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Chapter 56 – Rotation

The economy of the Carling Empire was destroyed, but the economic activities of the Borghardt Kingdom, the Lenart Empire, and the Estoani Kingdom were practically normal. The other nations used different currencies, and this world wasn’t so naïve that the same method would be effective twice. As such, they should have learned to some extent how the Carling Empire’s economy was crushed.

The counterfeit currency took a lot of effort, and hoarding food was no longer feasible. That kind of strategy was a one-trick pony. In that case, I had to reduce the food production capacity of other nations with other methods.

And the best way to do that was to export the cultivation methods of cotton. It was nothing special, but only the privileged were able to cultivate and produce cotton. To be more specific, in the Knut religion, only those in power could. Now that I was excommunicated, I ignored the practice and did my best to spread cotton. If things went well, the farmers from other nations would be deceived and rotated the crops they would grow.

Cotton needed a lot of water to grow, competing with other crops. Even if I wasn’t sure whether or not the farmers would actually rotate their crops, there was a possibility that we wouldn’t have enough cotton later on, so it was better to take action early.1

I just as well had spies holding multiple types of fertile seeds, like mint, and scatter them throughout the farms in each nation. With that, the seeds practically functioned as a green nuclear weapon. It was edible, so it might reduce the casualties from famine. It barely had any nutrition, though.

But it started to spread in our territory to the point that it became problematic. If one wasn’t aware of how to deal with it correctly, it would take over the entire farmland… I had sought a mint-like plant, but to be blunt, I no longer needed it, and the troublesome aspect of it remained.

Or rather, I tried to propagate various crops, but the job was too easy to do, and the outcomes were seeds that were easy to propagate, grew fast, and yielded a lot of seeds. Since I kept modifying them to make them grow and multiply even faster, sowing those seeds was no different than an act of terrorism.

That said, it would take some time before actual results would roll in. There was also a problem if the Deal Kingdom would last until then. The Deal Kingdom was a diplomatic enemy of all, on all fronts. It was inevitable for enemy nations to form factions. If I couldn’t overcome them and just continued to expand, then enemies might emerge from inside the Deal Kingdom.

After I started to focus on the textile industry and spent peaceful days spreading seed bombs, I heard that the Duke Schult family came out victorious in their war for independence, and the Schult Principality was established. Forget a duke, if a count went against the dying Carling Empire, they just might win.

But you could not forget the fact that Duke Schult’s army was strong. They regularly looted the Lenart Empire, and since they didn’t suffer from the famine, I thought they won their war of independence easily.

However, since no one except Duke Schult declared independence, Wagner probably kept them in check? I doubted anyone else was in charge of the Carling Empire’s court other than him at the moment… Many depended on Wagner during the famine. He ran out of luck the moment he married the sixth princess.

Just as I thought about that, Wagner announced that he divorced the sixth princess, an imperial sister. It sounded rather ordinary, but what a scandal. The Knut religion prohibited divorce, as dictated by their doctrines, but culturally speaking, it was just unheard of.

The rate of divorce, and the actual threat of divorce, in this world was less than 0.1%. All of these cases were to divorce their concubines. The number of cases where the legal wife was divorced could be counted with a single hand. And the most common reason why there was even a divorce in the first place was because the wife had failed to bear a child. This was probably the first instance that a woman had been divorced despite her already bearing the husband’s child.

One’s reputation dropped greatly just from divorcing a concubine. Divorcing a legal wife was outrageous. Linde-san glared at me, just because I was Wagner’s younger brother. The glare of one who carried monstrous strength was super scary.

Now that he had taken all the benefits from the Carling Empire, he mercilessly abandoned it now that it was on the brink of death. He even declared independence right after the divorce. Wasn’t he more heartless than I was? Needless to say, Wagner was excommunicated. With this, we, the three fools of the Klaus family, were all excommunicated by the Knut religion… huh?

Didn’t this mean we could work together? At the very least, we could sign mutual non-aggression pacts as we took care of other things. It was obvious that the pope would eventually gather armies from the surrounding nations to subjugate us. But even then, I think we could easily deal with them if we work together.

Back in the great crusade, the pope captured and burned the king of the excommunicated nation with an army of 100,000 including 20,000 from papal territory. However, if we three brothers cooperated, it would be possible for us to capture the pope and burn him at the stake instead.

Well, even if I thought of cooperating with my brothers, I wouldn’t put that into action. First, I kidnapped Wagner’s son… Aaaahhh! Since this boy’s parents divorced, he was in an ambiguous situation where it wasn’t certain which one could be his parents, so his utility value plummeted.

But he was still a candidate for Wagner’s inheritance, so maybe I could request reinforcements in exchange for this boy?… To make sure that my brothers did not disturb me, I turned 90% of my attention to the west, and the other 10% towards the rest.

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