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Chapter 53.5 – The Earth Rumbles

After Gramilian advised Palmer about the range of the enemy’s cannon, Palmer instead told him to take the standing army with him to get out of range of the cannon, so Gramilian obediently retreated, but he then noticed something was off.

Some trees grew vertically from the ground. Considering the size of the tree, it wouldn’t be weird if the large tree had its roots exposed from the ground. Looking at them, Gramilian acted quickly, judging there must be something buried in the ground.

“All hands, get off the mountain immediately! Some sort of plot is about to be executed by the enemy! Send a messenger to Palmer-sama to inform him!”

The reason for Gramilian’s hunch regarding there being something buried in the ground was that he understood that a certain amount of earth and sand was scattered on the surface. The fact that the roots of the tree, which should have been visible, couldn’t be seen meant the ground was loosened, thus the tree sank, or that earth and sand were sprinkled from above, so the roots of the tree couldn’t be seen.

The only thing that came to mind for Gramilian regarding a large amount of earth and sand being spread was the fact that something was dug deep into the ground. Seeing Gramilian’s sudden change of attitude, Palmer’s standing army obediently descended from the mountain with dubious expressions. It was because Gramilian’s instructions at times like these were usually accurate. There was also the fact that there were others who also noticed the abnormality of the mountain.

The fact that Gramilian was recently promoted to Count Estoa of Estoa duchy also played a role in convincing them. With the exception of some messengers, the 1,500-strong unit successfully descended from the mountain before the incident occurred. If they had been just a dozen minutes later, the casualties that Palmer’s army suffered would have been enormous.

Right after the standing army descended, the mountain shook. The gunpowder that Wagner planted deep underground caused a large explosion all at once and triggered several steam explosions at the same time. The castle collapsed and the slave soldiers who were directly below were late to escape. All of this was according to Wagner’s plan, but there were some miscalculations.

He originally intended to destroy only one side of the mountain, but the resulting force was so powerful that landslides occurred all over the mountain instead. He prepared too many explosives in advance as a countermeasure against the immortality of Palmer’s slaves. There was also the fact that it had rained the other day, making the ground loose. Due to a variety of factors, the mountain completely collapsed, fully burying Palmer and his slave units in earth and sand.

At the same time, the garrison soldiers that protected Wagner’s fortress were also caught in the landslide and sank. Most soldiers didn’t even realize that the mountain was collapsing and died without knowing what was happening.

“Aah, if only I realized it sooner… gh, have all the captains of each unit confirm the damage! After that, immediately move to rescue the slave soldiers! Be especially thorough when searching the main camp. Even if Palmer-sama was hit by a landslide and buried deep in the ground, he would survive it anyway.”

Upon hearing Gramilian’s instruction, the standing army, who had been dumbfounded as they witnessed the mountain collapsing, immediately began a rescue operation. There were those who were dragged down to the foot of the mountain by the landslide, and those who cried for help from deep within the earth. People immediately joined hands and rescued them, but they couldn’t seem to find Palmer.

However, the slave soldiers and the standing army didn’t stop searching for Palmer. After all, Palmer’s name, which was shown on each slave’s neck, was still there. This served as proof of who their owner was and as an indicator of that owner’s survival.

In the first place, everyone affiliated with the military was well aware of Palmer’s immortality so nobody rejoiced at the possibility of Palmer’s death. Rather, they were more scared at the possibility that Palmer might crawl out on his own, think they thought he was already dead, and then punish them for it.

During their search, they found the survivors of Wagner’s army and Gramilian ordered the troops to wipe them out. The commander of the Wagner army said “Palmer is definitely already dead, so why do we still need to fight?!” in desperation to stop them, but Palmer’s army took that as an opening instead and managed to annihilate them.

For about five hours, Palmer’s army searched the area around the main camp without rest until they finally found Palmer’s arm and pulled it out from the ground. There was a stake-like thing running from the back of his hand to the palm of his hand, which served as an obvious landmark. After being rescued, Palmer immediately checked the situation and decided to march to Wagner’s mansion in order to avoid returning empty-handed.

After that, the search for the slaves continued until late at night, and with the remaining soldiers sending Palmer and the elite slaves as they left, Gramilian carefully searched for the remaining missing people. Upon seeing Palmer return at dawn with Wagner’s son captured, the whole army rejoiced at the thought of having achieved the original objective.

On the other hand, the moment Palmer announced that the army would incorporate training for pressure resistance and suffocation resistance going forward, the eyes of the entire army went dark.

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