Violant of the Silver

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Chapter 105: The Long Distance Ride (II)

It was the first time in a long while that Vio had been back to the mansion. He took a deep breath in and gave a sigh of relief. It was the place that gave him the most peace of mind.

“There were so many things I had to do, but I’m glad I got them all done.”

“It’s because of you, Lord Vio, that the princess could return to her country safely,” Rille said to Vio while she opened the window and brought some fresh air into the room.

“I’m sure they will be okay because they have Sir Night and Sir Cheval, as well.”

“Yes. Them having Sir Lantz with them gives me peace of mind. Whether Sir Cheval is there or not doesn’t make much difference to me.”1

Rille smiled as she gave the venomous reply. She finished tying back the curtains and opening the windows, then gave a bow.

“I will go ahead and prepare tea for you. Please make yourself comfortable.”

Rille left as Vio sat down, reclining on the chaise lounge in his chamber. A cool breeze crossed the room, bringing in the fresh air. All of these things made him feel so comfortable. After he had been laying like this for a while, Legion came in.

“Lord Violant, I have checked the perimeter. I would like to report that I have found nothing of concern.”

“Thank you for your hard work. By the way, do you have some time tomorrow, Legi?”

“Yes. If there is anything you need, please let me know.”

“I was thinking we could take that long-distance ride we talked about. I thought we could take a look around town, and then head over to Amade village. I was also hoping that you would take me to the area where you were able to pick flowers before.”

Legion nodded at Vio’s request with enthusiasm.

“Certainly. I’ll make the preparations. ―After I do that, would it be alright if I go see my family?”

“Yes, of course, of course. Please go and take care of them.”

“Understood! Please excuse me.”

Making that request of Legion was the last thing he had on his schedule; Vio’s business for the day was done.

He didn’t have to worry about Zora, Dawn, and Yuan as he had left them for Jill to take care of.

He was exhausted now that the venture was finally over, and decided to rest earlier than usual.


After Legion brought in the luggage and checked the perimeter, he asked Vio for permission to see his family. Once Vio told him it was okay, he headed to the town immediately.

He knew that he would be taking a long ride with Vio on his horse the next day, so he was in a good mood. Throughout the entire trip, he had not spent much time with Vio when it was just the two of them, so he was excited that he finally could. Even if it was just for work, he was still genuinely happy.2

As he went down the hill and passed into town, the gatekeeper gave him a big handshake.

“Sir Knight, are you heading to your family’s place?”

“Yes. Do you know where they moved to?”

“Head down the main street; it’s along there. You’ll know it when you see it. There’s a sign in front of it that says Salt Shop.”

“Thank you very much.”

Legion replied politely, and the gatekeeper smiled in return.

Using the gatekeeper’s directions, he found it with no problem.

His sister and brother, who were cleaning the front of the store, saw him and gave him a big wave.

“Welcome back, brother!”

“It’s Legi. Look everyone, it’s Legi!”

Natalie, his fifteen-year-old sister, hugged him as he got off his horse. She was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, just like her mother. As he patted Natalie’s head, she immediately moved away, and her twelve-year-old brother Roy ran into the store looking excited. Roy also looked like his mother, with dull blond hair and blue eyes.

A gentle-looking boy with light brown hair and blue eyes came out of the store.

“Big brother, you’re back.”

“Merrill, I’m home again. Hey, it looks like you’re a little taller.”

Merrill was two years younger than Legion and was working hard to be the successor to the family business. Normally, Legion would have been the successor as the eldest son; however he had left to become a knight.

“Thank you for sending the letter earlier. I didn’t think you would ever come back to this territory, so I didn’t know if I would ever see you again. But it seems like you found a good master to work for.”

“Oh, the master I work for is the best. I am incredibly lucky. What about dad? Are all of you safe?”

Right as Legion asked the question, a blue-eyed, blonde-haired, apron-clad woman popped out of the storefront.

“Legion! Look at that, it’s about time you finally came home!”

“Mom, wait a second!”

Olivia was Legion’s mother and had always been a spirited and cheerful person. She jumped up and hugged Legion around the neck. Legion hurriedly bent down so that his mother’s weight wouldn’t strangle him. 

“Goddamnit, Olivia. You’re as restless as ever. Welcome back, Legi.”

His father, Lazeas, then appeared, walking with the aid of a cane. When Legion had still lived in the town of Nada, neighbors used to make fun of him. They said, “If your father looks serious, he’ll end up looking like you.” Legion had inherited all Lazeas’ features. He had light brown hair and hazel eyes, a handsome face, and was good with a sword.

The only difference between him and his father was that his father had a beard and a scar on his left ear. It was from an injury he had gotten while he was still a mercenary. His father looked grizzled to the point where it was a little frightening. 

