Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 46 – Studying – Assam

“Toki, what is your home country called?”

“『Japan』. Words 『Japanese』.”

“『Japan』huh? Teach me how to say something in『Japanese』.”

When I asked that of him, Toki groaned, worried about what to teach me. It seemed my request had been too open-ended.

“Then teach me how to say name and age.”

“『My name is Toki. I’m 17 years old』.”

I understood the part with his name but how old was “sabanteen”? Also, he said the word 『desu』after both his name and his age so it probably didn’t mean “year.”1

“How old is『sabanteen』?”

“17 years old.”


This tiny, cute, and slender Toki was seventeen years old? Was it because of his sickness? Was that the reason?

“Assam, how old?” Toki asked, pouting a bit.

He was probably going to sulk even more when I told him my age, but even though I knew that I couldn’t not answer his question.

“The same age. Seventeen.”


After his initial surprise, Toki stared at me with a sullen gaze just as I’d expected. I wonder how old he thought I was?

His gaze traveled from my face to my torso and, all of a sudden, he touched my stomach over my clothes.

“! Toki?”

Without saying a word, he moved his hands and touched my body here and there.

Due to Toki’s heart condition, I’d been trying my best to keep my hands to myself. For me, who was constantly fighting the urge to embrace him, this was close to torture.

After he had more or less finished feeling me up, he muttered some unexpected words,

“That nice. Assam body, my ideal.”

Toki looked like he was trying to hide his body with his hands. It had undergone small changes due to the magic now circulating inside him, but as expected, they were minor.

I could tell just how much it bothered him by how his clothes wrinkled from the force he put in his arms. I took his hand and lightly kissed his fingertips.

“Didn’t I already tell you that I like Toki’s body? Please don’t hurt my precious person. Anyway, this body of mine that you said was your ideal has already been yours since before. When we got married, I didn’t just give you my heart but my body as well. From the top of my head to the tips of my toes. This is yours.” I took the hand I had kissed and placed it on top of my heart. 

Toki, who turned red both from happiness and embarrassment, was so damn cute I was dying inside.

“My cute Toki『I love you』.”

“Me too, love you.”

I kissed him lightly, just a small, gentle touch before pulling slightly away.

“How do you say ‘kiss’?”

“Ah, called『kiss』, nn.”

Our lips parted with a light kissing sound.


Before our lips parted, I pecked a kiss on the tip of his tongue.

“Ah, yes, fuah, nn.”

I slid my tongue into his open mouth, gently entwining our tongues again and again.

“Ahn, fu, n.”

I supported Toki’s body, which had gone limp, and poured some magic into his chest.

“It doesn’t hurt?”

“Haa, haa. Is, oh, kay.”

Our breaths intertwined. My eyes were reflected in his damp, black pupils.

“’I’m ok’ – here, try saying it one more time.”

“Ah, nn. Licking neck. Can’t.”

I ran my tongue across his neck while peeking at his face through his fluttering black hair.

“Go on. ‘I’m ok.’”

“Nn. I-I’m ok.”

Since it looked like he was going to run away, I pulled him in closer. I moved my lips from his neck to his ear and whispered, “You did great. This is your reward.”

“ —! No. Will see!”

I purposefully left a red mark on the part of Toki’s neck that couldn’t be hidden by his clothes.

“What do you call the red traces left from a『kiss』?”


Was that a warning? But he was glaring at me with a bright red face and it was just too cute.

“Would you like another reward?”

“W-wrong! Is『hickey』!” He told me in a fluster.

“『Hickey』? Did I say that right?”

He nodded his head vigorously. Won’t his neck hurt if he keeps nodding like that? I got him to stop nodding by bringing my face closer to his.

“Then give me my reward.”

I told him that and exposed my neck to him. Though he’d gone bright red again, Toki timidly approached me. He put his lips on my neck and sucked on it lightly.

Though I was a bit disappointed when his lips immediately pulled away, I was incredibly happy to have gotten my first kiss mark from Toki.

“How do you say ‘thank you’?”

“『Thank you』.”

“『Thank you, Toki』.”

This kind of contact wasn’t that bad either. This way, I’d managed to learn a few words and got some kisses in.

The way Japanese sounded fit well with my impression of Toki. The words felt beautiful and fleeting but had a strong center.

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7 months ago

So happy this novel got picked up.

They are so cute