A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 80

“Alright, let’s begin.”

“You’re right.”

As we returned to our room, I looked back at the event together with Arisu-chan… That said, it was from here that things would become active. The result announcement was at most the halfway point. The fun wasn’t over yet. 

First of all, regarding the contract between Class A and Class D. 

“The last few clauses in that. That was the condition that Ryuuen-kun wanted to achieve the most.” 

“Yeah, I thought so as well.”

They were the clauses that denied each other’s criticism votes. Those clauses seemed to be a “Honami-like” condition at first glance, but I was thinking that it might actually be the proposal from Ryuuen’s side. 

What Ryuuen wanted to avoid the most was having the lowest-ranking student be from his class. Since he intended to pool hundreds of millions of private points, having to pay 20 million points as a penalty was absolutely unacceptable for him. That was something he wanted to prevent without fail, even if he had to bring up a contract clause that favored his opponent.

As far as the situation this time was concerned, it seemed both Class A and Class D were in a win-win relationship.

“Ryuuen-kun brought up the clause that Ibuki-san and he will receive praise votes from Class A… it was a strategy to reduce the risk of himself ending up in last rank and get Ibuki-san to earn the ticket.” 

“There’s no doubt about that. Rather, I can’t think of any other possibility.”

“…Since he only cares about transferring every member of his class, his action makes sense.”

Ryuuen might have been inspired by the Mixed Training Camp. He wanted to earn 20 million points x the number of people in his class and make everyone transfer to Class A. He narrowed down his goal in school to this one. 

Based on that premise, if Ibuki used the ticket and left the class, Ryuuen practically had 20 million points less to pool. How to say this, he seemed to have made a terrifyingly good and momentous decision.

“If you look at it from a different perspective, it seems that the contract isn’t so disadvantageous for him.” 

“Even so, I don’t think that’s the best course of action… It seems he aimed for immediate results instead of the potential benefit or loss. His class internally has headache-inducing problems piling up after all.”

The fact that his foundation as king of the class was starting to crumble might also have influenced his judgment. 

The next thing to think about was Class C. 

The contract that Kei-chan signed was as follows.

  • Both Class C and Class D are to use their praise votes for students of their respective classes.
  • Students of Class C are to give all 39 criticism votes to Ichinose Honami.
  • Ryuuen Kakeru will have to pay 10 million private points by March 31st.

I thought about what this contract meant. 

I think neither a concentrated attack on Honami nor both classes giving each other praise votes were Ryueen’s goal. In addition to making the participation of all students of Class C mandatory, he also wanted to avoid receiving any criticism votes from Class D. This was his ruse, something that Kei-chan failed to notice.

The concentrated attack on Honami was a dummy. “Because he makes such a demand, I’m sure students of Class D would attack Honami as well.” …It was a trap to make Class C think like that.

However, the fact he blatantly suggested the destruction of Class A while having a peace treaty with Class A behind the scenes was amazing. To be honest, I didn’t expect Ryuuen to go this far. Since he was capable of something this interesting, it was too early for him to drop out of this school.

“Even so, I didn’t expect Ibuki to get the class transfer ticket.” 

“I think the person herself is the most surprised one.”

I was thinking of asking her questions if we got to meet next time. 

I had no idea what she would do with the ticket… Selling it for a large amount of points was also a choice.

However, it was vague whether Ryuuen would allow that to happen. No matter how expensive it was sold, it wouldn’t reach 20 million points, and considering his plan as the premise, it would be better for both parties to have the ticket used.

The intercom of the room rang. 

When I opened the room, Kiyotaka and Kei-chan were there.

For the time being, I invited them inside the room. 

Both of them took off their coats and sat down on the side of the bed.

…Kei-chan was surprisingly energetic. I thought she would definitely feel depressed, but it seemed to be a needless worry. When I looked at the expressionless Kiyotaka, he muttered a sentence.

“‘Consolation’ has already concluded.” 

Ah, I see. 

Kei-chan was clinging to Kiyotaka as usual. She seemed to recognize me and Arisu-chan as good friends… but essentially, she only recognized Kiyotaka. 

