Trails with Cuddle-Cuddle Osbon

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My fanfic is nothing (like the plot) and spirals (the story style) ——

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Chapter 003 – Fufufu, son. It’s a School Debut. 

As Rean was chasing Celine, the 215th Thors Military Academy entrance ceremony had finished, and boys and girls in red uniforms were being taken to the old schoolhouse by a woman who suddenly appeared. 

It was called a special orientation, where Tactical Orbment “ARCUS” were sent along with admission information to the test drive students. Those boys and girls were part of Class VII. 

Looking down on them as they entered the old schoolhouse were four seniors from Thors Military Academy. 

They worked unofficially to prepare test cases for the test candidates, and watched with curiosity as they followed the same path.

“Hm~ in the end, Rean Schwarzer-kun didn’t come.” 

The voice that sounded worried came from a short, child-like girl. 

Even though the girl had an appearance like she was still attending Sunday school, she was actually the student council president of the military academy, Towa Herschel.

“Ahn? There’s actually a delinquent who skipped the entrance ceremony? Even someone like me still attended the entrance ceremony, you know?” 

“To have Crow say that, it seems like that student is really a serious offender.”

“Rather than a delinquent, he’s more of a careless student. He already came all the way to the main gate, but he suddenly turned back. Towa said he must have forgotten something.”

“Oioi, is that supposed to be the action of someone who enrolled into such a prestigious academy?”

“Fufu, from what I can guess, that Schwarzer-kun is also a kid in a red uniform like they are, right? If that’s the case…”

A communication sound resounded from the ARCUS, from a beautiful woman with short cut hair wearing a black jumpsuit, Angelica Rogner, and a silver-haired young man wearing a bandana, Crow Armbrust. 

Crow seemed to find it a hassle, but George Nome, a chubby young man who was working with Towa to guide new students at the main gate, urged him to hurry up.

“Yes yes, hello——”

“Crow. You are to go and find Rean Schwarzer right now.”

“Haah? What do you mean?”

Crow, who was told something so outrageous, gave a suspicious exclamation to the person on the other end of the call, Sara Valestein, who was supposed to have taken the students in red uniform earlier. 

“There’s news from the town people that he seemed to have skipped the entrance ceremony and is chasing after a cat.” 

“Hahah, that new student sounds like a pleasant fellow.”

Because the volume of the call was loud, George Nome, who heard what they were talking about, started laughing while holding his big belly. 

Towa had an expression as if she didn’t know what to say, and Angelica’s beautiful mouth was twisted.

“Hou. How dare he ignore my Towa’s concern?” 

“Put your fist away. I understand why you contacted us, but why me?”

“To deal with a delinquent, isn’t it a good idea to send fellow delinquents? Angelica might beat him to death instead, so I think you’ll be able to handle it in moderation.”

“Isn’t it okay to just leave him alone? He would just reap what he sowed. You can just give him a penalty or make-up exam.”

“I don’t mind giving you follow-up about the fact you skipped class and the number of times you did it, you know?”

“Okay, leave it to me. Towa, do you know his face?”

After being promised a reward, Crow suddenly became more motivated. 

Seeing her best friend like that, Towa felt uneasy.

“E-err, Crow-kun? Um, Rean-kun might be chasing the cat due to some circumstances, so take it easy, okay?” 

“As expected of my Towa. Just with those words, the clouds covering my heart cleared up.”

“Wai, An-chan!”

As if she couldn’t bear how adorable she was, Angelica pounced onto Towa, but on the side, George told Crow about Rean’s characteristics. 

“Unless he changed his clothes, I think his red uniform would stand out. Also, I saw him carrying a long, thin luggage. According to the document, he seemed to have learnt martial arts, so maybe that should be a sword.”

“That’s enough information. Then I’ll be going.”

Ignoring the two women playing around, Crow left the place. 

However, the person in question had already returned to the military academy, and it was around noon that Crow realized that he had missed him.

Sara thought Crow skipped class together, so there was obviously no follow-up for his skipping of classes, making Crow exhausted by the fruitless endeavor.



[“Fufufu, son. Today was a perfect day for an entrance ceremony.”]

“Stop it, I almost had to change classes from the first day.”

Rean was lying languidly at his desk in his assigned dormitory room. 

He thought it was only natural that he would be scolded for being late, so he was prepared to receive the sermon, but what was waiting for him was a proposal to transfer class.

It was because he was judged to be an unmotivated student who was late for the entrance ceremony because he was chasing a cat around without any convincing reason.

At first, Rean thought it was his own fault and was considering accepting the decision, but since the Schwarzer family was still a noble, even if they didn’t show their faces in society, it had been planned that Rean would be transferred to class I or II that was intended for noble students.

