The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 078 – The New Bond [A]

The wind was blowing.

Above the clouds, a pair consisting of a man and a woman were walking up the mountain road of Rising Dragon Mountain.

The man carried injuries all over his body and was bleeding heavily. When the woman who walked beside him had offered to heal his injuries however, he had refused.

The woman watched the man anxiously, but then she exhaled and snuggled up to support him.

Then the woman rolled her eyes and asked him,

“…Is this the real reason that you wanted me to come along with you?” 

The way she worded the question implied that she thought he had asked her to accompany him just to be a crutch he could use to walk with, and to heal him if necessary. 

However, the man tilted his head in surprise,

“? That’s not the reason, but what’s wrong?” 

“…Hm, I see.” 

“…What’s wrong with you?” 

“I don’t know,” said the woman as she pouted and looked away. She actually did know why though. 

I won’t ask him because I’m afraid of the answer, thought the woman. If she could avoid hearing his answer, she could stay blissful in her ignorance, and she could still feel like anything might be possible. It was preferable for things to stay that way. It would be better for her mental state to leave the possibilities open.

So she quietly ignored him and continued to walk.

And, after they walked for some time,



At the same time, they both let out a gasp of surprise. It was because of the majestic view they saw in front of them. 

It was a breathtaking scene with nothing to block their endless view, the highest location in the world, the place closest to the sky.

It was the summit — of the Rising Dragon Mountain.



“………………This is, amazing.” 

“………………Yes, it’s amazing.” 

Leonhart spoke of his admiration for the view, and Ssulal did the same.

They couldn’t help but do so. They continued gazing at the scenery, their eyes wide in awe of what lay before them.

They could see an endless sea of clouds that continued beyond the horizon.

There was a light beyond that and, as the sun rose, it illuminated the carpet of clouds beneath it in a deep red hue.

It was a superb view. It was truly a stunning landscape, one that was beyond description.

“So this is, what the dragons saw… during their lives.” 

Leonhart mumbled slowly. It was the words he heard earlier. 

Ssulal agreed with that and said,

“…I’m sure this scenery… was something special even for the dragons who could fly freely in the sky.” 


Leonhart nodded quietly. I’m sure that was the case, he thought. 

The sky they saw was the place that was once the homeland of the dragons.

They lived in the sky, went down to the ground, and returned to the sky.

And under this sky,

“…This is also the scenery of the world we live in now.” 

“…You’re right.” 

Under the sea of clouds, the land below was filled with both humans and demons alike. Many creatures lived their respective lives down there. 

There were even some dragons left under this sky.

Although they no longer flew among the clouds, they certainly still existed.

Leonhart no longer cared about the cold air, his pain, or any other trivialities.

And he silently etched the scene into his memory, together with Ssulal.

Then after a while,

“—Can I have a moment please?” 


They suddenly heard a voice from behind. It was an unfamiliar voice. 

It seemed they had a surprise visitor, so they carefully turned around as they were now aware of its presence.

Ssulal took a cautious step back. The appearance of the visitor filled her with doubt and she couldn’t help but ask, 

“…A cat?” 

In front of her was a human sized cat wearing a red tuxedo, standing on his hind legs. 

Is it a demon? This was what she thought at first, but she couldn’t feel its strength. While still being wary of the creature, she prepared for a confrontation.

Then the cat opened his mouth.

“My apologies. I know it is rather boorish of me to interrupt, but please forgive me for I will leave after saying what needs to be said.” 

It was a polite and calm tone. Therefore, it felt creepy. 

There was both a majin and a maou in front of the cat, yet he still retained a tranquil demeanor. A normal creature would have been frightened and ran away already, but this cat kept staring at the two of them without showing any fear.

“…Who are you?” 

They both asked. They couldn’t help but to do so. 

However, the cat just answered them with a phrase. And that was,

“I’m merely someone who abandoned the world.” 

“Abandoned the world…?” 

Ssulal repeated his words, her original sense of doubt increasing. The cat generously nodded to her remark. 

“Indeed. Therefore, I won’t do anything…I only came to express my gratitude.” 

Gratitude? Before they could ask what the cat meant, the cat lowered his head. Then with heartfelt words, 

“—Thank you for saving my friend.” 

They swallowed breaths, along with any questions they had about who his friend was.  

But Leonhart suddenly remembered something. He felt some dots connecting in his memories.

Indeed, his friend had to be,

“I will definitely repay this debt someday — Farewell.” 

