Refuse Harem

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Chapter 061 – Dear Tenma, Yet Another Fortune Came My Way V

As he saw Sophie become visibly sad, Ferio stood from his chair and forced her to face his direction.

“Aren’t you happy to see me for the first time in a long while?!”

“It’s not like I’m not happy about that, but I’m not in a state to care about it right now!”


“I’m worrying about how you as the fiancé of Christina onee-sama can make her happy!”

“No, why are you sticking to that topic? That’s not the thing we should talk about right now, right?”

“What did you say? You’re saying there’s something more important than this?!”

“…I did think you were a weird woman in the past, but were you this bad back then? Did I just idealize Sophie in my memories?”

“Rio… no, Your Highness? Your Highness, the Crown Prince?”

Sophie was at a loss how she should refer to him in her confused state, so Ferio said to Sophie,

“That sounds annoying, just call me Ferio.”

“I won’t say it. There’s no way I would refer to the fiancé of Christina onee-sama by his name. It would be disrespectful to Christina onee-sama.”

“Oi, you care more about not being disrespectful to Christina than to me? Besides, speaking of disrespect, you’ve already been doing it from the beginning.”

Ignoring the remark about disrespect, Sophie proudly said,

“Of course I am. I’m the ‘little sister’ of Christina onee-sama after all!”

“Little sister? …What’s that?”

“Oh, I’m talking about the bond of sisterhood, you don’t know about that?”

Sophie spoke casually just like she did in the past. Although she had already spoken casually during her initial outburst, Ferio listened to her explanation without pointing out her attitude. It was about the bond of sisterhood in “The Queen’s Rose.”

“And so, that’s how I ended up becoming Christina onee-sama’s ‘little sister’! That’s a lifelong vow! In other words, you are my enemy!”

Ferio didn’t understand why a “little sister” considered her “elder sister’s” fiancé as an enemy.

Wouldn’t they normally respect the fiancé of the “elder sister” instead? 

“………I’ve always thought that I would never be able to glorify Sophie as an aristocratic young lady, but now that I see how you’ve become, I really preferred how you were back then from the bottom of my heart.”

As Ferio said that seriously with a bland expression, it felt as if she was being preached by Bart, which made Sophie come to her senses.

Although her indignation didn’t disappear yet, it felt a lot better compared to the beginning. 

“I wonder why my heart ached when I heard that.”

“It’s because you understand what I’m referring to.”

Ferio had thought Sophie was a mentally mature person in the past, but it felt like she was growing backward.

“Rather, don’t you have anything else to say in this current situation?”

“I find it hard to accept in various ways…”

Silence flowed between them.

The first who broke the silence was Ferio.

“I’m sorry for lying to you.”

Despite his status as the first prince, her friend was still the kind person she remembered, since he didn’t blame the blatant disrespect she showed, which normally would result in capital punishment, but instead, he apologized about the matter of their old days. That was why Sophie also replied to him as his friend.

“You were not lying. I just didn’t ask about it back then.”


“I’m not angry. I just didn’t ask about the thing you didn’t want to speak about. I’m not so short-tempered to force you to answer everything I’m curious about.”

“You’re right. You were such a mature person when you were a child.”

“What’s that mean?! Are you saying I’m childish right now?!”

When Sophie asked that, Ferio looked away.

Despite being educated as a prince, his attitude showed that his old habit from back then still wasn’t corrected.

“Let’s get back to the main topic.”

Just like what he did right now, once he found himself in a bad spot, he would try to change the topic.

“Main topic?”

“Oi, don’t forget about that. It’s about this plan you wrote yourself!”

The thing that Ferio took out from the table drawer was certainly the “flower” Sophie submitted, the “Sewerage Plan in Orlando Kingdom”, which consisted of dozens of pages worth of knowledge and technology related to the plan based on Sophie’s past life memories.

Ferio quietly sat down. Sophie also sat down with a bitter expression.

“Did you try to put this into practice because you knew I’m the one who wrote it?”

“I’m not that naïve. It’s exactly because I knew it was a groundbreaking idea that I asked for Lorenzo Forsell’s opinion about it. I only found out it was written by you after Lorenzo advised me to put the plan into action immediately.”

Christina only revealed who wrote the plan to Ferio after he listened to Lorenzo’s advice.

“To be honest, I doubted my own ears back then. Both due to the fact that Christina knew you, and also the fact you are the one who wrote this plan…” 

“Isn’t the reason that Christina onee-sama made me her ‘little sister’ on my first day of enrollment because you told her about me?”

The question Sophie wondered for a long time was answered the moment she knew that Rio was Ferio.

Sophie was sure it was because Ferio told Christina about her.

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1 year ago

I completely agree with Rio… It feels like Sophie (MC) is growing backward…

2 years ago

Oh no why am I not even surprised…
Very common cliche tbh, the “normal” person you know from childhood is actually someone important. But I will admit I didn’t expect this kind of disappointing reunion lol

2 years ago
Reply to  Raizor

yeah, its hard to avoid cliche now there are tons of it out there, so they go for the process than result difference

2 years ago

Btw, I got good news

I got the LN illust from vol 1 and 2, would you like it? Even though the LN seems to have been axed

2 years ago
Reply to  annakushina142

rather than axed, its more that author seems very slow on work, at least during time the update still running, its few chap per month, and not yet continuing. though author did say the work would resume soon, i had no idea how long the “soon” would be.

2 years ago


2 years ago
Reply to  annakushina142

we’re glad u enjoyed it.
thanks for the comment!

2 years ago
Reply to  tsukii

do you need the illustration novel? i got it btw

2 years ago
Reply to  annakushina142

while i don’t mind to see it personally, i don’t think it will be added here(if you notice, the chap notice no longer use novel cover to avoid legal problem)