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Chapter 54: Asking about a Resolution

The eight people, including Vernell’s group, who had managed to achieve great results at the Fighting Tournament after the winter vacation had been called by Elrise and gathered at the Academy’s 5th floor.

The people who were called included Vernell, Eterna, Mary, Aina, John, Fiora… also the 3rd year male student, Crunchbite Dogman.

He did look strong, but for some reason he had a certain atmosphere around him that made him seem like he’d be the first to be defeated. Why was that?

But that was okay. The problem was the last person.

The last person among those who were called after reaching top 8 — who were all supposed to be students, no matter how you look at it — was Instructor Supple Ment.

What was this person doing here again?

“…What are you doing, Instructor Supple Ment” 

“Well, what do you mean? I am the top 8 3rd year student, Tom Toy”

Seemingly disgusted from bottom of her heart, Leila asked this, but Supple aloofly retorted lies that anyone could see through.

He spoke without a sense of shame.

“Oh my, Saint! Please grant us the weapon that could be given only to the top 8 students!”

Ah, so that’s the reason…

Vernell silently understood why Supple did this obviously unfair action.

For a Saint fanatic… No, for him as a follower of Elrise, he couldn’t miss the chance to be granted a weapon that was personally made by Elrise.

Vernell, too, aimed for that, and it made him more motivated to perform better in battles, even more than usual.

In the end, Elrise decided to overlook this unfair action so that nothing else would follow,  then she made various weapons from the material that had been prepared by Leila.

Vernell received a great sword that was stronger than what he had received before.

Eterna received a staff with a gemstone attached on it. Fiora received a bow and arrows. John got dual swords, and Aina got a long sword.

Mary received a rapier. Supple got a sword attached to a stick by his request.

Crunchbite fought barehanded so he got knuckledusters.

Finally, Leila was bestowed a long sword, and she was so moved that she was on the verge of tears.

For someone who had once betrayed Elrise, to be granted a sword by Elrise must have been a great deal for her.

After everyone received their weapons, Elrise looked at everyone.

“First of all, congratulations to everyone for reaching the top 8 spots. I’ve seen how you fought, and I‘m confident to say that the eight people here have already attained the fighting capability comparable to a regular Knight.”

From Saint Elrise’s mouth came a guarantee that all the people present here today were comparable to regular Knights, making them do fist pumps in their mind.

The Knight she was talking about was obviously not limited to fighting capability alone.

Even if you possessed fighting power, if you were judged to be lacking proper manners and conduct to stay beside Saint or were seen to have no desire to improve, you would still be demoted.

Even so, one of the conditions of this “fighting ability” was being acknowledged by none other than Elrise herself.

This was a big deal for them.

“As such, I have a request for the eight of you.”

As Elrise put on a serious expression, Vernell unconsciously straightened his posture.

She was capable of doing most things alone.

Just simply based on fighting power alone, even Knights who were supposed to protect her couldn’t help but question the reason for their existence beside her.

And for such a person to make a “request,” it would undoubtedly be nothing easy to do.

It was a “request” for the people she had deemed with enough fighting capability… Thus, it shouldn’t be anything other than fighting.

“…But, if you choose to hear about this request, there is no turning back. I will say it beforehand, but I will not guarantee your safety. It will be dangerous, so… I am giving everyone the right to refuse it beforehand. And even if you do refuse my request, I will not blame you whatsoever. There would also be no effect on your grades.”

It would be a danger to one’s life.

When they were informed about this, Eterna and Crunchbite felt some agitation.

To be given the right to refuse beforehand showed how dangerous her “request” would be.

But for Vernell, regardless of what her request might be, he had no intention to refuse.

Rather… he was happy. Elrise depending on him made him feel proud.

“…If you intend to listen to it, come back here after your classes are done tomorrow.”

It meant she was giving them a day to think it over.

Even without doing so, she could use the Saint’s name to “command” them.

Without listening to their opinion, she could say it was something necessary and forcefully make them comply.

After all, she was the Saint and this place was an institution that trained Knights that served the Saint.

If one refused Saint’s request, it would be like placing the cart before the horse. They would be questioned about why they came here in the first place.

But Elrise didn’t do that.

She asked for people’s opinions… and if none were willing, she would continue fighting alone.

Vernell already decided to proceed.

There was no other choice than to “accept” from the beginning. He didn’t need any other choice.

Beside him, Eterna looked at him worriedly.

Vernell returned to his room and trained by himself as usual.

It had already been eight months since he first came to the Academy.

The undependable young man from early on had grown robustly, his arm having grown thicker.

His neat features became manlier, and he earned a body of steel from all his training.

Even so, he wouldn’t rest.

The place he aimed for was far higher, as he still lacked power to be a man worthy to protect the Saint.

That was why he kept tempering his body, seeking even more strength.

If he lacked strength, all he needed to do was to train more. It was just that simple.

This day as well, he carried extra weight on his back and started doing push ups to polish his strength.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

Vernell soundlessly stood up quickly and wiped himself with a nearby towel.

Then, he changed clothes from a sweaty shirt into a uniform, combing his hair before opening the door.

Previously, he had an epic failure when he welcomed Elrise during training, so he took care not to make the same mistake.

But… it seemed like such a thing was not necessary this time.

“What, so it’s Eterna.”

