The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 067 – Truth [B]

 As Ssulal disappeared into the house with Kesselring, everyone that was left behind went a short distance away, including Leonhart.

It was their way of following Ssulal’s command to not eavesdrop. Everyone there had hearing that exceeded that of a regular human, so they did this just in case.

They went some distance away, so they could still see the house but were unable to hear what was going on inside. The atmosphere finally relaxed.

The first to speak out was Hunty. She looked at the house that the two people entered and said,

“………That’s supposed to be my house though…” 

She whispered this with half-lidded eyes, seemingly unconvinced of the fact that she, the house owner, had been driven away. 

When Galtia heard that, he put his hand on his chin and smiled,

“Then couldn’t you just refuse?” 

“There was no way I could have refused in that atmosphere…?!” 

“Hahah, I guess so.” 

Galtia laughed comfortably as he said that, which made Hunty drop her shoulders in indignation. 

At this time, Leonhart spoke,

“…Ah, that’s right. Sorry, Hunty. We ended up using your house without your permission. Especially the bed—” 

“…What should I do? That gave me the greatest murderous intent I’ve ever felt. If it’s right now, I think I could achieve a great deal in a mock battle…!” 

“No, that’s impossible. People wouldn’t struggle so much if they could have greater ability just by having greater killing intent. At the very least, it doesn’t mean anything in relation to skill or strength. Rather, if you can achieve better results just by that, why don’t you—”  

“Don’t answer it seriously!! Do you even have the intention to apologize properly?! —Thunderstrike!!” 


Even as Hunty cast thunder magic with her angry rebuttal, Leonhart easily deflected the incoming thunder. Then Hunty raised her eyebrows and, 

“Guh…that’s annoying…! You won’t even let the attack hit in situations like this…!” 

“…Well, calm down. I’ll give you a brand new bed once we return to the castle as an apology.” 

“The bed in the castle is already good enough though…!” 

What’s with that retort? Thought everyone but Hunty. 

Among the people there, it seemed there was one person who actually felt sorry. As she looked at Hunty’s appearance, Pale timidly said,

“E, err… that’s… I’m sorry for using your bed.” 

“Ah, …aaah, uhm, you don’t have to apologize. The one at fault is this idiot after all…” 

Hunty received Pale’s apology in a strangely awkward manner. Then she looked back at Leonhart and cussed at him. 

Meanwhile, the person in question was,

“Galtia…didn’t you make a fool of me earlier…? And Carol, you also said unnecessary things…” 

“I’m terribly sorry, Leonhart-sama! I only meant it as a compliment, but it backfired!” 

“Isn’t it fine anyway? Hmn… rather than that, the wasabi felt tingly and it was tasty, you know? Want one?” 

“…You’re actually eating wasabi raw… did you recommend to Ssulal and Carol to eat it like that?” 

“I did, but was there any problem?” 

“Wasabi isn’t something to be eaten raw. It’s usually used as a seasoning or condiment for dishes.” 

“Hm, so you already know about wasabi. Have you tasted it?” 

“I ate a wasabi dish yesterday, and I think I had heard of it before that… I personally prefer to have it dissolved in soy sauce and eaten with fish sashimi. It’s delicious that way…” 

“Oh, is that so?! Then let’s try it together once we return— nah, now that I think about it, there’s fish nearby. Let’s catch some and eat it right now!” 

“Aah, there’s indeed a swamp nearby… Now that I think about it, I haven’t eaten lunch yet either.” 

“Then isn’t it a good opportunity? Let’s go get some.” 

“…Well, it won’t take long anyway. Let’s go then.” 

“Heheh, that’s good then.” 

“I will also accompany you-!” 

With such exchange, the three headed towards the nearby swamp. Seeing that, Pale observed, 

…They seem to get along well…

She had thought it since she saw them earlier, but this didn’t feel like a conversation between majins and apostles.

Although she wasn’t present now, there was a maou here a while ago, whose trust and closeness could be felt from their exchange. Even when Leonhart was being scolded, Pale could feel that. Even now,

“Even though we were just told not to go far… they really can’t be helped…” 

As Pale glanced at the woman called Hunty, Pale could see that Hunty’s expression was peaceful, despite what she was saying. Although her words were mixed with bitter smiles and exasperation, her attitude showed how close she was with them. 

And there was another thing that Pale realized. As she looked at Hunty beside her,

…This person, isn’t she — she’s the shiso-sama, right…? 1

Judging from the red crystal on her forehead, long black hair, and the fact she lived in this forest, shouldn’t she be the shiso-sama I’ve heard of in rumor?

It was said that she had visited some kalar settlements a few generation ago but, 

…Why is she together with majins…?

