah.” 

“It’s an honor… we were just trying it out in the beginning, but we found that there was a high demand and we could make a decent amount of money, so we decided to sell it regularly. As expected of Masuzoe-sama. We will follow you from now on as well…!” 

“And you call yourself apostles despite doing that?!” 

Hunty couldn’t help but retort. Although Hunty’s conduct was not exactly what one would call apostle-like, even she thought that arbitrarily selling creatures that grew from their master’s body was a ridiculous thing to do. 

Rather, the fact that puchi hannies actually came from the majin’s body was something shocking for her. She could feel a headache starting.

Meanwhile, Carol walked to the front,

“That means you are the producer for the business partner I’m a patron of! I’ve always used your services well! I am Carol!” 

“Oya, so you are Carol-sama. Thank you for your continued patronage. Our meeting here must be some sort of fate. We’ll give you a discount coupon.” 

“For every purchase of 10 puchi hannies, there will be a 10% discount and 2 extra puchi hannies for free. This service is limited to high volume customers, so please continue to use our service from now on.” 

“Of course I will use it a lot! I will even use it right here! Please give 30 pieces worth of puchi hannies for the time being!” 

“Well then, we will proceed to harvest them right away, so please wait for a while…” 

“Don’t buy them here—!!”

“Shiso-sama, please calm down for a bit…” 

Seeing the three apostles casually proceeding with the transaction, Hunty somehow managed to stop them, although she ran out of breath while doing it. There was Carol who shrugged her shoulders in disappointment, and the haniwa apostles who clicked their tongues, all of which felt irritating to Hunty. 

Meanwhile, Galtia asked with a light tone.

“Rather, is Leonhart okay?” 

At that exact moment, 

The smoke cleared, and there were,

“—He, hehe…” 

There was Leonhart, who was burnt black but his red eyes still shone brightly and he wore a deep smile. 

His change was familiar to some people, who then gasped,


Hunty, who often saw that expression, scratched her head and,

“A-ah… it seems he got turned on. We should stop him now before he gets too excited…” 1 


As Ssulal saw it, she shouted at Leonhart. 




Majin Leonhart still stood firmly on the spot, despite having just received a large impact from the explosive puchi hannies. 

He felt blissful. His urges sprung up. His body trembled in excitement.

As he pushed his bangs back with his left hand,

“I see… that’s a great ability. How you use it is also quite interesting…!” 

He turned his thoughts into words.

His opponent possessed diverse abilities. There was the hanny characteristic of ‘Absolute Magic Immunity’. There was also Hanny Flash, the attack that was unavoidable and would pierce through defense, thus guaranteed to deal damage. Plus, the number of puchi hannies growing on Masuzoe’s body would cause additional trouble because Leonhart was unable to attack without consideration.

“Your physical ability is also good… your body is hard and you have more power than I expected. Besides, you aren’t as dull as you look, and your movements are also quite skillful…” 

Even though Leonhart was holding back, Masuzoe’s body was well made to the point Leonhart’s sword was unable to cut him easily. Masuzoe’s power was enough to compete with Leonhart. 

In addition, the way Masuzoe used his spiral spear was also interesting.

“If it’s you… I guess it would be worth a try, right…?” 

He wielded the demonic sword Orpheil with his right hand and asked. 

His opponent was worthy enough due to his ability as a high ranking majin. Therefore,

“Hey, Orpheil…?” 

Leonhart exerted his power to his demonic sword as he talked to it. Of course, there was no reply. 

But somehow, he felt like it answered him.

For the sake of bringing out that power,


“Haha, in that case—” 

Leonhart took his stance and prepared to fight seriously. 

A reddish-black aura that was the result of mixing the fighting spirit of a higher rank majin with that of a sword master exuded from his body.

All for the sake for the majin in front of him — To clash with Masuzoe who also entered his battle stance,

“I will go seriously from now on… hehe, let me have some fun!!” 


Leonhart raised his sword. 

He was about to shout out the word of power that came to his mind.

Feeling the premonition, the demonic sword glittered,


At the moment Leonhart was about to speak that word, 

A powerful loud voice flew at him from behind.

“Heeeyyy—! Enough, stop fighting!!” 

“?! Ssula—!” 


He couldn’t use his voice. 

Before he could speak, a compulsory force was applied to both of their bodies. The moment they heard Ssulal’s words, it happened. Leonhart obviously knew the true identity of it.

…It’s the Absolute Command Authority…!”

It was coercive power that the maou possessed over majin. That power, the one that allowed a maou to forcefully make their majins obey, was used.

It was the second time that Leonhart had experienced it, but he remembered the sensation.

At the same time, his heated mind gradually calmed down and,


“?! Ah, S-Ssulal…!” 

Ssulal stood in front of him. She had a smile on her face. 

However, the anger she exuded from her body,

“Hey, Leonhart…?” 

“A-aah… W-what is it…?” 

Leonhart’s voice trembled unintentionally. 

That was because he was seeing Ssulal’s anger, and in his head he understood the reason for her anger. As he calmed down he realized, from an objective perspective, it was clear what he was trying to do earlier.

And because he understood that, Leonhart raised his voice.

“W-well, that… I intended to hold back properly—“ 


“Ah, no… so—” 




Leonhart proceeded to the seiza position with enough momentum that his knees smashed into the ground at Ssulal’s bellow. 

Perhaps it was the Absolute Command Right, since next to him, Masuzoe, who fought against him earlier, was also down in the seiza position.

When Ssulal saw that, she folded her arms and looked down at Leonhart,

“…Leonhart, why are you always—” 

And the preaching began. 

…Aah, this will last for a long time…

Since it was the usual pattern of what happened whenever Leonhart caused a problem, he finally reflected on what he had done.


Author Note:

Ssulal : “Masuzoe’s apostles appeared this time.”

Galtia : “Ooh, you mean those hannies who are only depicted in rough sketches.”

Kesselring : “There are unexpectedly many characters whose names appear in the universe but lack screen time in the game after all…”

Hunty : “There are also a lot of botched settings…”

Carol : “It couldn’t be helped. Whenever such characters appeared, they mostly had unique personalities, but we hope for understanding. They are mostly historical figures of the universe after all…”

Leonhart : “There were once many apostles of Hornet who planned to appear later, but none of them have a description… it is hard to imagine what kind of personalities they have.”

Launea : “… (By the way, although she casually appeared, this haniko would eventually — but thinking about it, I wonder how long hanny’s lifespan is…)”

Tsukii Note:

Another illustration time! Well, they’re all Hanny though, without further ado:

Apostle Brad:

Apostle Pitt:

As said above, both apostles only found in rough sketch without any presence in main game, thus not much known about them except for the fact they are ghost hanny, which made them immune to physical attack due to being ghost, and immune to magic due to being hanny, effectively make them immune to everything.


The female hanny. Wears a ribbon,  pink, and slightly larger than normal, brown hanny.

Such was how hanny’s child was born. When a hanny and a haniko are comfortable with their relationship and want a child, they make a journey on foot(?) to the great furnace, where they take clay from one another, heat it up, and form their child together. It is considered the ultimate symbol of love for the hanny race. They also see it as a sacred ritual and would be in blinding rage if they are observed during their intimate(?) act.

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