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Arc 2: The First and Last Date


Chapter 6


Leaving Mr Death, who asked, “Where are we going next?”, on a bench, I went to the restroom by myself.

 My face, reflected on the mirror, had a smile on it, with my cheeks slightly redder than usual. It felt like a lie that I was in a hospital bed a few hours ago. Seeing me now, nobody would believe that I was terminally ill.


“What should we do after this?”


 Eating the ice cream had made me hungry. Maybe we should look for a crepe stall? Or perhaps I should ask if Mr Death wants to go somewhere, and go to that place. Ah, but if I ask that, I bet he’ll say, “Then let’s go back to the hospital.”


“Hehe…! “


 Strangely enough, laughter escaped me just by thinking of it. But…as if to remind me that I was sick, my heart thumped loudly in my chest.




 Not…now. I’m still fine. Just a little, just a little more. I won’t go out like this a second time. That’s why I beg of you. Give me just a little more time…

 With deep breaths, I consciously took oxygen within my body. Gradually calming my breath, I contained my excitement. I should take my medicine at this moment, but unfortunately, I didn’t carry emergency tablets in my bag. However, it isn’t that bad that I need to have my medicine. If possible, I want to avoid a situation where I am forced to take medicine. Please calm down, so that I can hide this till evening… I beg of you…


“I’m fine…I’m fine…”


 Little by little, I felt the pain reduce.

 Letting out all the air I had desperately gulped, I looked at my face in the mirror again. There I saw my pale face, just as usual.

 In the end, perhaps this is the face that suits me the best.


“I have to go back…”


 A while had passed since I had left Mr Death behind, saying I was going to the restroom. He must be worried.

 I looked at myself in the mirror one final time, and left the restroom, plastering a forced smile upon my face.


“Huh…? “


 As I turned to look for Mr Death, who should have been waiting for me on the bench, the scene that unfolded in front of me, gave me a sense of discomfort.

 The bench Mr Death sat on, was a little ways away. But someone was standing in front of him.

 It was a man who faced him as if he could see Mr Death. But ordinary humans could not see Mr Death. What was the meaning of this…?

 I hurried to Mr Death’s side as I wondered. A little more and I would reach the bench. Just as I thought that, Mr Death looked towards my direction as if he had noticed me.

 The man who stood in front of Mr Death as if drawn into him turned to face me too.




 As I wondered what to do, the man walked towards me.


“Huh…? “


 Thinking he wanted to say something, I put myself on guard. But that person passed by me, completely ignoring my presence.

 Just for a moment, I felt as if he glanced at me. Perhaps that was my imagination.


“Just now…”

“Huh “

“What was with that man just now? “


 After the man left, I asked Mr Death. I wonder what he will answer… Was he a supervisor just like him? Or maybe he was Mr Death’s…


“So? “

“So, you ask…”

“He was looking for a place to sit, he suddenly came here.”

“He wasn’t an acquaintance?” “

“An acquaintance? Mine? Why would he be?”


 “Placing his hand on the back of his neck, Mr Death laughed nervously. His actions seemed quite natural and I didn’t press him further.


“But I was a little nervous.”

“Why? “

“What would happen if he sat on me!?”


Mr Death laughed, saying “Just kidding!”. He seemed much more cheerful and happy than usual, yet strangely tense.


“What happened? “

“Huh…Um, Mr Death sure seems excited today.”

“Is that so…? “

“Yeah, that’s what it is.”


 Rather than the whole day, it would be more appropriate to say he’s been like that since a few moments ago. I gulped down the words in my throat.

 But hearing me say that, Mr Death pretended to think for a bit and then spoke.


“Maybe I too am a little happy today.”

“Huh…? “

“You say this is your first date, but I am no different.”

“That is…”

“This is my first date too.”


 Hearing his words, my odd discomfort from before disappeared. I felt my cheeks turn hot. Thump, Thump, my heart beat violently in my chest.

 This was Mr Death’s first date… Why was it, that such a mundane thing made me feel so happy?


 Why did the fact that this was Mr Death’s first date make me happy?

 I couldn’t understand my own emotions.


“What happened? “


 Seeing me suddenly become quiet, Mr Death gazed at me in doubt.

 Telling him to wait a bit, I began thinking.

 I felt happiness on hearing that Mr Death had no experience of going on dates. That was an undisputed fact. Then why was I happy?

 I’d read it often in shoujo manga, a pattern that went like: I like that person, so I’m to be their first.

 But this was different. I didn’t particularly love Mr Death romantically.

 Then, why?

 …I don’t know the answer.

 I don’t know, but why? In any case, I don’t hate it.


“Well, nevermind.”

“What? “

“It’s nothing! “


 Mr Death looked at me, tilting his head. Seeing him like that, I laughed despite myself.


“Hey, let’s go to a crepe stand next.”

“Huh? You still wanna eat? “

“No? Then…”


 I hadn’t even had the opportunity to laugh and seek advice from someone like this in the past. It’s good that I can enjoy trivial things like this and be happy.


“Then, take me to a place Mr Death wants to go to.”

“Huh, me? “

“That’s right! It’s a date. It’s fine for Mr Death to decide at least one spot, no? “



 I knew I was being unreasonable. But I was glad he was thinking of it.

 I’m sure he’ll say something like, “I’m not allowed to decide.” If he says that, what should I suggest?

 But contrary to my expectations, Mr Death seemed like he had come to a decision.


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