The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 081 – Kesselring and Maou’s Cooking 5 [B]

“We were just about to begin!”

Kesselring was a bit surprised at the appearance of the person Carol welcomed, 

“Even Shiso-sama, you actually came…” 

“Hello, Kesselring — I mean, Kesselring-sama, I guess I should call you that now.” 

The apostle entered the room — Hunty slightly raised her hand and greeted Kesselring. But Kesselring seemed to be at a loss as she spoke the following words, 

“How about… calling each other casually, no, but, I shouldn’t call the Shiso-sama of kalar race that way—” 

“U-hn, but I am the apostle here, while Kesselring-sama is the majin, so shouldn’t I call you using an honorific?” 

Watching Hunty, who seemed to be lightly teasing her, Kesselring felt a little troubled, 

“…Please don’t tease me like that. I understand that is how it should be done, considering the status difference between a majin and an apostle, but I’m still not done organizing my feelings yet—” 

“Ahaha, sorry sorry. You can call me as you like— err, I guess it is weird for me to be the one who gives permission. Well then, may I speak casually?” 

“…Yes. I think that would be fine.” 

“Hm, then let’s do it that way.” 

Looking at Hunty who showed her teeth as she smiled, Kesselring also replied with a smile. What came to Leonhart’s mind as he saw their exchange was, 

…She seems different somehow.

Such were his thoughts as he observed his apostle. Hunty seemed more energetic and cheerful compared to before, as if she was freed of some sort of burden. He was curious about that and spoke out.

“…Even so, you came just in time. If you had come a little earlier, I would have had you either help with the work or have a light spar with me.” 

“Then it was right for me to come at this time.” 

Hunty reacted normally to his words. Her easy-going appearance didn’t have the awkwardness she had before, 

…Did she get her feelings organized?

Many things had happened after all. It wouldn’t be strange, even if something changed within her heart. Even without that, it was possible that she merely got used to it.

Either way,

“…What does that mean…? Well, just sit down quickly. The food will get cold.” 

“Oh, you said a good thing there, Leonhart. We have to eat it quickly or the food will get cold. Then let’s—” 

“There’s also this fool here who can’t wait to eat, so hurry up.” 

“I guess I better do so…” 

Hunty let out a wry laugh at seeing Galtia being talkative and sat down. 

And finally,

“Well then, let’s get started. This is Kesselring’s welcome party — but well, let’s not get too formal about it. Everyone can do what they like after Kesselring has sampled the dishes. That’s about it, so Kesselring, you don’t have to be too formal, okay?” 

“Aah… I’ll do that.” 

Kesselring nodded happily. It seemed she was slightly impressed, but Leonhart couldn’t help but feel it was a little pitiful. After all, 

…She’s going to taste that deadly dish after this…

Leonhart felt like the good atmosphere would likely get destroyed. Perhaps thinking the same thing, Hunty whispered to Ssulal,

“…Hey, is that really okay? That’s the usual dish, right?” 

“B-but, that is somewhat of a welcoming ritual, in a sense…” 

“…No well, I can’t say anything since I didn’t taste anything wrong though.” 

“I wonder if I could get all of it instead…?” 

“What are you all talking about?” 

…These people who don’t understand my suffering sure have it great…! 

Seeing how people other than Leonhart and Ssulal were being casual about it, it made it easier to understand how weird the group was. Carol just happened to forget about it, but Galtia and Hunty were particularly awful. But it made Leonhart have a hard time telling.

As Leonhart wondered which side Kesselring would end up being on, he saw Kesselring reach out her hand to the plate. She took some of Ssulal’s deadly stew to her plate and brought it close. Then, as she reached out to pick up her spoon,

“Well then — I’ll eat it.” 

She scooped the stew gracefully, without making any noise from the dishes, and brought it to her mouth, 


She swallowed it. Everyone else swallowed their saliva as they watched. 

What would the result be? That was where their interest lied.

A few seconds passed since she proceeded to taste it slowly. Then Kesselring suddenly,


She stopped moving. Not just her body, her mouth wasn’t moving at all. As Leonhart saw that, 

…S-so it’s no good after all…?!

Leonhart prepared himself to help her at any moment. He was ready to catch her if she happened to faint. Beside him, Ssulal had already prepared her healing magic.

Meanwhile, Kesselring stopped moving for some time.



…She moved?! 

Kesselring, who suddenly resumed her movement, slowly began to move her mouth again.

Seeing that, Leonhart felt like he was witnessing something unbelievable.

…Don’t tell me she is the same kind as Galtia, or maybe the same kind as Hunty…?!

Leonhart didn’t like it, whichever the case. It would make it seem like he was the abnormal one among the bunch.

But in reality, Kesselring continued to chew slowly,


At last, she swallowed it. 

Don’t tell me, thought Leonhart as he continued to watch over her. While filled with astonishment, Kesselring placed the spoon back on the table and wiped her mouth with the napkin.



“W-what?! I-is it delicious?!” 

Ssulal replied in panic, perhaps excited seeing Kesselring managed to eat the dish just fine. 

However, Kesselring shook her head in reply,

“No, well, it’s hard to say—” 

She stopped talking for a moment then explained to Ssulal. 

