This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 118 – Welcome Back


Crash greeted me with a wry smile as I ran into the store.

Because it was the fourth day!

I logged in excitedly and then flew here right afterward, and Crash greeted me with a warm smile.

I piled up a stack of MP High Potions in front of Crash.

“These are a gift. I’m not selling them, so go ahead and drink as much as you want, Crash.”

“Got it, got it.”

As the MP High Potions piled up, Crash sighed and then gave me a tap on the head.

“Calm down a little bit.”

“But I’m frustrated!”

“You could at least try to hide it a bit!”

“There’s no hiding anything from Crash!”

“Oh well, Vidello’s working in Sei until the end of the day. I’ll pick him up tonight! It’s evening right now. Understand?”

I nodded with a pout as Crash poked my forehead and explained.

I couldn’t wait to see him. It had been so long since I’d had a chance to spend time with Vidello-san in Tre.

I sat down on a chair near the counter and leaned my head against the counter as if my soul had been drained out of me.

“If you’re going to laze around like that, why don’t you go read a book in the back? Feel free to just go in. Oh, the room on the far left is Sage-san’s room, so don’t go in there without permission.”

I should do that. I didn’t know if I’d be able to read it or not, but I should at least try. It wasn’t like I was just goofing around doing nothing. However, my concentration was definitely lacking, so I was confident that if I tried to make something, I’d definitely fail.

I quietly got up from my chair and opened the door suggested by Crash.

This was the first time I had entered this part of the residence.

The room had a table in the center with four chairs set up around it. There was a bookshelf on the wall, and the [ Old Books ] from the last time I was here were lined up tightly.

In the center of the table were several small bottles of what appeared to be condiments, and there were a total of three doors, one on the front wall and two on the left wall. And the kitchen was visible on the far right.

Despite its slightly messy appearance, the space was well-organized and had a very cozy atmosphere.

There were garlic-like objects hanging from the wall with strings, dried flowers suspended, and planters hanging, all of which added a cute touch. 

I’d like to have some of those planters with the bumpy plants in my workshop. I wondered what those bumpy plants were.

Curious, I approached the bookshelf.

Suddenly, I looked next to the bookshelf and saw a single painting on display.

It was a painting of an elderly couple. A very calm and gentle-looking woman and a very dependable-looking man with a sharp smile on his face were painted side by side.

Perhaps these are the people who took care of Crash and raised him.

I wondered if they lost their son during the defeat of the Demon King, which would mean that he was attacked by a demon. Or maybe their son was one of the heroes, the sage who was said to have passed away. Could that mean that this was the birthplace of the sage…?

No, no, no way. I dismissed my own thoughts.

There was no way I could enter the home of such an amazing person.

I regained my composure and went through the books. I’d shoved them into my inventory one by one without even checking the spines, so I had no idea what kind of books were in there.

“[ Life and Death ], [ Fragment of God’s Messenger ], [ Desire and Craving ], [ The Language of Flowers Explained ]. Wow, there aren’t many that I can actually read. Even if I look at the contents, I feel like I won’t understand them. Are there any books that I can actually read and learn from?”

Yeah, it didn’t look like it.

I picked up one of the books and opened it up, but it was pretty much the same as the journal. The unreadable parts were just a bunch of weird symbols.

That probably meant everything I couldn’t read was written using the ancient language. I should have stopped by the library in Sei when I had the chance. Well, there wasn’t really time for that.

As I let out a sigh and put the book back, the door opened and Crash stuck his head in.

“Any readable ones? I can’t read the ancient language, so I haven’t read many of them.”

“Crash, you too? Me too.”

“Ahaha, I see. I thought maybe you were bored, so I came to ask a favor.”

A favor? I tilted my head in confusion, and Crash clasped his hands in front of his face as if in prayer.

“If you’re not busy, could you use that kitchen over there and make us dinner? Feel free to use whatever ingredients are available. Please.”

Crash had probably noticed I was feeling a little down. That’s why he suggested cooking.

Even though he gained the ability to teleport from Sei to here with increased magical power, there wasn’t any reason for Crash to go and pick up Vidello-san. He was doing it for my sake, wasn’t he?

I was kind of glad for his consideration, and also glad I could help him out.

“Okay. I’ll put my skills to work and make a meal that will make Crash groan.”

“Groan because it’s delicious right? Not in another way? But I’ll leave it to you.”

“Oh, by the way, Crash…”


Crash, who was about to return to the store, turned around when I called out to him.