Pale thought of such a natural question. According to what she heard, the black-haired kalar still lived and would wander around human settlements, but perhaps there were some kind of other special circumstances.

Although Pale thought that,

…But it would still be a good thing, regardless of the circumstances.

In any situation, Pale thought it wouldn’t be bad if the shiso-sama was together with people like them. Originally, Pale, as the kalar chief, was supposed to consider the reason why Hunty was with them and, depending on the situation, Pale ought to ask her some questions about it.

…But the current shiso-sama is—

Indeed, rather than asking about Hunty’s circumstances, she was currently thinking,

“…She seems to be having fun…” 

“…Eh? What?” 

“!… N-no, that’s…” 

Pale hadn’t realized she was speaking aloud. Pale went into a panic when she saw Hunty tilting her head. 

Should she say something about it? Pale didn’t think it was a good idea to pursue it too much. Hunty seemed to have an atmosphere of not wanting to divulge it anyway. 

…In-in that case…

After hesitating for a while, Pale gathered her thoughts. She quietly put it into words,



Pale seemed to feel Hunty’s eyebrow move at those words. Even as the atmosphere froze a bit, Pale didn’t mind and continued, 

“Th-that’s… tha-thank you for letting us use your house…!” 

And she expressed her appreciation. 

Upon receiving Pale’s words, Hunty’s eyes went wide for a moment, but she quickly regained herself,

“…Ahaha, You don’t have to worry about that. We are breth— comrades after all.” 2 

“…? Ye-yes. Still, thank you very much.” 

Hunty seemed to trip over her words for a moment, but Pale didn’t mind that and continued her words of gratitude. As Pale lowered her head, Hunty’s eyebrows also lowered, 

“Rather… didn’t it take a long time for you to notice? I thought either you or that girl Kesselring would make a comment immediately upon seeing me.” 3 

“Ah, no, that’s… things just developed too rapidly… we never thought that a maou would actually appear in front of us…” 

“Ah, I guess that’s true.” 

Hunty smiled as she said that, and Pale continued the exchange while feeling reserved. However, it was an obvious attitude to have. After all, for the kalar race, including Pale, Hunty was a worshipped existence. 

But, more than that, Pale hadn’t expected,

…She is a friendly person.

Pale could tell Hunty was a kind person once they had talked a bit. Pale had been having such thoughts ever since she met Leonhart, but it seemed that the more amazing a person was, the bigger their heart was, or the more gentle they were. Although I am the chief myself, I wish I could be more like them…

Just as Pale thought of that,

“…That’s right, I might as well ask you about it.” 

“Ah… yes. What is it?” 

Hunty suddenly began speaking again. 

Hunty’s eyes became somewhat serious as she looked at Pale.

“You see, Pale, and also Kesselring… Why — would you end up in such a relationship with Leonhart?” 

“! Tha-that’s…” 

Pale became tongue-tied at the unexpected question. And, although Hunty asked it in a roundabout way, Pale felt her face flush at the question. Pale could clearly feel Hunty looking at the now blue crystal on her forehead and as she asked her about it. 

Now I think about it, thought Pale. They were doing it in Hunty’s house earlier and,

…We ended up seen by shiso-sama…!

They were totally caught in the act. That said, it was more like light flirting while having a meal, so it wasn’t that deep of an act… but maybe being seen in a light act would also be bad.

As Pale filled with shame, Hunty awkwardly asked her,

“…Hm-… Well, since you didn’t seem to hate it, I doubt you were forced into it… so I’m not worried about that part… It’s just, I was wondering how it ended up like that. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

Hunty said that while scratching her head. Pale could clearly feel Hunty was trying to be considerate toward her. 

So Pale decided to answer her. Leonhart was trying to hide it earlier but Pale somehow understood what he meant. And she also knew it would be better for him if she spoke up.

Therefore, Pale answered Hunty’s question. While choosing her words carefully,

“We, well… the reason we ended up like that with Leonhart-san… Kesselring-sama and I both fell for him—” 


“—I-I… told him.” 

“? Does that mean you told him your feelings?” 

“…That’s not it. Leonhart-san had already noticed that… I told him—” 

Pale, after denying Hunty’s words, continued her explanation. The content was,

“—That Kesselring-sama’s lifespan is almost exhausted.” 


Author Note:

Carol: “Even though the title says ‘truth,’ the details need to wait for the next chapter!”

Ssulal: “Then shouldn’t they change the title? It’s a mismatch.”

Carol: “It’s because that thing will happen by the next chapter, so the title priority goes for that.”

Galtia: “What is that? Is it tasty?”

Carol: “When I say that, I mean that. You see, it’s—“

Hunty: “Don’t spoil it here?!”

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