The Spicy Omega

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Chapter 19 (R-15)

How have I been able to keep a straight face standing next to him until now?

Even though we were so close, how did I not notice?


The place where our lips touched felt hot. It felt like I was going to get burned.

Amami also gazed at me heatedly, but even though his lust was overflowing, he wouldn’t do much more than kiss me.

I felt impatient and unsatisfied, so I asked for it myself.

“Amami, more…”

“Hehe… You’re so cute, Karasawa.”

He deepened the kiss and I breathed deeply through my nose.

He brushed against the corners of my mouth and slipped his tongue between my slightly parted lips. A mere caress on my upper jaw sent a pleasant feeling rushing through my whole body.

A long finger wiped at a tear that welled up in my eyes.

That hand traveled lower, from my collarbone to my shoulders, grazing my back with a gentle tickle. It felt like he was teasing me after I got hot and bothered on my own.

In return, I put my arms around Amami’s neck.

I felt happy at his surprised face and put some force into bringing his face closer.

I miscalculated the first kiss I initiated, so it ended up landing on the corner of his mouth.

With my muddled head right now, I was rather upset by my mistake but Amami’s eyes gleamed with desire and I became happy again.

“Don’t do that. I might not be able to stop.”

“Don’t stop…”1

I didn’t think before those words slipped out.

It didn’t matter how aware I was; what I wanted had always been the same.

I wanted to be with him.

I wanted to touch him—I wanted him to touch me.

Knowing that I, and no one else, was the only person who could get to know Amami like this, made me giddy.

Strangely, I didn’t hesitate to give in to my impulses.

However, I had no experience in doing anything dirty, so I didn’t know how to seduce him.

I did just fail to kiss him after all.

Unable to stop my fingertips from trembling slightly, I reached for my collar and unbuttoned the shirt that was suffocating me.

In my hurry, I was only able to unbutton two of them before I gave up on my own shirt and reached for Amami’s clothes.

I didn’t know when the coat he arrived in was removed and thrown somewhere. And I didn’t have time to enjoy how nice his white shirt felt because, when I touched his buttons, it wouldn’t come off.

Even when Amami has given so much to me, I couldn’t return any of it.

Feeling like I was about to cry, I reached out with my fingers again, but he wrapped his hand around mine.

He placed a kiss on my palm and pinned my wrists to the bed.


Amami buried his face into my exposed nape and electricity ran across the surface of my skin.

Everything he was giving me made me so happy that it felt like I was going insane.

While my body was overwhelmed with pleasure, I felt Amami slide a hand up under my shirt.

My body trembled with glee knowing that I was wanted—but then…

“Shinya? Did you see the results?”2

The door to my room opened to the sound of a voice I shouldn’t be hearing, and I saw the face of my mom, who shouldn’t be here seeing this. 

Her son, pinned down by another man on his bed.

This was the kind of situation you would only see in movies or dramas.

“Um… Sorry for interrupting?”

The door shut with a slam. Dumbfounded, we stopped our rigorous movements.

In a huge panic, we rearranged our clothes and opened the window to let out the air that had been deeply infused with both of our pheromones.

I turned on my desktop and checked the homepage of the university.


“Wow, congrats on passing!”

Seeing my exam number displayed on the screen, I felt my limbs relax.

But even though it was the result I had desired so much, I was oddly unmoved because what happened earlier was just that shocking.

I was dazed in many ways, so Amami was happy on my behalf.

The slaps on my shoulders and back hurt.

I was slow on the uptake but happiness gradually welled up in me.

I stood up from my desk chair and finally prepared myself.

“What a relief. Now I can die in peace.”


“Amami, write your will. I wonder if a plain piece of paper is fine. Ah, do I have envelopes?”

“Wait, wait, hold up? I’m dying too?”

“Yep. I’ll kill you, and then myself.”

I opened the closet and pulled out something from the set of souvenirs my dad got from overseas that I shoved in there while hurriedly cleaning last night.