I was a little embarrassed to say it to his face.

“Uh… Thank you.”

When I said this in a whisper, with all my heart, Crash tilted his head.

“About providing ingredients? Of course, it’s my dinner, so it’s natural.”

“Uh, no…”

I tried to deny it, as he’d misunderstood the message, but then Crash winked at me. Ugh, he was too handsome for me to compete with a wink like that. 

“Well, you know. I understand. I’m going to pick up Vidello for Mac, who’s withering away here. I hope you two can be alone soon and regain your vitality.”

After saying that, Crash quickly went back to his store. Eh, oh. That caught me off guard. I was a little touched by what he just said.

I was glad I was friends with Crash.

Okay, I’ll show off my skills to live up to his expectations.

Let’s make a dish so delicious that Crash will be impressed. I was going to raise the bar.

With a surge of energy, I slapped my cheeks with my hands and headed for the kitchen!

Using the ingredients there, and those I had on hand, I supplemented what was missing by using a teleportation magic circle to bring a few things back from my workshop. When I had finished cooking enough food to fill the table, Crash reappeared.

“Wow, it smells so good. What? Did you make this much? Can three people eat all this?”

“Eh, three people…?”

When I looked doubtful at Crash’s words, he said, “I’m going to pick him up now,” and reached for some food.

He grabbed a piece of one of the fried dishes and tossed it into his mouth while drawing a magic circle with his other hand. Wasn’t that a bit too dexterous?

Before I had time to react to him sneaking a bite, Crash’s body was gone.

He’d probably meet with Vidello-san right away and come back immediately. I sat in the chair, fidgeting, and waited for an hour.

“Is it supposed to take this long… or could something have happened?”

The food was getting cold already.

I was supposed to make Crash groan, but I was the one groaning.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

I sat up, and just as I did, a familiar figure appeared in the room.


I heard Vidello-san’s voice for the first time in a few days, and I ran up to him to hug him. But…

“Welcome back! Vidello-san, Crash! …And Horse-san?!”

I thought the mass in my field of vision was unusually large for two people, and then I noticed there was a white horse behind them. 

I was a little too surprised and missed the time to hug Vidello-san.

“Yeah, I’m a little late because I had to go and take custody of this child.”

“Take custody of…?”

I tilted my head in confusion, but Crash said, “Let’s eat first, I’m hungry.” He quickly sat down in his chair. 

“Come on, Mac and Vidello, let’s eat first. I ran out of magic energy and I’m feeling a bit dizzy. Vidello, this is the meal Mac made, so don’t tell me you don’t want it.”

“I never said I didn’t want it. Especially if it’s something Mac made.”

Encouraged by Crash, Vidello-san also put his arm around my shoulder and gestured for me to take a seat. Ah, this feeling.

The feeling of his arm around my shoulder made my face break into a smile.

Vidello-san’s arm. The firmness of his muscles feels good. I like it.

When most of the food on the plates was gone, Crash was finally ready to explain about Horse-san.

I brewed a cup of tea and took a sip, looking at Horse-san who narrowed his eyes.

“After what happened before, things got a bit messy, and I ended up leaving this horse in the stable for a while. Vidello paid for the boarding fees, but when we stopped by the desert city and tried to return this little one, it rubbed its face against me and wouldn’t let go. The stablekeeper was at a loss, so Vidello asked, ‘Is it possible to take this one in?’ The stablekeeper said it was possible, and without thinking, I ended up buying it. Luckily, our property is pretty big, and we make enough money to feed this one horse.”

Crash was so impressive, being able to make such a big decision like that. But the horse was really cute, so I’d definitely have to pet him later.

After giving the horse one of the Clear Fruit I brought from the workshop and admiring its sleek coat, Vidello-san and I left Crash’s store. Actually, I jumped us to the workshop using a magic circle.

The moment we confirmed we were inside the workshop, we naturally embraced each other. The warmth that couldn’t be felt through the armor enveloped our bodies.

“Welcome back, Vidello-san.”

“I’m home, Mac. I missed you.”

So did I. A lot.

I wanted to be close to him like this, to hear his voice, to enjoy his happiness.

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling stupidly. Right then, I must have looked like a total pervert.

While thinking about not wanting our century-long love to cool off from being seen like this, I couldn’t resist the desire to see Vidello-san’s face, and when I looked up, there he was, gazing at me with happy, smiling eyes.

Then, spontaneously, we shared a deep, deep kiss.

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