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Chapter 40: The Counterattack Begins

As I broke down the door, intending to quickly save Vernell’s group, the Guard Knights who were guarding the door hurriedly blocked my way through, which seemed like a predictable thing to do.

While their hands were on their swords, they didn’t draw it.

Since their goal was to simply let me continue living on as an idol, there was no way that they would point their swords at me. 

Doing that would reduce all their efforts to nothing; it would defeat the purpose of confining me in the first place.

Well, since that’s the case. Go ahead and try drawing your sword, won’t you?

You can’t, right? Hm~?

How is it, isn’t it frustrating? Fuheheheheh.

Doing what as I please to people who I knew wouldn’t be able to fight back sure made me feel good.

“Ple, please wait a moment, Elrise-sama! I have been told to not let you pass! If you want to pass through no matter what, then do it after you defeat me!”

The Guard Knight, Traitor Knight A… nope, not him. Traitor Knight A was the one who fought with Mob A.

His name was Sex, if I wasn’t mistaken?

Oops, I got it wrong. It was Rex. Even though he was just a Mob Knight, his name sure sounded cool.

Learn from Vernell’s friend, Mob A, won’t you? That guy was just named John.

Since he was a different person from Traitor Knight A, he became Traitor Knight B.

By the way, his name was Finley BlueEye. The name apparently meant something like  ‘Blond Hero’, but his hair was actually a dark brown that was closer to black.

Well, in the end, blond hair would also change color with time, so most of it would end up turning brown.

Perhaps he had shiny gold hair like mine in the past.

His eye color was gray despite being named BlueEye. There was no blue in there at all.

The house of Earl BlueEye seemed to have some hereditary trait for blue eyes but, actually, their eyes only had that blue color when they were children and most would change eye color as they aged.

Just change your name to GrayEye.

This Brown Haired GrayEye-kun masochistically requested to be beaten down, but let’s ignore that.

Maybe his reasoning was something like this: since you were defeated, then it couldn’t be helped if I ended up escaping. Really, you just wanted an excuse to save face.

Like I cared about your face.

So let’s just give him Neglect Play.

“This hand of mine is not here to senselessly defeat people. Your sword isn’t like that as well. I won’t do anything to you, and I have faith that you won’t draw your sword.”

I just said some random, seemingly plausible excuse, then left GrayEye-kun and walked down the stairs.

Well I didn’t really trust him, so I had actually already deployed reinforcement magic.

But in the end, GrayEye-kun did nothing and just dropped to his knees on the spot.

Just accept getting labelled as a useless person who passively let a detained  person escape.

“Elrise-sama, please come back!”

“We beg of you…!”

As I walked downstairs, other Knights approached but none of them drew their swords, and they just stood there like idiots.

Even so, they gathered in large enough numbers and successfully served their purpose as a wall. To counter that, I simply used some basic light magic.

When people or animals looked at objects, what they actually saw wasn’t the actual object itself, but the light that was reflected by said object.

The same can be said about color; what we saw was not the actual color of the object but the color that was reflected by the object from the light1.

Basically, if you were capable of controlling light, you could trick other people’s vision as much as you wanted.

That was why, once I negated the reflection of light on myself and made a sort of hologram of myself at another location…

“Elrise-sama, please return to your room…!”

“We cannot let you pass here.”

The Knights ended up foolishly gathering at the location where my hologram was.

What they were looking at was a figure of me who was standing still.

Then, I just leisurely went through the path they opened for me and went downstairs.

There was jail underneath this castle, so Vernell’s group should have been brought there.

Needless to say, that jail was originally made to imprison the Saint once they defeated the Witch.

Then I stealthily headed to the underground… But somehow, it looked like Vernell’s group were the ones outside the jail.

More like, was that really a jail…? It seemed that it wasn’t the kind where you confined people behind bars, but rather pushed them down a deep hole.

Wasn’t that too lax? That could easily be escaped by flying though?

“Now, please surrender… Your Majesty.”

Oh? What kind of situation was this?

I thought Vernell’s group had already been captured, but somehow it seemed they had surrounded King Aiz, and the situation was reversed.

The soldiers who appeared to be on the King’s side were all knocked unconscious… And on top of that, somehow the Perverted Glasses Bastard who should’ve been on the other side, was standing on Vernell’s side like he had been there from the very  beginning.

Leila was held by an earth golem, and was unable to move.

Was that the Perverted Glasses Bastard’s magic? I figured it was; he was skillful with that element, after all.

But considering Leila’s capability, she could’ve easily broken through a restraint of that level. Though for some reason, she refrained from doing so. 

Since I wasn’t sure of the situation, I eavesdropped on them. It seemed that when Perverted Glasses Bastard went to the King’s side, he fully intended to deceive the king from the beginning.

Then, when Vernell’s group was caught, he rescued them before they got thrown into jail, then imprisoned the king instead to demand my freedom.

