I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 63 (Part 1)

   We arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild. The number of adventurers was sparse since rush hour had passed. Even the guild personnel seem to have some time to spare now.

   I made sure to suppress my presence as I took into consideration the mistake I made in the 11th city, but there were still some people who looked over at me. But even when we made eye contact, they just slightly bowed. Although some adventurers were excited by the Prince’s visit, they didn’t fear me or direct their bloodlust at me like last time. Was it because word had spread that there would be a black-haired person by the Prince’s side and they were prepared for it?

   We all stopped by the counter to check the availability of the underground training centre. It was vacant, and when we tried asking whether it could be reserved for us, we managed to get them to agree. Since Orobas is a demon, it could get troublesome if he was exposed so I was grateful they approved.

   By the way, they fundamentally do not give out reservations in order to prevent any problems happening between adventurers. Moreover, it seems at least one guild personnel must be present to observe.

   Despite all that, they probably gave the approval because the Prince was present. Also because there were already seven people spectating, it was judged that any additions to the audience would be a hindrance.

   Anyway, we went down the stairs and entered the training centre. After locking the door, I checked to make sure the magic barrier was functioning properly.

   In the meantime, Luca and Orobas each drew their weapons. Luca’s was a katana while Orobas’ was using a rapier and a dagger. 

   A weapon that can be obtained from the 10th dungeon ─ the katana. Of course, Luca himself had his own romantic fantasy for a sword such that since late October, the weapon he sometimes hangs at his waist had been changed to the katana.

   But I never thought he would be in possession of that katana.

   The beauty of the blade with its mirror-like shine was indeed eye-catching, but what was most distinctive was its guard.

   The guard was three-dimensional, rather than flat, with a faint light floating within the elaborate, yet delicate decorations. The blade and handle were completely separated from each other by the guard which meant the blade and guard could easily be broken apart when using the katana. 

   However, that is the strongest sword-type weapon in Lumière ─ Amaterasu. A hidden weapon that lies beyond an extremely difficult gimmick in the 11th dungeon.1 It was apparent just by looking at it that it was a weapon formed by the world – one that could never be created by human hands.

   To be able to acquire an item in real life that was hard to obtain even in the game… Luca’s really amazing.

   That very same Luca evoked body strengthening, releasing a huge amount of mana whilst directing intimidation outward, and took up a stance with his katana.

   “As I mentioned last night, magic and sword techniques are not allowed. Using magic in particular may lead to the possibility of destroying the building after all. But magic wall and body strengthening is allowed. Is there any problem so far?” (Orobas)

   “There isn’t. Please start anytime.” (Luca)

   We stood along the wall and watched the two who confronted each other, weapons held out parallel to the ground, points nearly touching.

   Unlike the bout I had with Luca, was the reason the mood here felt unusually excruciating because this was a “duel”? Even though I didn’t think they planned to fight till the death, my skin still felt prickly.

   Orobas did not move first, as if declaring his opponent may come at him anytime.

   Perhaps seeing that, Luca sucked in one long breath and kicked into the ground with his strengthened leg, immediately closing the gap between them. He was fast. Even the swinging of his sword was much faster than during our bout.

   It was a merciless strike, yet Orobas guarded it with the dagger in his left hand. Still, it was easy to surmise the weight put into that attack by the high-pitched whine of metal that echoed. 

   Orobas immediately lunged with a thrust of his rapier. In response, Luca defended himself using the buckler on his left arm. To be honest, that small shield made out of orichalcum was so cool that it made me envious. 

   Deflecting the rapier, Luca once again attacked with his katana. However, not only was it blocked once more by Orobas’ dagger, Orobas even counterattacked. Luca reacted to it properly and defended himself though.

   A fierce rally of offense and defense continued for a while. With their gazes fixed on one another, the two single-mindedly clashed. A large number of sparks flew with the incessant clang and whine of reverberating metal.

   Orobas was incredibly strong, as expected. Luca’s attacks, which were practically on par with me in terms of swordsmanship, were being completely shut out by Orobas. Not to mention, his refined movements. Although I may have felt that way because of my lack of knowledge in regards to what rapier fights normally involve.

   Luca was fighting admirably too. Despite the fact that it occasionally gave me chills, to be able to protect himself against such fast and precise attacks yet not get a single scratch was really commendable.


   “Gh… Haah-!”

   I wondered how much time had passed. Both of them were gradually breathing heavier. Despite that, neither of them had stopped attacking or tried to take a break. The moment one person withdrew, the other would then attack and defend so fiercely that it would make one wonder whether their lives were being targeted by something invisible.

  What were they trying to relay to each other, that they would go that far? What kind of feelings were they trying to convey to each other that had them invested so fiercely in the fight? …It was something a mere observer like me would not understand.

   How nice… I also wanted to fight with Orobas. I also wanted to experience the ability of someone who has lived for seven thousand years.

   Yet watching the fight unfolding before my eyes, I also envied Orobas. Even if I were to cross blades with Luca, he would never look at me with such a sharp gaze. His gaze on me was always gentle and indulgent, just wishing to protect me. Of course that makes me happy, but I also somewhat wish to experience how it would feel if Luca approached me with killing intent… Am I asking for too much?

   The tide turned when Luca’s attack was caught and his blade diverted sideways.

   Without hesitation, Orobas brought his rapier in to attack Luca’s wide open torso. His attack pierced through the magic wall, and right into Luca’s flank.

   “Urgh–…gh!” (Luca)

   Luca groaned in pain. My fingers instinctively twitched, but I immediately clenched them together. I would just pour cold water onto their duel if I took out my staff right at this moment.

   Luca said he would win. He said he would win for me. That was why I made the resolution to believe in Luca. That I would never intervene even if a dangerous situation befell him.

   Moreover, Luca didn’t fall to his knees. Rather, he grabbed the rapier that was stabbed into his flank and swung his katana down in a flash. Orobas’ response was slightly delayed because he was unable to pull his rapier out, and in the next moment ─

   “Kh─!” (Orobas)

   His left arm had been cut off.

   Demonic essence came gushing out from the severed part. The severed arm along with the dagger it held had tumbled to the floor, that same arm also slowly dissipating into demonic essence.

   Orobas frowned, but he still remained calm, even after losing an arm. He wordlessly pulled his rapier out of Luca, putting distance between them before retaking his stance, even with only one hand available.

   This time, Luca did not grunt in pain, but simply stared at Orobas with wide eyes.

   Overflowing bloodlust and intimidation that made the heart feel heavy.

  ─The determination to definitely win.

   That overwhelming spirit made my heart tremble and my body helplessly ache.

   Seriously, why was his opponent not me?

   Luca and Orobas moved at the same time. The gap between them shrank instantly and their blades clashed with a clang.

   Before they could be locked in close combat, Luca parried the rapier to the side and promptly raised his katana overhead. Having lost an arm, Orobas had no choice but to guard himself with his rapier and was unable to counterattack despite defending. No─ the moment the metallic sound of the blades rang, he twisted his wrist and substantially deflected the katana. Then towards Luca’s neck that was wide open, he thrust his sword.

He’ll lose.

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Carina Wandering Fujoshi
Carina Wandering Fujoshi
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