It was an artistically sculpted figurine of a standing bronze bear.

The pedestal was made out of a heavy cube of metal, and when my dad initially handed it to me, I thought, “It looks like it could be used as a weapon in a thriller drama.”

I never could’ve predicted that I would be able to use it as an actual weapon, but it was exactly what I needed.

The bear with a grim expression that was too large and impactful to be used as table decoration, and was stored away in a closet, can finally see the light of day.

Imagining the bright future of the bear figurine, I turned around with a manic grin.

“Well then, Amami, have you written your will yet?”

“Wait, calm down. Getting accepted into university is just the start. Wasn’t this announcement for you to enjoy your university life after graduation? There are still good things in life, you know?”

“Shut up! Do you know what it’s like for a kid to be seen by their parents, especially by their mom, while they are being pushed down?!”

“You don’t need to kill yourself over that though! See, our love is mutual!”

“I’m not killing myself! I’m killing us!!”

“Calm down, Karasawa! Let’s talk this through—!”

He firmly stopped the raised hand that held the bronze figure and we ended up in a stalemate. 

Damn, this guy was too strong.

“Shinya? Are you still in the middle of something?”

During such a tense scene, my mom appeared again at such a bad time. Amami made an obviously relieved face.

As expected, I hadn’t thrown away enough of my humanity to kill someone in front of my parents.

It couldn’t be helped, I put down the bronze figure that was heavy enough to hurt my wrist.

Without a single mention of the scene of her son swinging around a blunt weapon, my mother started speaking with a relaxed voice.

“Sorry about earlier. I am Shinya’s mom.”

“Ah. I’m his classmate, Amami. I’ve been in the care of your son.

“Oh, really? I thought my son would’ve been in your care instead.”

“I’ve never been in his care!”

“Um, here. A small gift as thanks.”

“Oh, my~ Aren’t these limited edition items from the department store from the next city over? I really like these. Thank you.”

They were having a surprisingly peaceful conversation.

It was kinda refreshing to see Amami so out of his comfort zone.

They were the snacks that he had been carrying around since I met him at the station. Even though I said he didn’t need to bring any souvenirs, he was still such an upright guy.

Maybe her favorite limited-edition snacks made her more relaxed, so my mother happily accepted the box.

Now, if she could just forget what happened earlier…

“So, Shinya. How were the results?”

“I passed.”

“Oh, congratulations. I’ll text your dad about it. I came here during my lunch break, so I’ll be heading back to work shortly. I was thinking of cooking a feast for you tonight, but…”

My mother glanced meaningfully at Amami.

“If the two of you are going somewhere, shall we have the congratulatory dinner tomorrow?”

“Aghhh! Amami will be heading back by himself! Right?! Right?!!”


“Oh, really? You don’t have to come back until morning, okay? Well, I’ll be leaving now~”


I pushed my mom, who looked to be thoroughly enjoying this, out of my room and shut the door.

I foresaw a future where she would use this as material to tease me… There was only despair.


“S-sorry, Karasawa…”

“…It’s fine. This isn’t entirely your fault. It was mutual.”

I slid down the door while clinging onto the doorknob as Amami peered at me with a worried look.

Having reflected on it after I regained my sanity, even though it was embarrassing to death… I had accepted Amami’s touch and I was also proactively touching him.

It was definitely not entirely Amami’s fault.

I put some strength into my knees and stood up. Vigorously turning around, I looked Amami straight in the eyes.

“I still have a lot to ask you… but for now, let’s have lunch.”

“Yay, I’m looking forward to having your omurice!”

I was tempted to strangle Amami, who was already back to being his usual self, but I managed to hold back.

Rather than being my usual self, I was worried about being the only one left behind feeling this strange. Everything from my arrangement to my emotions and future plans from now on had gone awry within the past few hours.

It didn’t seem like it had the same effect on him. I wonder why?

“Hey, can I also call you Shinya?”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself!”

I really should strangle him once.

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