Actually, I had already escaped on my own though.

As I continued to observe the situation, a soldier rushed down below and started shouting something.

“Your Majesty! A messenger arrived from the capital! A huge monster that is suspected to be a Greater Demon is approaching the capital with more demons in tow!”

“What did you say!?”

The messenger surprised not only King Aiz, but also Vernell’s group.

If the Greater Demon had really brought demons along with it, it would be a similar scenario like what the Rutin Kingdom faced earlier on. Basically, only someone at the level of a Knight could do something about it.

Yet this king had brought all the Guard Knights here to act as my jailers, which weakened the capital’s defense. 

Sure, there were still Knights stationed there, and they would probably work as hard as they could to last as long as possible, but it will be a difficult situation.

The method of communication used was the Styil. Considering its flight speed and distance, it would’ve taken around an hour or so, I guess?

In other words, this information was already delayed by one hour, and the situation there was likely quite dire already.

“What is the status of the Knights at the capital!?”

“They are prepared to intercept them, but… considering the large number of enemies, they are asking for reinforcements to be sent ASAP!”

“Why did no one notice it until just now?!”

“We, we don’t know… we could only say that the Greater Demon suddenly appeared…”

It was only natural that King Aiz panicked.

Because most of neighboring demons and Greater Demons had already been cleared up by me, whatever was left should already be manageable for the Soldiers and Knights in the capital.

Or rather, it was exactly because he thought this that King Aiz decided to imprison me.

He reached the conclusion that there should no longer be any enemies that I’d personally need to fight.

But… it wasn’t like Greater Demons never spawned naturally.

It was an extremely low possibility, but Greater Demons could be born without the Witch’s help as long there were dozens of them in the same area.

Maybe those demons who survived killed each other out of their own volition which led to the birth of a Greater Demon.

I guess the Greater Demon likely gathered all the other demons that had been in hiding, resulting in the formation of the great horde that was moving toward the capital.

But just like the raid that Rutin Kingdom faced earlier, the fact that this large scale attack continued to happen was proof that they were being driven to a corner.

They had no choice but to gather whatever forces were still left, and gamble it all on a final battle to seize victory. 

…It seems like I bullied them a little too much.

Well then, the nation is currently in danger but there was really nothing to worry.

I just need to go there and fight for a bit~

Let’s cancel my Stealth magic, and come out soon.

It looked like they were still talking about things like, “Shouldn’t it be okay to just free Elrise-sama,” and “It seems impossible. There’s no way she would be willing to listen to my request.” No, it wasn’t like I minded it too much…

King Aiz’s actions had nothing to do with his nation’s people, after all.

Also, I quite enjoyed this isolated NEET life, so I was quite thankful to Old Man Aiz.

“Elrise-sama…? Why are you here…?”

Why am I here you ask…? Obviously, because I escaped.

Actually, I came to rescue Vernell’s group in a cool way, but they actually managed to save their skin on their own, so… huh? What did I come here for again?

No good, I would totally look uncool.

I got fooled by my allies, who pretended they were defeated and got worried about them like an idiot.

Err, uhm… it’s that!

It’s because I heard that old man’s voice asking for help! (Game Face)

That’s the reason. Yep, don’t worry about how you imprisoned me.

I’m not angry at all. I have forgiven you since my heart is so generous, after all.

More like I would welcome that kind of betrayal. It’s okay if you do it again.

I’ll welcome it, even if you do it a hundred or a thousand times. I would still totally forgive you.

It’s okay, it’s okay. Since you are in danger, I will save you. And so I want to experience  this isolated NEET life again later, okay~

As I told him that, Old Man Aiz started crying. LOL.

His crying face looked ugly.

Then he grabbed my hand that I had kept at my side. Oi, who said you could grab it?

Ueh, it’s so greasy. It feels disgusting. 

Vernell’s group had gotten captured and were brought into the jail located beneath the castle.

Leila, who had been ordered by King Aiz to apprehend Vernell’s group, had an apologetic expression on her face and looked even more halfhearted.

Vernell and Eterna didn’t resist whatsoever.

Even if they did resist, soldiers had already surrounded them. It was clear from this difference of manpower that they had no chance of escaping. 

Rather than wasting stamina by pointlessly resisting, it would be better to obediently get captured for now, and then look for a more favorable chance to escape.

But once they arrived underground, they realized they had made the wrong decision.

Since it was called a jail, they had imagined that everyone would be confined in multiple cells, with iron bars preventing their escape.

And technically, they were correct. The person this jail was intended for… in other words, the Saint, was to be confined in their own respective cell; and there were iron bars which obstructed the entrance.

However, this cell’s entrance was not on the side of a wall, but on the floor… They had dug a 15 meter hole on the ground. Its walls were made completely with iron, so there was nothing to grab on to, and the ceiling was blocked by iron bars, which made it practically impossible to escape from.