“Father, I’m back. How is your injury doing?”

“Ah, yes. It’s gotten better. I am able to walk again, but it’s pretty difficult without a cane.”3

“When the load collapsed, you were trapped under it, weren’t you? I’m glad you’re able to walk at all.”

“I’m sorry that I worried you so much. Here, have some tea.”

“Alright, father.”

Natalie and Roy were thrilled, but Olivia shook her head with a disapproving face.

“No, you two are going to be pulling up weeds and cleaning. They are working on road maintenance today, so make sure to do it right.”


The two of them responded with disappointment in their voices and sad faces and got to work on their chores.

“Legion, I’ll make the tea and leave it for you to drink with your father. I’m sorry. I know you came all the way out here, but I’m busy today.”

“Haha, it’s okay. I’m not a child.”

“Please come back anytime. Alright, come on, Merrill, let’s go clean up the alley.” 


Merrill replied obediently to his mother and gave a small wave to Legion as he left out the back door. Olivia quickly prepared a batch of tea and exited out the back door.

Legion and Lazeas seated themselves in the dining room.

“Well, mom looks as healthy as ever, right?”

“Ah, yes. She’s always flying around doing work here and there. If she takes it easy, then she doesn’t sleep at night.”

“She has too much energy. That’s amazing.”

Legi was used to it by now, but Lazeas looked like he was somewhat taken aback. Theirs was a pairing of a father who was sturdy and calm and a mother who bounced around like a rabbit. It had the benefit of one of them always responding to a situation in a way that was appropriate.

Thanks to having these two parents, it can be said that Legion inherited his talent for the sword from his father and his absurd amount of stamina from his mother.

“—So how are you? How is your job going?”

Lazeas asked while taking a sip from his herbal tea.

“It’s fun. I am lucky to be able to serve Lord Violant.”

“Well, I was surprised by what I heard about that boy. The rumors I heard when I was in Nada were completely different from what I heard about him here. It’s a blessing from god.”

Lazeas took a deep breath and pointed at a piece of jewelry on the wall.

He explained, “Just as I expected, the young master came and gave it to me. Well, I accepted it with praise in front of all those people, just like you said. He must have lost his composure because after that, he became a little sheepish and left. I was in a cold sweat because I knew a guy who was set up by a similar trick to this before.”

“Are you talking about Erik Carland’s father?”

When Legion asked the question, Lazeas raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“How do you know about that? No one publicly knows about it, but it’s famous among merchants. Carland was an honest man, so he didn’t boast that he was rewarded. We were all surprised when it went awry.”

Lazeas had a painful look on his face.

“That man was also unlucky. He was thrown in jail just as an epidemic was spreading and he picked up the disease there. It seems that he soon weakened and died because the conditions were so poor.”

“…I see,” Legion responded.

“That doesn’t mean you can stab a child in revenge.”


A wave of the sadness and fear that were left behind in Erik Carland’s wake washed over Legion. He looked at Lazeas. Legion was shocked; he knew his heart was being read like a book.

Lazeas looked at Legion as if there was nothing wrong.

“The young boy, the one whose side you stand by, it seems like you really care about him.”

“Can you see right through me…?”

Legion started to feel embarrassed.

Even though they had been apart for seven years, Lazeas was still his father. It seemed he knew his children well.

“You’re more of a knight. You’re easy to read. Merrill is more of a merchant. Compared to you, he’s harder to understand, but… well, he’s no match for me.”

“I see.”

Perhaps it was because he had been a mercenary all his life, but even in Legion’s eyes, Lazeas was a man with a certain shadowy menace. He was energetic and hardworking, but Legion knew that the Salt family ran a successful business thanks to Lazeas’ watchful eye. He watched to make sure that Olivia, who was too nice of a person, was not fooled.

Legion did not know how his parents had wound up married, but he had been told it was a marriage of love and not arranged. In any case, from a son’s point of view, they were a good match.

“Father, may I bring Lord Violant with me sometime?”

“Yes, but I don’t think he would be interested in seeing a commoner’s house like this.”

“No, he wants to meet my family.”

“So that’s what this is about. I’d tell you to do as you wish, but check before you come. I’m going to be leaving to peddle sometime before winter.”

“I understand.”

At that point Legion stood up.

“What, are you leaving already?”

“Yes. I’m his guard and… I’ve been asked to do some shopping downtown.”

“If it’s for food, take a look around here because there’s a surplus of what I bought last time I stocked up. I’ll give you a little bit of a discount.”

“Thank you very much. I appreciate it.”

Legion thanked him and followed Lazeas, who walked towards the storefront using his cane.

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