To put it bluntly, if Kiyotaka were to choose to cut his ties with us, Kei-chan was the type who would follow him and turn into our enemy without hesitation. Well, such a thing was impossible, but that was to show the strength of her feelings.1

Regarding the current event, Kiyotaka had a stance of “I don’t give a damn.” Horikita probably wouldn’t get expelled and he himself didn’t suffer any damage. The fact he didn’t interfere at all was proof of that.

As for Kei-chan, she might feel responsible for Horikita ending up in the last rank, but she seemed to think everything was fine as long as it wouldn’t sour Kiyotaka’s mood.

…She also “didn’t give a damn” about Horikita. 

“Well then, can we talk about things from now on?” 

Seeing that everyone became quiet, I led the conversation. 

“The topic is regarding whether to rescue Horikita or not, right?” 

Kiyotaka replied and looked at Kei-chan. 

She seemed to not expect to be asked her opinion and she showed a surprised expression.

“…U~hn. As for the points itself, I think we could gather barely enough of them if everyone in the class agrees. But the biggest problem is the fact that almost nobody is willing to use their points for Horikita-san’s sake. To be honest, I think it is tough to help her.” 

“You’re right, that’s a correct analysis. Students of Class C only see the current Horikita as a failed traitor. It’s safe to say that there’s no one willing to go as far as spending their ‘New Year’s gift’ to help her.”

It was a harsh statement. They had no particular affection for Horikita and had no desire to save her. That was the common understanding of all students of Class C. However, it was Horikita’s own behavior that brought about this situation. 

“If we just say she reaped what she sowed, that’s the end of the story.” 

“Aah. Personally, I even feel it is convenient for Horikita to be driven into a corner. There’s no need to reach out to help her. It depends on Nagumo’s judgment, but I doubt she’ll be expelled from the school.”

Ooh, this was surprising. To think Kiyotaka was also aware of Nagumo’s purpose. 

Even though the number of times he talked to him should be less than mine… as expected, he was an amazing man.

“I never thought that he was actually thinking of turning Horikita into his ‘belonging’ though.” 

After saying that, I took a sip of tea. 

It was the greatest harassment toward Horikita’s brother, who was about to graduate. He would see his own little sister fall to Nagumo’s hand and be unable to do anything about it as he left the school. I was sure that it would suck.

“This event stipulated that ‘all points exchange would take place by the end of February’.”

In other words, the reason the contract of Class C stated that the 10 million points would be paid by March was to prevent Kei-chan from relying on personal relationships… which would be us and pooling the points to save Horikita. I think this part was something that Nagumo asked from Ryuuen.

In the first place, that “39 criticism votes” in the contract was something that forced Horikita to participate in the event. I guess it was the so-called “like a moth flying into the fire?”

In addition, Nagumo was surely involved in Ryuuen’s contract with Class A. He must have understood that Class D had a very bad reputation, so even Nagumo wanted to avoid the last rank appearing there.

…Everything seemed to be a trap to capture Horikita Suzune.

After promising to meet again soon, the two left. 

“I wonder what would happen to Horikita?” 

“Realistically, in exchange for compensated dating with Nagumo… which is to say becoming his slave, Nagumo would pay the 20 million points in her stead. For the current Horikita, she seems to not have any other choice.”

A~ah, how pitiful. Well, it was interesting, so whatever. 

Until the vote, I couldn’t understand Nagumo’s ultimate goal. The hint I got was only Horikita’s brother’s action, so I think it was difficult to figure out.

Even though both Arisu-chan and I got blindsided, it was quite an enjoyable event.

I guess I should thank Nagumo the next time I see him… that’s what I thought.

“Fufu, let’s go to the student council room tomorrow. I’m sure Horikita-san would be there as well.” 

Looking at her calm demeanor, it seemed everything was going her way. 

As I stared at her, Arisu-chan leaned against me. She then brought her face closer and put her lips on mine. I could feel her deep affection from her pecking kisses.

She was so sweet and gentle that I forgot about something. The fact that this girl was a genius, that was. 

“I have no intention of saving her, but if everything goes according to Nagumo’s plan… then it’ll be boring, right?” 

She put on a mean, aggressive smile. 

…Perhaps I might still be underestimating Arisu-chan.

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