Unless you were someone like Elrise, who could fly, it would be impossible to escape from this kind of prison since you wouldn’t be able to reach the iron bars from below.

More footsteps echoed as the soldiers and Knights had brought their friends who had helped open a path for them earlier on.

Walking with their captors was Supple.

“Oh, everyone got caught in the end. I mean, you just charged in without a plan, so it ended up like this.”

“Supple Sensei…”

Vernell called out the name of his teacher who had turned into a foe because of this situation.

Yet Supple was unaffected by this, and walked in front of their rope bound friends.

“Good work, Supple Ment. It seems that every member who was likely to come rescue Saint is all accounted for.”

“Yes. Such bad students truly are troublesome to me. To think they stupidly tried to come in from the front. How foolish.”

Supple narrowed his eyes, and smiled coldly at Vernell’s group.

Then he called out to the other soldiers.

“Good work. From this point, I can handle it by myself.”

“We can’t allow that.”

“We also have a duty as His Majesty’s guards.”

Supple told them their presence was no longer needed so they could leave, but the soldiers refused to do so.

Supple nodded in understanding at that, then said “I guess that’s true.”

Suddenly, he used his magic to summon several human-sized earth golems.

So he’ll use these to throw Vernell’s group into the cell…was what the soldiers had thought, but for some reason, the earth golems headed for Leila instead and quickly restrained her movements.

“Su,Supple-dono!? What are you…?!”

The soldiers who were questioning Supple about this unexpected reversal didn’t even manage to finish their sentence before they were knocked out and silenced by his Earth golems.

Then the Earth golems surrounded Aiz, as Supple cut the ropes that bound Vernell’s group with a knife.

“Supple-sensei… what does this mean?”

“You really are foolish. Because you acted without a plan, it ended up like this. Thanks to you, my plan is ruined. I actually intended to gain their trust with time and then rescue Saint-sama with style.”

Supple let out a sigh while unrepentantly saying such words.

It seemed that from the beginning, he didn’t agree with the scheme of confining the Saint.

He pretended to agree to get them to lower their guard, and actually came here with the intention of saving Elrise. 

But Eterna seemed a bit slow on the uptake and widened her eyes in confusion.

“Bu, but Sensei, didn’t you say you wanted Elrise-sama to stay alive and imprisoned…?”

“Fumu, I was also troubled about that. It’s true that birds inside a cage wouldn’t know the harshness of the wild, and may end up living a long life. But on other hand, birds that end up flightless in captivity end up stressed and weakened. As such, they could get sick easily and die early… There were also such findings.”

The living conditions necessary to a bird and a human are different.

The most suitable climate, the brightness, the noise level… if any of these factors were not correct, it would commonly lead to the birds dying early.

The poor birds were the ones who ended up dying because their owners caged them to admire them without knowing how to care for them. 

They forgot how to fly, which weakened the muscles in their wings. Their stress would pile up each day, and they would end up dying while dreaming about flying in the sky.

A comfortable temperature for a human might be very hot for a bird. Or maybe too cold for them.

And a comfortable brightness for a human might be too bright for birds.

In any case, because the owner lacked the knowledge, the bird they kept would only suffer from it.

“A bird in a cage lives long and can be admired. That’s fine. I agree with that. But that’s only if you possess the necessary knowledge, the empathy… and additionally, a deep love for it.”

As he said that, Supple snapped his fingers.

Then an Earth golem appeared from the shadows and threw something down.

Laying there were the three princes of this nation, restrained by hardened earth.

Supple treated his own nation’s princes roughly without any hesitation. He coldly looked down at them.

“Do you know what these objects are, Your majesty? These pieces of trash looked at Saint-sama with lust and tried to break in her room. This is troubling, Your Majesty. If you were trying to protect her, isn’t it common sense to keep harmful things away from her?”

Supple’s manner of speaking was completely devoid of respect toward the King.

On top of that, he was talking as if he was more superior… Supple was clearly treating the King as an existence lower than him.

Even the princes were treated as mere objects… he didn’t even see them as human.

“I looked around and I understood… There is no love for the Saint in this castle. No empathy for her. That’s why I reject this situation. This castle is merely a poorly made cage that would cause the Saint to lose her beauty. Ah, this is no good at all, completely unacceptable. This is not a worthy environment for my Saint. In a way, it’s amazing how you managed to make this rotten pile of trash from your citizens’ taxes.”

As he said that, Supple continued to coldly look down at the King.

Any loyalty toward the king had never existed within his heart.

The only things that filled this perverted and paranoid man’s heart was the Saint that he regarded as supreme.

If there was anything that would harm her, then it simply needed to be removed, regardless of what it may be.

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In this route, there is no one more reliable than him. No one who thinks more than him for Elrise’s own well-being. Plus…he’s so cool! He’s like a yandere, but not dangerous!

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