Rean was aware he had already degraded the honor of the Schwarzer family just by being there, so he didn’t think he would be able to fit in with the class even on the first day. 

Above all, he was originally assigned to the class VII, where Emma Millstein, who was believed to be the owner of Celine, belonged to.

In that case, there was no reason for Rean to change class. 

Therefore, it was necessary for Rean to keep Schwarzer’s honor and worth to be known to the fullest but…

[“Three months of chores… or at least volunteer work by that name. It was a rather harsh decision. You were only late by the first day. That female instructor seemed like quite a slavedriver.”] 

“I think that’s a rather gentle treatment towards someone who was late because they were chasing after a cat, dad. In the end, I have to lie and get that girl involved in the mess too.”

[“There is no doubt that the kitten was Miss Emma’s pet. You just told the truth but not the entire fact.”]

“Even so, it doesn’t make me feel good about it.”

Feeling worn out, Rean reflected on today’s events. 

——Rean, who arrived late, received the explanation from the vice principal, and went to the old schoolhouse.

There were the figures of classmates who had already finished their special orientation and declared their participation in Class VII. As Rean arrived late at that moment, the atmosphere broke and he had to explain the reason for his late arrival.

Amidst the confused atmosphere, the person who was likely to be Emma was the only one with a different atmosphere as she was staring at Osbon.

[“Fufufu, son. It might be a rough method, but let’s create an opportunity to establish contact with Miss Emma.”] 

What do you mean?

[“It’s nothing hard. Just speak the truth. Truth without any falsehood, that is.”]

“So, Rean Schwarzer-kun? If you are dissatisfied with not only the orientation but also with the school life, there’s no need for you to be in the special class. There’s no reason to spend budget on a unmotivated student, so why don’t you transfer to the class you’re supposed to be affiliated to——”

“A-Actually! I was looking for the pet of Emma Millstein-san who is standing there, the black cat named Celine!”



Sara turned her head and Emma also blinked in surprise. 

“How do you know about Celine——”

[“Son, don’t let her speak out. Cut her words like a gale.”]

“Aah, I made sure to entrust her to an acquaintance’s house, so rest assured.”

[“Rest assured, Miss Emma. We don’t actually entrust her to someone’s house or cause any harm to her. It’s just—— we have something to talk about with the two of you. I’d appreciate it if you could match your words. Also, his name is Rean Schwarzer, the eldest son of Schwarzer family that rules Ymir.”]

When Osbon said that, Emma shut her mouth for a moment. 

It was a proposal from an obviously suspicious person.

Moreover, the said person wasn’t even a human.

The reason Emma ended up accepting the suggestion from the 100% pure suspicious existence that she could easily dismiss was also because of how suspicious it was.

“I-I see, thank you very much Rean-san. Also, I’m sorry. I never thought it would make you this late.” 

“Aah, no. It’s a fact that I was too focused on chasing her after all.”

Although it couldn’t be taken as poor performance, it seemed the confusion was still there that caused her words to stutter a little. 

Sara stared at Rean then spoke to Emma as if asking for confirmation.

“Emma? Is what he says true?” 

“Y-yes. I got to know Rean-san through Celine……”

[“He’s from Ymir.”]

“When I went to enjoy Ymir’s hot springs, I became acquainted with him. He’s the son of the lord there, so we often met.”

As an instructor, it was natural for Sara to be aware that Rean was from Ymir. 

And Ymir was a tourist destination that is even well known as a hot spring village.

There was nothing unnatural about visiting that place.

Since this was a place where the students were supposed to meet for the first time, the fact Emma was aware of that information meant the possibility that she was really Rean’s acquaintance couldn’t be denied.

Of course, the improvisation based on Emma’s intelligence also helped.

“……So he’s yet another noble, huh.”

There was anger in that voice, but Rean didn’t have time to care about that right now. 

“…………There’s some suspicious part about it, but it doesn’t seem to be a lie that you two are acquainted with each other. It’s good to behave like a good person, but it’s bad to skip the entrance ceremony due to that reason.”

“Y-yes, of course it……”

“Emma? I’m talking about you as well. You must train your pet properly so they do not cause trouble to your acquaintance.”

“I-I’m terribly sorry…”

Seeing Emma get dragged into it, Rean lowered his head out of guilt. 

With an indescribable atmosphere filling the air, Sarah told the students to disperse.

Rean and Emma, who were dragged into it, were told to stay.

“I’ll explain the function of ARCUS—— wait, where’s your weapon?”

“If it’s about that, I left it with another instructor.”
“I heard you were learning swordsmanship, but did you come through the place where monsters roamed with your bare hands?”

“Yes. There were no monsters that were that strong anyway, and I was also trained to fight barehanded, so there’s no problem.”

“Hou,” exclaimed the girl with the ponytail Rean saw on his way to the academy with admiration. 