“Ah, oi?!” 

But before Leonhart could confirm his thoughts, the cat leaped up and over the edge of the cliff, 

“He fell…!” 

As Ssulal gaped in astonishment, they watched the cat fall into the sea of clouds. 

The power behind its leap was definitely something that would be impossible for a normal cat. Most likely, that cat was going to be just fine.

As he thought of the reason, Leonhart spoke to Ssulal, who was still surprised.

“…He should be fine. He didn’t look like he was panicking when it happened.” 

“What the hell was that…?” 

Leonhart was at a loss for a moment as to whether he should answer her, but he decided to do so. 

That cat was,

“It was just a cat — one that happens to have abandoned the world, that is.” 

That cat seems to have quite a big friend though, he thought. But Leonhart wouldn’t do such a crude thing as pointing that out. 

They were in a great mood right now. He didn’t want to ruin it.

“…Don’t tell me, that was—” 

Ssulal thought for a moment and realized something. But Leonhart spoke out to stop her from continuing. 

“Isn’t it fine? He only came to give us his gratitude after all.” 

“…Yes… yes… you’re right.” 

Ssulal thought it over, but nodded as she was convinced. 

Then she looked up to Leonhart,

“At the very least… we’re having a great time right now.” 

“Yes, that’s right.” 

They looked at each other and laughed slightly. 

Then they looked away and continued to observe the scenery once again.

Suddenly, Ssulal said, 

“Hey, Leonhart.” 

“What is it?” 

While still staring at the scenery and what lay ahead, she said, 

“You see, I actually… I’ve never liked this world very much.” 

“…………I see.” 

Leonhart responded with his own feelings, 

“I feel the same.” 

Ssulal hated the world, and so did Leonhart. 

Ssulal continued,

“This is a world devoid of reason, one that is beyond salvation. There are many things I can’t find the answer for, regardless of how much I think about it. I’ve always hated such a world.” 

Leonhart responded. He also, 

“Yes. You’re right.” 

There were a lot of things he hated, felt sad about, found regrettable, or felt helpless about. 

However, even so,

“So… what about now?” 

Leonhart asked her. He wanted to know her thoughts on the present world after everything they had seen. 

“Well… let’s see.” 

Ssulal responded. They looked at each other for a moment. 

Then, as her expression brightened, Ssulal said, 

“Now — I’ve come to like it a little.” 


She said it with a smile. 

Seeing her sudden smile made Leonhart stiffen and swallow his breath. Then he remembered something.

Her expression when they first met, filled with anxiety, and looking like she was about to cry at any moment. 

…Aah, I see.

Since that moment, Leonhart had been fighting for her sake.

For the sake of this girl who’d held such anxiety, just like him, perhaps bearing more than what he’d had to bear,


So he said it. He didn’t think of anything unnecessary. 

After all, he also felt the same,

“Me too — I’ve also come to like it a little.” 

“…I see.” 

And Ssulal smiled. 

“—Then I’m glad.” 

Indeed, she was truly pleased. 

She finally could form a smile.

And just with that,

“Aah… I’m really glad.” 

Leonhart could also smile. 

He felt like he could continue to fight onwards.

And he would continue to do so from now on.

He would do his best for the sake of Ssulal and the things she loved.

“…Then, let’s take a closer look.” 

“Eh, ah—” 

Leonhart grabbed her hand and pulled her toward him. He wanted to show her more of the scenery and dreams. 

“I-isn’t this dangerous?” 

“Yes it is. But it’s okay.” 

And with that, he hoped she would come to love the world a little more. 

“Because I’m here.” 

And they could continue to walk — that was what he thought. 



Something flew through the sky. 

A large shadow was cast across the green earth and there were several shadows on its back.

They had arrived at their meeting place.

Then Leonhart, who had descended back down to the location, said,

“…I never thought you would actually send us off here.” 

“I enjoyed the air travel!” 

Carol said to the big, white dragon as she turned to him with a smile. 

The dragon laughed briefly and said,

“Well, I’m trying to find out where you live, you see. We can’t have a rematch if I don’t know where to find you. You are a busy person, right?” 

“…Well, that’s right. That really would help. But it will definitely cause ruckus… how do I explain this…” 

As Leonhart turned his gaze toward the Maou Castle, he could see the figures of the demon soldiers wandering around as they confirmed the dragon’s appearance. Although they could do nothing about it, they would definitely ask about it later. Those demon soldiers got to see Leonhart’s battle appearance after all.

