Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 84 – Purple – Assam

I left Toki with Laham and hurried over to where Tsugura was since the thing I had asked for had finally arrived.

I was trying to get used to operating it when Tsugura started saying something ridiculous.

“Is this to capture sexual acts between you and Tok-”

“It isn’t.”

What are you even talking about?! Even if I did make projections of that moment, I wasn’t going to show them to her. I’m the only one allowed to see Toki’s disheveled appearance. Or rather, don’t make me remember that!

I took the item and decided to head into town. It would probably help if I put some distance between me and Toki.

I saddled a white neneya and Issa followed after me in a panic.

I’d forgotten that I need to tell him where I’m going because Yarra would usually just follow me anywhere without saying a word.

“I’m going to town.”

With just those words, I pulled on the reins and the neneya soared into the sky. If I let Toki ride one, he’d be surprised, wouldn’t he? Riding a neneya, even if he was flustered, there was no place for him to run.

Toki writhing, trying to endure the pleasure… the image popped into my head unprompted. No, no, I can’t. I shook my head to make it disappear.

The townscape below entered my field of vision. I found a landing platform for the neneya, left it in the care of the people there, and hurried onwards with a light step.

I walked past some familiar side streets until an odd-looking store came into view.

“Excuse me, Your Highness. Surely you’re not going in there…” Issa called out to me from behind.

“Let’s go.”

Most people who saw it for the first time had the same kind of reaction. Everything about the store in front of us was purple. The color that stood out in the dimly lit alleyway definitely looked suspicious.

I opened the door to the mysterious store and Issa followed after me in silence. Not only because it was his first time there but also because he was wary of the store’s unusual appearance.

His attitude was so different from Yarra’s, who’d nag me saying this wasn’t a place fit for royalty, that I decided I’ll have Issa escort me whenever I go out in the future.

I was so preoccupied with Toki that I’d completely forgotten to assign my own escort. I didn’t want to hire any more people, so I had to decide on someone by the time my vacation was over.

“Welcome~ Oh, it’s Ash. Long time no see~” A rough-looking, macho man with a shaved head called out in a flirtatious voice.

Clink. I heard the sound of Issa flinching behind me.

“Hm? I’ve never seen that face before? My name is Murasaki, please be kind to me, hm?” 

At first, Murasaki’s hand had inadvertently reached out for his weapon, but then he sighed in relief and lowered his hand.

“Fufufu. I haven’t drawn my sword since Laham-chan~ What an admirable man.”

Murasaki looked at Issa, who bowed stiffly out of courtesy, as if he was going to eat that huge body up, then licked his lips.

“Issa, if you feel like you’re in any danger, please feel free to kick him. Avoid the hands though, so he can still sew.”


“What an awful thing to say. Well, fine. What are you here for today?”

When Murasaki asked what I needed, I took the women’s kimono I’d had Toki wear before out of a container.

“Can you fix this?”

“This one is complete though?”

“This is for women. Can you change it into menswear? There was another pattern that was paired with this, right?”

“Ah. Oh, that. Yeah, yeah. Anyway, even if I change it, who will be wearing it? I’d like to match the style to that person’s ambience.” He looked at me while grinning.

I’ve talked to Murasaki about Toki before. He was the one who first thought it would be fun to recreate the clothing I’d seen in Toki’s world.

At first, I only knew him as that strange, muscly man from my mother’s side of the family. We weren’t close until I started getting interested in the other world’s fashion.

Though this type of clothing was currently widely accepted, it wasn’t that well-received in the beginning. Murasaki didn’t quit though and continued creating only the things he liked, how he liked them.

I’d shown him clothing patterns before, but I didn’t think there was a need to show him Toki. However, I wanted these clothes to suit Toki.

After hesitating for a second, I resigned myself to the fact that it was unavoidable, walked up to Murasaki, and took out a projection.

“This is Toki,” I said and reluctantly showed him the projection of Toki used for the revue. What a waste.

Murasaki’s eyes opened wide.



What was he saying? Was Toki’s sheer beauty and adorableness too much for him to handle? Well, I know the feeling.

“Kyaaaaah!!! What! What is this?! This cuteness! This beauty! This dignified yet erotic atmosphere!!! Oh my god! That black hair and those black eyes are perfect for the ‘yosakoi’ style!! I guess ‘yosakoi’ truly is a style meant for people from another world! I can’t even see Ash standing in the projection next to him… n-next, NEXT TO HIM??!” 

Murasaki’s prattling came to an abrupt stop.

He looked at the projection again, then, trembling, turned to me.

“Y-you, it couldn’t be…”

“Aah, I summoned him.”

He slammed both hands down on his work table and glared at me. His face was truly something to behold, but that level of killing intent wasn’t something to worry about.

Behind me, Issa drew his weapon, but I made a gesture to stop him.

“What about consent?”

“I got it after I summoned him.”

The intensity of his killing intent grew stronger. 

Ever since we met, Murasaki had always scolded me and said whatever he wanted, regardless of my status. This hasn’t changed.

“To such a young boy… it seems I thought too highly of you.”

He won’t make me any clothes if he has this kind of misunderstanding. I should probably stop playing around now.

“Look at the projection closely. We’re already married. If you look at it and think that that’s the face of someone being forced, then you should go see a doctor.”

Murasaki looked at the projection again. The dangerous glint in his eyes faded and he gradually returned to how he was before.

“By the way, Toki’s the same age as me.”

“The same age?!!” Murasaki shouted, dumbfounded. What a busy guy.

“Is that normal for people from his world…? Or rather, if he’s here, then you should just bring him over!”

“I refuse. He’s sick. It’s still too early for him to be going outside.”

“Then I’ll cum to him.”1

That’s not how you say “come.” Who’s going to let this guy near Toki? He’d be in too much danger.

“Don’t come. You’re a walking obscenity. You’ll get Toki dirty.”

“Hey! Isn’t that too mean? You’re the one who has been slurp-slurping that baby2. I can’t believe you! In the first place…” 

I haven’t. Don’t remind me. 

As I was listening to Murasaki ramble on, I suddenly noticed some sort of decorative cloth at the edge of his work table.

“Are those scales?”

“Huh? Hey, listen to me!”

“Can you use that to make something that goes with this? Like this.” I scribbled on a nearby piece of paper. 

I often saw this along with Toki’s bird. I drew a fierce yet beautiful creature with a long body covered in blue scales.

“Oh, that’s nice. Then how about I use feathers for Toki-chan’s one?”

Murasaki took a different sheet of paper and drew up a rough design. The beauty of the feathers, however, couldn’t really be perceived in that form.

“No, the bird’s like this.”

“No! If you want the feathers to have natural movement, it has to be like this!”

“If you arrange them like this, the color won’t show through.”

Going back and forth like this, we decided on a design.

Though Murasaki seemed like a questionable person, he was meticulous in his work, and the clothes he made were intricate with delicate patterns. 

Like this, I spent quite some time in Murasaki’s shop. It was fun talking about fashion. 

Satisfied with the design, I ordered it and then decided that it was time for us to leave.

“Issa-chan, next time come alone, ok? I’ll call you when the clothes are ready.”

When he heard he’d be coming to pick up the clothes by himself, Issa unconsciously covered his butt. He was right to do so too. Murasaki’s type were men with either an equal or greater muscle mass than him. Well, good luck to you. I patted Issa once on the shoulder to cheer him on and then exited the store.

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