Continuation of a Dream in Another World

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 77 – Complete Recovery – Toki

It was already midday by the time I opened my eyes.

I woke up feeling refreshed. There was no tiredness, no heaviness, no pain.

I raised my body and tried to open and close my fingers. This was my body. Realizing that, I started trembling with joy.

It doesn’t hurt. I’m not tired. I’m cured! I’ve been cured!! I’m alive! I’m alive!! I-am-alive!!!

“Haha.” I was so, so happy I couldn’t sit still. I was both laughing and tearing up.

I got off the bed and stood up. One step and then another. On the third step, I started running, but on the fourth, I stumbled.

“Toki! What are you doing?!”

Assam caught me from behind just before I hit the floor. He lifted me up and carried me to the rug pedestal.

“Toki… does it hurt anywhere?”

I shook my head at his question. The movement dislodged the tears that had been welling up in my eyes. Assam gently wiped them away.

“Thank you. Assam, thank you.”

My body was light. Lighter than it had ever been before. 

Assam hugged me as I was overcome with joy.

So being healthy could make me this happy. I still couldn’t quite believe it. It’s something that I had always wished for.

“I, cure did?”

“Aah, you’re no longer at risk of dying. You’ve done well enduring it until now.”

Hearing Assam’s words, all kinds of emotions came rushing in and I started crying loudly. Assam held my crying figure and softly stroked my back.

“It was hard, wasn’t it? You were in pain. But it’s over now.” He repeated those words again and again, but my tears wouldn’t stop…

I sobbed and he wiped my wet face with a cloth. Looking at him, Assam’s blue eyes were also trembling.

“Let’s live together.”

“Un. Un!!” I nodded, still crying, and he kissed me ever so gently.

When I’d calmed down a bit, Assam told me about the mana core inside my heart. He said that with the mana core, my body should be fine now and it will no longer reject other people’s magic.

It seems that a person from a different world had become a member of this one. That realization made me so happy.

I’d finally calmed down, but then His Majesty came in. He’d heard I was awake and when he saw my tear-stricken face he started weeping.

 “I’m so so glad,” he said, hugging me.

Joo, Tomi, Mima, and Issa also cried happy tears. Kiha came inside the room with a tray of food but started crying when he saw me and forgot about it. Tsugura scolded him for that, but she was crying as well.

“Toki-sama!!” Laham rushed into the room without knocking or asking for permission to enter.

Issa couldn’t move out of his way quickly enough and got stepped on. Was he ok? 

Laham pushed Assam aside and squeezed me tightly.

“Ngh! La, ham.” My voice came out a bit strained due to the force of his hug.

Assam noticed that and reached out a hand to pull me out of his embrace. 

I gently stopped him.

I mean, Laham was crying.

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