“Actually I — have a cat’s tongue.” 


“I mean,” continued Kesselring, 

“I’m not good with hot foods so I couldn’t recognize the taste. I’m very sorry to Ssulal-sama who went to all the trouble to prepare it—” 

Seeing Kesselring who bowed apologetically, Ssulal responded nervously. 

“Eh, ah, well, t-then it couldn’t be helped! Yep! Just eat something else then! I’ll just let Galtia eat this instead!” 

“Such a supreme dish is brought in front of me?! Then I’ll eat it without reservation!!” 

Galtia began to eat the stew in the pot vigorously after Ssulal passed it to him. As Kesselring saw that, 


Leonhart happened to see her put her hand on her mouth, and he noticed. 

…Perhaps she is…

He had such a thought. He didn’t know if it was correct.

So to check it, Leonhart took a random plate and passed it to Kesselring,

“…Hey, Kesselring. How about this dish?” 

“…U-umu. It does look delicious… t-that’s. Which of you made it?” 

Of course it was Leonhart who made it. However, 



Her shoulder quivered. As Leonhart was now convinced by her reaction, 

“—didn’t cook it, it is I who made it. I’m quite confident about it, so go ahead and eat.” 

“I, see. Then I’ll eat it.” 

“… ‘Then’?” 

“gh, i-it’s just a figure of speech…” 

Kesselring said so and picked up the tableware. Then she slowly brought the food to her mouth,  


Kesselring’s eyes turned wide in surprise. She then put it into words, 

“It’s delicious. Yes… it really is…” 

Then slowly and steadily, she continued to eat. 

Her eyes were slightly wet and, judging by her attitude, it was as Leonhart expected,

…Aah, so… she was enduring it earlier…

Perhaps she desperately endured the deadly dish with all her might so that she wouldn’t embarrass Ssulal.

She lied about being a cat’s tongue to refuse the stew. Then she was impressed by eating delicious dishes. Perhaps it was something like that.

Even without that, it was clear that she was lying about having a cat’s tongue. After all,

“Aah… it’s delicious… if it’s this dish, then I could eat the whole thing…” 

…The thing she’s eating right now is hot gratin after all… 

Kesselring ate it normally, which she wouldn’t have been able to do if she had a cat’s tongue like she claimed, but perhaps she just lacked the composure to clue in to that. If she was calmer, she would have refused the moment Leonhart recommended the dish.

However, in the honor of her good resistance, Leonhart didn’t point that out and continued to recommend good food to heal the aftertaste.




Kesselring’s welcome party had ended and everyone left the room. The only bodies remaining were the figures of two women.

Those figures belonged to Ssulal, the owner of the room, and Kesselring, the recent addition to the group. Leonhart, who was usually called to visit around this time, wasn’t present, and Ssulal had told him to not come tonight. The soundproofing magic was especially thick for today.

Arranging those situations, Ssulal wanted to have a conversation with Kesselring.

“—Then, how is it…?” 

Ssulal asked her anxiously. Kesselring responded to that, 

“—Yes, if you are fine with me, I will help you as much as I can.” 

Kesselring said that with a smile. 

Then Ssulal’s expression relaxed,

“Well then, thank you for your cooperation. —Ah, that’s not all. Can we get along normally, maybe? I want to do things like girls-only gatherings too…” 

“Fuh, I understand. I will not forget the grace of your forgiveness and your allowance for me to stay here.” 

“…No, I mean… Well, that’s not the only reason — I meant to tell you that though…” 

When Ssulal said that with a weird expression, Kesselring’s face was gentle as she switched her thoughts, 

“But… I think Ssulal-sama is fine as you are. Even from my perspective, I can see that you are quite treasured by him.” 

“I-is that so…?” 

Kesselring’s words made Ssulal’s face flush red and her body squirm. 

Perhaps Kesselring’s words made Ssulal feel better, or at least she didn’t hate it. Then Ssulal looked up at Kesselring as if to ask,

“B-but, I’d like to talk about various other things as well… May I ask that of you? I tend to stay up late, so it might be longer than you expect…” 

“Yes, it’s okay.” 

After all, 

“—I’m good at night after all.” 


Author Note:

Ssulal : “…Can we stop with the topic of how bad my cooking is?”

Leonhart : “Nope. I want others to taste my suffering.”

Galtia : “I would be troubled if you stopped cooking.”

Carol : “There are also fans who look forward to it!”

Hunty : “We can say it’s a custom after all.”

Ssulal : “…But, there are no more people to feed it to—”

Carol : “No, there are many people to feed it to if you really want to! There are Camilla-sama and Shichisei, Kayblis-sama and Shichisei, Meglass-sama and Shichisei, Raizen-san, Pale-san, and Shichisei. There’s also Shichisei in addition to Shichisei. Then let’s choose the candidate through strict and fair examination. — Okay, it is decided to be Shichisei!”

Shichisei : “T-that’s clearly personal grudge mixed in, right?! Rather, where’s the fairness in that examination!!”

Camilla : “…Give it up, Shichisei. Take one for the tea— I mean, work for my sake.”

Shichisei : “Camilla-sama?! Did you abandon me just now?!”

Launea : “……… (This corner is totally in charge of punch lines, isn’t it?)”

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