I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 23.2

I set up my tent in the great forest the same as usual. At night, I left the forest to observe and take photos of the moon. Even on days when it rained during the day, the sky was always clear at night and the moon was visible. Perhaps the goddess Terre used her powers to keep the sky clear.

The moon here has the same silver-white as the moon I had seen in my previous life. After a few days had passed, I had also ascertained that the phases and the position of the moon were the same.

Since I had nothing else to do from the moment I woke up until night fell, I would sometimes go to the nearby village to exchange the materials of monsters I’d subjugated in the forest. As Soleil and Terre had different currencies, I only exchanged just enough to get the stuff I needed. Though I did end up using a fair amount of money during my month-long stay. 

This was because it had taken me more than a year to cross the great forest, and there were times when  I ended up going through dangerous situations. Also, since I made it all the way to Terre, I had wanted to buy some stuff that was only available there. I asked the guild to write me a letter of introduction so I wouldn’t be delayed at a checkpoint, and travelled to a town a little farther away from the forest.

A large number of books about magical devices were published in Terre. The structure of these magical devices differed slightly from the devices in the Soleil kingdom. And then, there’s the food. 

Agriculture flourished in the Terre Kingdom since Terre, the goddess of the earth, protected the land. Plus, their crops were of the highest quality. Because of this, I bought a lot of stuff even though I don’t cook, and even ended up buying a magical device for farming.

Other than that, there were handicrafts, antiques and much more.

Maybe the reason I’d bought more stuff than I actually needed was because I felt buoyed after seeing people who had similar hair colors to dark attribute users walking around the town. Though, as expected, there was no one else with black hair so I kept my hood on.

By the way, half of Terre kingdom’s population had brown hair, which meant they were earth attribute users. There were a lot of people who had inherited the goddess Terre’s magical powers. Perhaps it was because of this earth attribute that the people of Terre had big-hearted and carefree personalities; they rarely discriminated against others or got into squabbles.

In the history books, it is written that Soleil kingdom once had many light attribute users as well, before the evil god had appeared. This had been especially true amongst the royalty, all of whom had golden hair. Currently though, the only person who possessed the light attribute was the protagonist of Lumiere – Luca Soleil.

After buying all kinds of things in Terre kingdom, I somehow ended up using 100 platinum coins, which was the equivalent of around a billion yen. After all, I might not be able to come back to Terre again.

The only real disappointment for me was that the weapons and armor sold in town were far more inferior to those found in Soleil kingdom. Since the earth goddess protected Terre kingdom, there weren’t really any strong monsters there. I did hear that a lot of good equipment was sold closer to the royal capital since there was a dungeon there, but not wanting to go to such a faraway place, I gave up on buying any.

The goddess Terre would occasionally appear in front of me when I was observing the moon.She wanted to know more about it so I told her what I knew from my previous life. I only told her about how the universe had applied to Earth, but she was very happy to learn for the first time about why the moon changed positions or why it waxed and waned. As expected of Lune’s descendant, she had said.

On the other hand, I also asked her some questions.

“The god Soleil may be sleeping, but can’t goddess Terre come to Soleil kingdom? You could soar through the sky. If you come to Soleil, you could save the god.”

Unfortunately, I can’t do that. There’s a barrier around Soleil kingdom – something Soleil himself had erected. That’s why we can’t recklessly destroy the barrier. I don’t even know what happened in Soleil kingdom a thousand years ago. I don’t even know if Reille is safe or why Lune won’t show herself.

It was my first time hearing that the god Soleil had put up a barrier. Was it so that the evil god wouldn’t be able to escape to a different country? But, if Soleil had borrowed the strength of the other gods in this world, then they would have been able to defeat the evil god. I tried to come up with another theory, but the only thing that came to mind was that it might have had something to do with why the evil god was hiding the moon.

Anyway, after a month, having finished observing the moon, I said goodbye to the goddess Terre, who had come to see me off, and returned to the depths of the great forest.

“Just as the goddess Terre said, I feel relaxed when I’m in the great forest. Plus, Soleil kingdom is my birthplace. Certainly, Terre is a peaceful country and there’s no discrimination against dark attribute users, but somehow, it still felt like a different country where I didn’t really belong. That’s why I came back.”

“Um. First off, I’m surprised you’re a descendant of the goddess Lune and I most certainly didn’t expect you to have had a conversation with the goddess Terre. Isn’t Zagan too amazing?”

“Eh? Didn’t you also inherit a huge amount of Soleil’s powers? Luca’s a descendant of the god Soleil, you know.”

“Ah, that’s right. In the first place, it was unclear whether or not the god Soleil actually existed or not so I forgot about it. Now that you mention it, that is the case… Right. Whatever the reason may be, I’m glad that Zagan’s here by my side.”

Luca kissed my hair and hugged me. Despite it being quite hot, I didn’t reject him. Right now, the place where I felt most at home was in Luca’s arms. It was still embarrassing though so I wasn’t going to tell him that.

As I rested my head on Luca’s shoulder, his large palm gently covered the back of my head and caressed it; his arms encircled me, letting me know that he’d never let me go. It was a very pleasant feeling.

I have Luca now. A place to feel at ease. Those people don’t have such a place, do they?