“What’s with that?”

The person standing there was a girl with silvery white hair — it was Eterna.

Her features possessed a certain sheen unlike any other common white hair, with her blue eyes like crystal. Her beautiful face and well balanced proportions made her a target of many students’ fantasies.

On top of that, unlike Elrise, who had stopped growing at 14 years old, Eterna possessed a mature air to her that Elrise didn’t have.

To be precise it was her bosom. Her chest had bloomed nicely these days.

If Vernell weren’t a blockhead who could only see Elrise alone, he might’ve gotten done in by Eterna’s charm already.

“Well… could we talk for a bit on the rooftop?”

Vernell thought of his response toward Eterna’s invitation.

He could think of three for now.

First, to accept it as it was.

Second, to ask why there was a need to do so.

And third, to respond with “Since it’s a waste of time, I’d like to continue my training.” It was quite a dastardly response.

“I’m sorry, I still want to train.”

After about a second of thought, Vernell responded like a jerk.

It might lower Eterna’s favorability, but unfortunately Vernell wasn’t sharp enough to notice.

This man truly only saw Elrise and nothing else.

The person who noticed this was Vernell’s roommate, a person with a needlessly cool name: Sylvester LordKnight. At Vernell’s response, he thought, “Uwah.”

But it seemed Eterna had already considered that he would answer this way, so she only pinched Vernell’s cheek and forcefully dragged him out.

As Eterna pulled him over, they went to the rooftop. When they arrived, he caressed his own cheek then faced Eterna.

Why did she bring him to this place?

If it was just to talk, they could have just talked right there.

Yet she went through effort to bring him here, so it must be something that she didn’t want anyone listening in on.

If so, did she want to tell him about someone she loved?

Or perhaps it could be a consultation regarding “That Power” that was also possessed by Eterna.

But far from his expectations, Eterna asked the most obvious thing — at very least for Vernell, it was something he already had an answer for a long time ago.

“Well… I have to ask at least, but as expected, you intend to go to Elrise-sama’s place tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

It was an instant response.

He answered without a moment of hesitation.

Elrise had requested his help.

It was something he was happy about, and he knew there was nothing to be worried about.

The people who stood there… at the very least John and Fiora, as well as Supple, should have the same sentiments as him.

But it seemed like it was not the case for Eterna.

“Hey Vernell… could you not go?”

 “…I see. So you don’t want to go, Eterna.”

Vernell wasn’t surprised by what Eterna said.

Eterna came to this academy only because she was worried about Vernell in the first place.

She wasn’t like Vernell, John and Fiora who had a great debt to pay toward Elrise, and she also didn’t worship the Saint like Supple did.

She didn’t seek honor like Aina did either.

For her, it was no surprise that she wasn’t inclined to go to a place that had been declared as dangerous.

Why did she consult me? Perhaps Eterna didn’t wish to be alone in being left out and get the backlash for it… or so Vernell thought.

“It’s okay Eterna. Elrise-sama is not a person who’ll get angry if you don’t come tomorrow. It’s natural since it’s said to be dangerous for one’s life. Everyone will understand. That’s why you don’t have to be ashamed for not going…”

 “Wrong, that’s not what I meant! It’s not about me, but you. I don’t want you to go!”

Eterna, unable to hold it in due Vernell’s misplaced consolation, shouted.

Eterna wasn’t worried about herself.

She saw Vernell happily jumping over to danger. That was what she was worried about.

She understood that he only saw Elrise.

From the past… and from the first time they met, he had always dreamed of being a Knight of Elrise.

For him to be needed by Saint meant his dream had come true.

But Eterna was unable to be honestly happy about this.

Because Vernell died during the last incident.

He did get saved last time, but there was no assurance that the same could be said next time.

“Hey, please stop this! Since even Elrise-sama said it’s dangerous, then it must really be something serious! This time you’ll really die!”

“Maybe I will.”

“Maybe I will, you say… are you okay with that?! Nothing will change even if you don’t go! She is strong and capable… so she could take care of it alone!”

Vernell partly agreed to what Eterna said.

It was exactly as she said.

Regardless of whether he went or not, nothing would change.

If it was Elrise, then even if she was alone she’d be able to break through all problems and shine the world with light.

But, he didn’t want to let it be.

This was because Vernell always trained for the sake of not letting Elrise fight alone.

“Sorry, Eterna. I’ve already decided. That day… when no one needed me, she embraced me. She cried for me. If it weren’t for her, I would have already cursed everything in the world and become such a helpless person”

Until he met Elrise, Vernell had lived in darkness.

He was abandoned by his family, cursed as a monster… unable to control his own power, and was as good as trash.

The person who accepted this Vernell and wished for him not to give up on happiness was Elrise.

Vernell had sworn on that day.

Regardless of whatever happened next, he would believe in light… believe in her.

“What was that… even I… even I… about you…”

Eterna looked down, and as if to escape from him, ran away.   

Vernell was unable to chase after that retreating figure.


Eterna : Well… could we talk for a bit on the rooftop?
Vernell : …

That’s okay but, the rooftop is cold, so wear these on top of what you’re wearing (Favorability +)
Ok, I understand. (Favorability ±0)
⇒ Sorry. I want to train by myself a little more. (Favorability -)

Drop all favorability except for the targeted heroine. (Galge Brain)

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