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Chapter 14: Probably Love? 

One night passed- I dragged my languid body, took a shower, and headed for the guild hall. I think I had prepared rice balls and green tea with a blank look on my face. Therefore, everyone around me looked at me with a curious look on their face. As I wondered what it was, Nachi pulled on my sleeve.

“You were gone the entire day yesterday. Did something happen to you?” 

“Eh– eh!? No-nothing!?” 

“Still, you’re looking sexy today, what is this about?” 


“You really look like you had sex… there are many people who became sexy after having sex.” 

“It’s all in your head! It’s not like I have anything with Heath!” 

“Ho! Your partner was Heath? That silent self-centered guy… He laid his hands on my Neji. Unforgivable.”

Nachi said with a smile. I turned bright red, looked down, and squeezed my eyes shut.

“Are you two dating?” 

“What !? I-I’m telling you that’s not–” 

“No way. Did he dump you after sex? But you always have your guard up Neji. Eh? Did he force you?” 

“Hey, you’re talking too loud. Should it be called forced?… I mean… that…” 

“Neji, you are soft-hearted and easily swayed and you are really vulnerable against pushy people but… if you aren’t comfortable with it, you have to properly say that you are not comfortable with it, okay?” 

“No, you’re wrong! There was nothing else! I just gave him cocoa!” 

“Cocoa? I believe that’s an MP recovery potion and it doesn’t have a doubling effect on sex appeal or anything though.”

He’s too sharp. Nachi is dull when it comes to himself, but he’s sharp when it comes to me.

“Look! He always helps me out, so I just gave him some cocoa to thank him!” 

“In other words… it’s unrequited love? You’re thinking about the person you love and your sex appeal overflowed, right? 


When I heard that, I rolled my eyes. 

…Unrequited love? 

…The person I love? 

The moment I heard those two words, Heath’s face appeared in my mind. Certainly, I may have become overly conscious because we’ve connected our bodies… and even before that, I thought he was cool… If I had to choose between liking or disliking him, I like him… but I love him?

The moment I thought about it, I felt like I was about to burn with shame. 

Was it possible that I was in love with Heath? The moment I became aware of this, my body trembled. When I think about it, I didn’t mind having sex with him, so maybe I do love him.


Then, that’s even worse. It’s absolutely terrible to be embraced by someone you love in return for a favor. 

Let’s stop asking Heath for help. That way, I wouldn’t have to thank him. As I was nodding in content with my thoughts, the mail feature notified me that a letter had arrived.

When I checked, there was a letter from Basara, the guildmaster of another casual players guild, 【Meldias】. It said that he wanted to talk to me alone first because he wanted to talk about the current situation of not being able to log out from the casual players’ point of view. 

The meeting place was at the rose garden of the tea party in the southern section. It is now only 9:00 a.m., but it says that the meeting is at 13:00. It said that I should definitely come alone.

“Nachi. Basara called me, so I’m going out for a bit this afternoon. 

“Basara did? That’s rare. Why?” 

“He said that he wants to discuss the current situation and future direction.” 

“That unmotivated-looking person ? Hmm. I guess people change when they can’t log out.”

After that exchange, I waited for the afternoon to arrive. Then, a little before the arranged time, I left the guild hall. Heading towards the meeting place, I walked down the most crowded street possible. Nevertheless, there is one back alley in the road leading to the rose garden of the tea party, which isn’t safe in particular. I was praying that nothing would happen to me– before I even realized, I was surrounded.

“You’re Neji, right?” 

“Are you alone today?” 

“You’re looking kind of sexy today, Neji-chan.” 

“Sing something.” 

“No, moan for me.”


Although punching and kicking PK-fiends are scary, this kind of thugs who are after the body are also very scary. Normally and up until yesterday, this is where I would definitely call Heath, first and foremost. But if I call him, I have to repay him with my body. That’s a no-no. Now that I’m aware that I may have a one-sided love for him, I don’t want to be in a sordid relationship. I took the spear from behind my back and held it up, trembling.

“You want to take us on?” 

“You? Against us?” 

“It’s impossible. Well, it’s more exciting when they resist though.”

Agitatedly, I gripped the spear with both hands. Then, the other party pulled out their swords. They all seem to be swordsmen. It would be painful to be slashed by a sword. To be honest, I’m scared.


That was when it happened. 

With a clash, the swords of the group surrounding me were all flung away. I looked over and Heath was standing there, and he had just taken them down. At the sight of Heath, they all turned pale and ran away.


“I’d like to ask you the same question. Were you planning on taking them on? I didn’t think you were foolish enough to think you could win. Why didn’t you call me?” 

“Wh-why are you here…” 

“Your vice-guild master contacted me.” 


“He said, ‘What did you do to Neji?'” 


“I told him exactly how good the cocoa was. Be grateful.” 

“Thank you!”

So, I’d like to believe that Nachi didn’t find out about our sexual relationship and I guess Heath doesn’t want to talk about this kind of sordid thank you either. I felt a twinge of pain in my chest when I thought that he must have completely dismissed it.

“Are you suicidal?” 

“No! B-but! If I call Heath again…” 

“Do you hate being embraced by me that much?” 


It’s the other way around. I’ve been thinking about Heath all day, and if I’m being honest, I think I want to go to bed with him again.

“…I’m on my way to the meeting place, so see you later.” 

“I’m here as a result of your vice guild master telling me that it’s too dangerous for you to be alone and to follow as your escort. You should thank Nachi for that.”

“Thank you for saving me.” 

“I don’t need words. Give me your body.”

Heath walked over to me and hugged me around the waist with one arm.


And right then and there, he smothered my lips. He kissed me passionately and that was enough to make my body heat up. Soon, I couldn’t stand and collapsed onto Heath’s chest. Heath let out a ridiculing laugh while caressing behind of my ear with his fingers.

“You’re sensitive.” 


“I’ll make you remember only my body heat. A lot more.”

He certainly seems to have the skills to do so. It seems that if your sex level is high enough, you can make a specific person your slave. It is said that the slave’s body can no longer be satisfied without that person. However, I’ve heard rumors that in this game, people don’t seem to use it that way because most people tend to enjoy one-night stands.

“I’m telling you that I’m going to go out of my way to drop you off. Of course I’ll receive your thanks tonight.”

Thus, I headed to the meeting place with my hot and sluggish body. I occasionally glanced at Heath who was walking beside me, and the more I looked at him, the more I was drawn to him. No way… Have I fallen in love with Heath…? I thought that I wasn’t fond of hardcore players…

In addition, Heath even followed me to the meeting place. As a result, Basara said with a stiff face, “Let’s do it another time!” in about two minutes, and the discussion was called off.

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