“If this country’s dark attribute users had been born in Terre, they’d have probably lived their lives peacefully. I wish I could at least take them to Terre kingdom.”

But to go through the great forest while protecting hundreds of people would take several years. More than half of them would end up dying. The monsters of the great forest were that strong.

In the end, there wasn’t anything else I could do but fight against them. Just fight and stop them from achieving their goal of resurrecting the evil god.

But after I stop them, then what? Should I persuade them by saying that I will ask the king to stop the discrimination? Should I tell them that they should just give up on their goal? 

If they still wouldn’t  give up by then though, I would have no choice but to capture them. And, when I hand them over to the kingdom, they would be executed. Because up until this point, they’d killed a lot of other attribute users. Or simply because they had the dark attribute.

That was why I could only implore them. Please give up. Please go into hiding.

“Zagan’s really kind.”

“Kind? Aren’t I actually incredibly cruel?”

I’d be forcing those people, who wanted to change the country and to start a revolution, to just stop striving and endure. They’d be forced by someone who has the same dark attribute as them. No matter how many star fragments I gather, there was a chance that they’d ignore my plea.

In the first place, it wasn’t even certain if I would be able to live past this month. At the end of the day, that was what it all boiled down to. No matter what my thoughts or plans were , it would all be meaningless if I died.

“Luca, let’s go back inside soon. There’s some time until the fireworks and I’d like to get some work done.”

“That’s right. It will also be lunch time soon. I should prepare.”

Since Luca relaxed his hold on me, I picked up the cup and spoon that had fallen to the ground. Though we only went outside to eat some kakigōri, we ended up talking quite a lot. And since the summer was hot, I ended up sweating a lot too. I wished September would come sooner but I also wished it wouldn’t.

As soon as we went back inside, Luca poured a cup of barley tea for both of us. With the pin vise drill in one hand, I took the cup in my other, and gulped all the tea down.

Luca, who had moved to sit on the sofa, looked at the magical device, and seemed to have nothing to do. It was still a bit too early for lunch, I wonder what happened…

“That reminds me. There was one thing that surprised me about Terre kingdom. Over there, both spirits and monsters are subjugated just the same. All of the creatures that damage the crops are subjugated. On the other hand, there’re a lot of times when harmless monsters are left alone.”

“Eh? They defeat spirits too? Ah, but the only real difference is if it’s a magic clearing or demonic essence. Either way, both spirits and monsters are born from this world’s magical power. Isn’t it said that the creatures born from magic clearings are friendly to humans? It’s amazing though that it’s safe enough in Terre that they can leave the monsters alone.”

“The monsters of Soleil kingdom have a violent disposition after all. They’ll attack the moment they see a human, no questions asked. In this sense, the monsters of the great forest are still quite docile. There are some who won’t do anything unless provoked. It’s just that there are so many monsters in the forest that it doesn’t make it any less dangerous.”

Because of demonic essence, the great forest had become infested with monsters. But, as a child, Zagan in the game had been left inside that forest. It had taken months to reach the place where he had been abandoned, so it must have been quite deep inside. Though I knew the setting of the game, I still felt that Zagan was amazing.

“If you’d like, why not take a look at Terre’s magic dictionary? All kinds of spirits are mentioned in it. I found it quite interesting.”

“Fufu. It’s Zagan’s recommendation, isn’t it? I definitely want to check it out.”

“N, not really. It’s not a recommendation or anything. If it’s that book, I just thought Luca might enjoy it as well. It’s better than just staring at me while I make a magical tool that you know nothing about.”

I got a bit shy at his happy smile, but I pulled myself together and took out several volumes of the magic dictionary from my bag. I handed them over to Luca, and he took the books after finishing the last of his tea. Since he promptly opened one of the volumes, I decided to return my focus to my work. Or so I’d thought.

Before even a few minutes had passed, he started a conversation.

“Ne, Zagan. This is a map of Terre but… The great forest of Etoille has become the great forest of Lune.”

What’s going on?

I turned around and peeked at the book on his lap. The dictionary was open to a foldout page right behind the front cover. It really did say the great forest of Lune. 

Was it like this just in this book or was it called the great forest of Lune in other places as well?

I was pretty sure that among the things I’d bought in Terre there was  a world map. Since I’d bought so much stuff, I was half-convinced that I wouldn’t find it, but when I searched in the bag I did find it. I took the map out and spread it open.

Hasr: This chappie has 3 parts instead of the usual 2 coz thats just how long it is…

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2 years ago

Hmmmm.. this God Soliel seems fishy to me. And the story of the evil god too. Very fishy…

2 years ago

The plot demands to be taken seriously. That’s why things are going to be wordy 😛

Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago

wooohooo! more backstory! i like these explanations on how their world work. and we’re left with more questions than answers. i’m starting to wonder if the ‘evil god’ isn’t actually a ‘corrupted’ version of Lune or something. that would be.. really messed up.

but it would make sense that the sun god wouldn’t want to permanently destroy the evil god then. i wonder if it can be turned back. and if so, if zagan’s hair will turn silvery white like his sister’s…

Carina, wanderingfujoshi
Carina, wanderingfujoshi
2 years ago

Thanks for the update