Her powerful gaze gauged Rean, but Sara urged her to remain silent.

As Rean’s gaze followed the classmates who left before he could greet them, Sara took out a sword and orbal gun and pointed them at Rean. 

“Well then, let’s have you two fight me as a lesson. I won’t aim at Emma, so rest assured. This is just a mock battle for you to learn about ARCUS’s performance, so make sure to follow up on him in this battle.” 

“Eh, we’re fighting instructors all of sudden?”

“Originally, this practical test was scheduled for a little later, but I want to know your current ability after all.”

[“Fufufu, son. It seems she can sense that your ability goes beyond that of the standard student.”]


Hearing Emma’s stunned voice, Rean’s mouth loosened. 

Worthy of being Celine’s owner, it seemed Emma was also able to see Osbon.

As they regained their composure, light emitted from the tactical orbments held by Rean and Emma as they got connected.

“This is…” 

“That’s ARCUS’… no, it’s better for you to feel the effect firsthand.”

“I understand. Then I’m going!”



[“And as a result, the link broke. I guess this is what we call a sokuochi story.”] 1

“What are you talking about…?”

Osbon grasped the information with its eyesight without the need for a battle scope, and after the battle had progressed to a certain extent, Sara’s attacks became more intense as Rean was more powerful than she expected. 2 

Even with Emma’s support, barehanded Rean was gradually unable to cope due to the stats difference, so he tried to unleash the power of ogre for an instant.

Immediately after, the link with Emma was severed. 

Perhaps out of intuition as a fighter, the moment Rean was about to unleash the power of ogre, Sara immediately jumped back and declared the end of the class, but… 

“I don’t think I’ll be able to forget the look on their eyes for a while.” 

[“Fufufu, son. Since you’re born as a man, it’s not like I don’t understand you have the desire to be looked down upon by a woman, but for me personally—— ”]

“That’s not what I meant.”

Emma’s gaze contained fear while Sara’s gaze contained astonishment. 

Although they had their respective reasons, Rean ended up creating a major weakness on top of an already suspicious excuse to begin with.

[“Fufufu, you should be glad that ARCUS can’t read one’s inner thoughts.”] 

“If it is capable of going that far, it would be over-technology. But being able to understand each other’s movement is amazing.”

[“Umu. In a sense that it ensures quick and reliable coordination between units in the military, it is indeed a technology worthy of being included in the curriculum at military academy. Well then, it’s about time to explain things to Miss Emma, son.”]

“What do you think I should say?”

[“You can just do the same thing as Miss Celine. It’s not a big deal, just introducing your father. There’s no need to worry.”]

“It only makes me feel more nervous. Visiting a woman’s room at this hour is just…”

[“Fufufu, son. Rest assured.”]

When Osbon said that, Rean’s ARCUS activated on its own and went into call state. 

After a while, there was a “hello” coming from there with Emma’s voice.

“T-this is!” 

[“We already exchanged contact information. Feel free to decide on meeting time.”]

“When did you do that…?”

[“Fufufu, I can do a lot of things where you can’t see. Manipulating message panel was just a trivial task.”]

“It’s something I don’t understand as usual, but you haven’t committed a crime, right?”

[“Fufufu, do you doubt your father, son?”]


[“Fufufuh, you sure are being harsh to give an immediate response. Anyway, you should talk with Miss Emma for now.”]

Rean felt like he was being deceived, but talking with Emma was also important, so he picked up the ARCUS. 

At the end of the call, it was decided to set up a place and time for discussion, and then they hung up.

And when he went there—— Emma and Celine, who waited for Rean, screamed out, unleashed teleportation magic in a frenzy, and sent him away to a land far away from Trista.

By the time Rean returned to Trista from a remote area with no rail access, he had quickly become infamous as a dangerous new student.

Having a horn on his head and wing on his back was already suspicious enough, but wearing a armor set attached on his waist would make anyone think of him as suspicious person, and seeing such a person would make anyone confused, so Rean apologized to the two, and when they got to see the Divine Knight of which that appearance was based on, they couldn’t help but surprised again, but that was something that happened in the future. 

Osbon said it was just a witty joke and told Rean that it was reflecting on it, but Rean couldn’t help but throw it to the ground.

That said, Emma and Celine, who were indirectly responsible for Rean’s current reputation, perhaps out of guilt, treated Rean kindly regardless of his reputation. 

Thanks to them, Rean was able to catch up on his studies, and quickly learnt that the two belonged to the Hexen Clan. They got along well, which was a happy miscalculation on Rean’s part.

But dad, there’s no excuse for you.


Author Note:

Osbon can freely manipulate attached items!
However, I think it’s better for him to just manipulate the attached panel even if he can’t speak these days.

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