“…Carol. You go on ahead and explain it to them.” 

“Certainly! I will rush there and explain!” 

Carol, as she declared that, rushed straight toward the Maou Castle. She was a lively person as usual. 

Ssulal then moved a few steps closer to Raizen. To everyone behind her,

“Well then, err, I’ve got something to talk with him about, so can you leave us alone for a while?” 

“Okay… We also have things to talk about here after all.” 

As Leonhart said that, he looked toward Pale, who was accompanying them along the way to Maou Castle and talking with Kesselring at the moment. Leonhart walked in their direction. 

Then Galtia spoke up,

“I’ll return to the castle first. I’m so hungry that I might starve to death if I don’t get back soon.” 

“Ooh,” said Leonhart, giving a brief response and nodding. Galtia immediately left. It was a casual parting that was fitting of Galtia’s personality. Perhaps because he had already done what he needed to do with the group.

As Leonhart confirmed Galtia had departed, he waved his hand lightly and continued in the direction he’d started in.

At that moment, Raizen called out.

“…So, what do you want to ask?’ 

“Well, let’s see.” 

After she nodded once, she deployed soundproofing magic.  

Then she looked straight at the big dragon — her eyes met Raizen’s and she spoke.

Her question was,

“You— do you know where and how Maou Avel died?” 


Raizen’s eyes widened at her question. But he soon regained his composure, 

“So it’s about Avel… Although I am the one who said I would give you an answer, let me ask you a question first — Why do you want to know that?” 

“…Because it’s something important to me.” 


The dragon fell silent and became lost in his own thoughts at Ssulal’s words. 

But after a while, he opened his mouth,

“Did you feel something as a fellow maou?” 


Of course she’d felt something. 

But, if possible, she wanted to refrain from answering that.

It seem the dragon understood her thoughts and he exhaled,

“…I see. Fine then. I’ll tell you what I know.” 

With that as the preface, the dragon said. 

“After the war between the Demon Army and the dragon race ended, our king imprisoned Avel deep underground. Avel was put on the stake in a dying state.” 

“Where did it happen?” 

“Aah,” the dragon nodded. That was, 

“—Abyss. It was in a place called Abyss.” 


As Ssulal muttered, the dragon continued his words. 

“As for how he died… My apologies, I have no idea. Perhaps he grew too weak and died from that, or—” 

“…Someone killed him.” 

When Ssulal finished Raizen’s words for him, the dragon’s gaze shot toward her. 

On top of that, as if he remembered something,

“It seems you have some inkling as to what might have happened?” 

“…Just a little.” 

Ssulal knew. What drove the dragons to near extinction, and why they were hunted down. Ssulal was well aware of that. 

The truth was too cruel, and knowing wouldn’t provide him any salvation. Regardless, it went beyond reluctance or unwillingness to tell him.

It was something she couldn’t speak about to anyone else, especially not the dragon who was directly harmed by it,

“…I know about it.” 


However, the dragon suddenly nodded. He claimed to already know the secret in Ssulal’s mind. 

That was,


“Well, it’s something I heard about… from an old friend.” 

The dragon, his voice filled with pain, proceeded to tell her a story about his past, 

“I was once asked by my friend to perform an investigation. I did as he asked and I told my friend the results of that investigation. My friend then went to that place completely alone, without bringing any subordinates with him.” 

“…Where is that place?” 

“…I can’t tell you. However, after my friend had returned from that place — he came back looking exhausted, with a heart full of despair, and told me this.” 

The dragon made a voice. That was, 

“‘There is no salvation in this world’ he said.” 

“You understand, right?” asked the dragon. On top of that, he gave her a warning. 

“Oh, kind maou. Be cautious how you act.” 

“I’ve always… been careful about what I do.” 

“I’m telling you despite that. Be careful. Listen—” 

The dragon paused for a moment. Then he spoke his warning with a desperate tone. 

“The world we have now won’t last forever. Never forget that.” 

There was no guarantee here. One wrong move, or any little thing that might cause a bad mood, and everything would come crashing down in an instant, crumbling like a sand castle.

…That kind of thing.

She clenched her fists tightly. It was as if she was trying to crush her indignation,

“I already knew about such a thing…!” 

Indeed, she had already known it for a long time. Along with the fact there was no salvation in this world. 

Even so,

“But, even so…! I…!” 

Even so, by all means— 



Ssulal looked up as she heard his sympathetic voice. 

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